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New mother!
[quote=beets_yum]Godlybuns, it sounds like you have a really healthy attitude towards your body. You should be proud of your body! In that case, why worry about being at a certain number on the scale by a certain day? Commit to being healthy for you and your baby, continue loving yourself, and worry about the scale later. [/quote] I wish I could not worry about the scale. I have to be down to at least 140 before october ( I know lots of time but I still worry) or there will be repercussions at work. I am almost at the point where I don't care abou that so much anymore anyways. My child is way more important to me than what the military thinks about my weight! Thank you for the positive feedback!
by godlybuns (submitted 10 years ago)
New mother!
Morganna-- wow thank you! That was such a mood booster and eye opening. I am so scared that my milk production will go down. I am not quite sure how fast it will do so if it does and if there will be enough time me for me to realize it and 'rescue' it. I have to lose weight ( I am in the military and there are consquences if I don't meet their weight standards) but I don't want to deprive my child of breast milk. It is odd how in a way I am not embarrassed of my body, I am proud. I brought a new life into the world and if I have to sacrifice a 'hot bod' for it then so be it. Thank you! Hope you little one is doing better!
by godlybuns (submitted 10 years ago)
New mother!
Thanks everyone. It nice to hear from other mothers who actually understand what is going on. It is amazing what a few encouraging words can do!
by godlybuns (submitted 10 years ago)
New mother!
[quote=DanaDowning]My babay is 5 1/2 months old. I tried to diet when he was a mnth old. It is very hard to do because your body is still trying to get back to normal. Dont be suprised if it takes a while to see weight loss. Just eat healthy and give yourself sometime to heal. I got that advice from a buddy on here. (Thanks Jana lol) Congratulations on the new baby! They are the best![/quote] Thank you for the support!! It just seems that all the new mothers I see around here the weight just falls off! That and they don't gain nearly as much as I did ( most of the girls around here gain a max of 20 lbs!)
by godlybuns (submitted 10 years ago)
New mother!
I had my first child on march 3rd and am now finding it hard to lose all my baby weight. I weighed 155 when I got pregnant and at the time of delivery was a whopping 211!! Now 10 weeks later I am sitting at 169. I want to be back to 155 by july for my anniversary and 130 by october. But I am fining it hard to find a colorie balance. I am breast feeding so if I cut my calories too much and exerise too much it affects my production. Any one with advice or personal stories they want to share I greatly encourage them to share!
by godlybuns (submitted 10 years ago)

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