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Medications that cause weight gain
My mother had to take cortisol. It adds on a LOT of water weight.
by haesel (submitted 5 years ago)
craving junk food
What about making your own burger at home, with ground bison, whole wheat bun, and a bit of lettuce and tomato, perhaps some avocado instead of ketchup or mayonnaise? As for fries, you could use sweet potato (fries) instead. It's a bigger serving, and a lot more nutritious.
by haesel (submitted 5 years ago)
Fat does not turn into muscle!
Thank you! This right here.
by haesel (submitted 5 years ago)
breakfast -
As gnat824 previously stated, it depends on what works for you. Personally, I get unbearable if I don't have a big breakfast.
by haesel (submitted 5 years ago)
So damn proud! - part two.
Excellent work.
by haesel (submitted 5 years ago)
Holy starvation, Batman! You need at least a thousand calories, or your body will go into survival mode and store all of your food as fat. You definitely don't need a sauna suit. Those are for competitive body builders attempting to press out a few more pounds of water weight. It's a pretty dangerous thing to do, too, because you lose a LOT of water and suffer from dehydration, and drinking a lot of water is important for weight loss. Sweating more doesn't help you lose weight faster--it's just water, anyway.
by haesel (submitted 5 years ago)
Baby Fat
I'll have to politely disagree with corifea--if you don't work on muscle buildup, then the pouch is going to stay. I had my son two years ago, lost eighty five pounds, and the pouch stayed until I began actually integrating more fitness into my day. The reason it sags in the first place is due to a weakened muscular structure of the stomach derived from the pregnancy cycle.
by haesel (submitted 5 years ago)
Hello, then. I suppose an introduction is in order. A friend of mine suggested using this site, so here I am. I'm a single mother of a toddler. I've always been rather thin--and quite out of shape. After my pregnancy, I lost the baby weight relatively quickly within about six to eight months (that's eighty five pounds right there). Despite being generally active and eating healthy, I never saw the purpose in actually becoming physically fit until a few months ago. Right now, my goal is to build up muscle mass while getting rid of the pouch that's left over while becoming generally healthier and more comfortable about myself. Finding the opportunity to work out, of course, poses as a bit more difficult than normal. As a result, I work out at home and then run three days out of the week. Mainly, I joined the site to log my calorie consumption and output and to gather a bit of information of muscle gain (something something macro nutrients). I'm always glad about feedback, recommendations, suggestions, tips, and general "hello"-s. So, hello!
by haesel (submitted 5 years ago)
Try drinking more water or chewing gum, if you do that. It will help reduce the oral fixation until your body is used to not smoking. Finding distractions helps, also.
by haesel (submitted 5 years ago)
How Often Do you weigh yourself?
Once a week, if I happen to remember. Then again, I'm aiming for muscle mass, as opposed to weight loss, so it's not much of an issue. Measurements, on the other hand? A tad bit too frequently, probably.
by haesel (submitted 5 years ago)
"I may not be there yet, but I'm closer than I was yesterday." I believe I read that on FB at some point, and it stuck a bit.
by haesel (submitted 5 years ago)

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"Cheating" from time to time should be fine. As long as you don't overindulge, you can have your little bowl of ice cream if you want. Good luck!
by immort777 on 13 Nov 19 01:30 AM
I need advice
No question, you are eating too little. Awesome you've lost so much so far. but starving yourself will not get you the results you want. Add some exercise and up your calories with lean proteins, lean ...
by dpb703 on 12 Nov 19 11:03 AM
Fast 800
spacey're just behaving like a troll. I've never even touched whatever 'coolade' is, so your comment is misinformed at best, dumb at worst. I see you've been spreading ...
by Winning56 on 11 Nov 19 06:27 PM
Is there anybody out there studying psychiatry?
by Chestnut63 on 11 Nov 19 12:57 PM
Remaining Calories Missing on Website but not on App
I noticed the App shows how many calories are left in your day. However the Website does not show this anywhere. In Preferences I notice there is an option to turn off "Display RDI" however I ...
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Seeking to lower Cholesterol while having low Carb Diet
I lowered my cholesterol by drinking daily heaped teaspoons of orange flavor fibre drink in water 10 years ago. Doing this bulks you up so that all the pockets in your bowel get scraped, lowering chol ...
by Sickofdieting1 on 09 Nov 19 05:06 PM

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Not been following this at all, need a low carb diet but not so sure this one is right for me.
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