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Short-term Goals
I just changed my goal last night - I'm still aiming for the 54kg, but right now I'm focusing on 70kg. When I get there I'll treat myself to a day at the spa or something I think :D
by hayheadsbird (submitted 8 years ago)
Rowing for Exercise
What about rowing in an actual boat? I row with my local team a couple of times a week and race at the weekends, the nearest thing to the burn in a race that I can think of would be running. By the time you get out of the boat your legs feel like jelly and your arms ache!
by hayheadsbird (submitted 8 years ago)
Obesity in America
I've heard a few people mention not enough time is spent in schools educating about nutrition and exercise. I don't know enough about the curriculum in America to comment on that, but it makes me wonder. If children are educated now about nutrition and physical health, and they are part of the curriculum, will that help the next generation maintain a healthy life style and pass it on to their children?
by hayheadsbird (submitted 8 years ago)
What have you noticed?
I need to drink a lot more water, as my body has decided it is thirsty more often. Low activity levels are better than no activity levels! I can eat anything I want and still loose weight, which means I don't feel deprived of anything, so I don't crave it and then feel guilty for eating it!
by hayheadsbird (submitted 8 years ago)
My open letter
Runesingers right, I've been a member of many forums over the years, and some have the ability to have thoughtful yet heated discussion and others don't. It often depends on the subject at hand and how emotionally involved the posters are as well as respect for another point of view. I've only been here a couple of weeks and have already realised that there are two sides to this forum, one that's a bit touchy, and one that's quite supportive. The whole 'not actually talking to a real person but a computer screen and not having visual clues to give tone' issue is also at play. If you feel someone has said something out of line you can call them on it, but it's hard to phrase sometimes without making the situation worse. Most folk will immediately explain and apologise if they have given offence unintentionally, but calling them on it in a way that they don't then feel attacked is difficult.
by hayheadsbird (submitted 8 years ago)
Progress Pics- 45 lbs down so far!
Amazing photos - I love progress pics! Great Work :D
by hayheadsbird (submitted 8 years ago)
anyone using blackberry app?
cjk60 - I have a sync option on the very bottom of my list of options, under the Food, Weight, Exercise options so it updates when I do that, generally just after I enter my weight/food. kanan123 - I'm only aware of the journal entry option on mine when I update my weight, and even after syncing it only shows the entries I have input through the BB.
by hayheadsbird (submitted 8 years ago)
Oh no! Holidays!
Well said!
by hayheadsbird (submitted 8 years ago)
anyone using blackberry app?
I have the app on my BB, but haven't had that trouble yet. Tend to just use mine ATM to add my weight when I first get up then I plan my meals and exersize at the laptop after breakfast.
by hayheadsbird (submitted 8 years ago)
Losing weight to have another baby?
It's not weird - I put on three stone when I was pregnant and 10 years later still trying to get it off! We're finally in a place where we talking about having another baby, but I don't want to get pregnant out of shape and over weight.
by hayheadsbird (submitted 8 years ago)
Weigh Yourself Daily?
I used to record weekly and weight daily, but since joining here I record daily as well. In reality I weigh twice a day, am and pm. I don't stress about the fluctuations, I know my weight changes through the day and will go up one day before falling further through the week. Foe me as long as the general trend is going down I'm happy.
by hayheadsbird (submitted 8 years ago)
10 Things You Need to Know
Thank you for posting this link -it was great to watch. My DH even came over to see a bit of it! I love the idea that even a little exercise through he day can have such a great impact on your weight loss - this is one I will def be using!
by hayheadsbird (submitted 8 years ago)
so what does everyone think of this.................
I weigh daily, just because I like to see the fluctuations. In fact, I often weigh twice a day, morning and night just to see the difference! I record it all in a notebook and just enter my morning weight here.
by hayheadsbird (submitted 8 years ago)
baby steps
Hi all - am still very new to the site, but loving the fact I can record my food and exercise from my BB and computer, so no matter where I am I can keep it upto date. I'v lost weight before with Scottish Slimmers and WW, and really enjoyed doing WW, but no option to rejoin ATM. My goal would be to get back to pre-pregnacey weight of ten years ago which would give me a health BMI of about 23, but TBH will settle to anything under 25 and a reasonable level of fitness! As I'm in teh UK I have difficulty thinking in lb not st and lb, and I can only do kilos in things other than my weight, so you have to bear with me while I convert!
by hayheadsbird (submitted 8 years ago)
need a pwlbf... personal weight loss buddy forever lol
Can I join in? No WW around here and my DH is not much use as he's losing weight so easily right now!
by hayheadsbird (submitted 8 years ago)

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by sooley on 13 Oct 18 01:37 PM

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Not been following this at all, need a low carb diet but not so sure this one is right for me.
05 Oct 18 for diet Atkins