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Drivers License Weight vs. Actual Weight
OH my it's funny I was thinking about my drivers license weight as well. I'm due to get it renewed in september and I was just thinking, I am truly only 7 lbs away from the weight I put down on my DL. When I actually got my DL I was actually about 220 lb (who was I kidding putting down 170 LOL, Lord forgive me :-)) I am so thrilled to not have to be ashamed of my weight and to put down the accurate lbs. I'm just thrilled...feeling great!
by fit4orme (submitted 8 years ago)
Vacation without completely going crazy
Thanks for this. This is a print and keep. I sooo needed it two weeks ago. Just returned from a two week vacation. Ughhhhh.
by fit4orme (submitted 8 years ago)
What's your proudest moment so far?
When I went to Old Navy and when buying a dress, already debating about buying the xlarge or the large as the x-large was a little big, but still having that mind set of buying big clothes that's what I was going to buy. Anyway, when I got to the register with the x-tra large the cashier said, "you don't look like you wear an x-tra large!" OMG I must have sprinted back to get the large LOL...I thought I would never hear I don't look big enough to fit in an x-large!
by fit4orme (submitted 8 years ago)
bacon vs. turkey bacon
SO, What else are we eating that we can find something wrong with it. I'm sure we can all make a list of contradictions and find an article that may or may not support it. Do what works for you.
by fit4orme (submitted 8 years ago)
Whats your Eye opening transformation moment(s)
Thanks, grammaof3 (stay encouraged) and mamaweazel!!!!! Yes we can! & congratulations mamaweazel for hitting your goal!
by fit4orme (submitted 8 years ago)
Whats your Eye opening transformation moment(s)
Just had to share some eye opening moments for me that helps me to stay focused and continue this journey. I can't believe that I'm getting thinner! I was walking in the mall the other day and walked pass a store window and saw a glimpse of someone, I was like hmmm who was that? They favor me,I backed up and pretended to look at something in the window. I was like O em Gee it's me! On my commute home from work, the bus was packed, but there was a seat between two people. I was able to sit in between those two people without my thighs spilling over into their seat. Showing my drivers license to a nurse and she said, "this doesn't even look like you!" My chiropracter and Dental hygienist said, OMG have you lost weight, You look wonderful, what are you doing? AND last but not least I bought a dress and tee in a size M (medium)!!!! So focused on this journey, doing it for ME! :d
by fit4orme (submitted 8 years ago)
bacon vs. turkey bacon
Even though I do miss regular bacon. I have been eating turkey bacon for quite awhile now. I do love it. Being more aware of what I'm eating, I'm just now realizing there are so many choices that come in turkey that I can eat in place of the regular high calorie things. I bought some Turkey jerky, and put turkey pepperoni on my home made pizza. Also love turkey wings and drums. I have started buying ground turkey and making my own breakfast turkey sausage. "gobble, gobble" LOL
by fit4orme (submitted 8 years ago)
5'5" 186.5 14/16 pants (16 is getting really loose) M-L tops went from a 42D to 36DD (how'd I go up a cup size?)(redistribute fat I guess lol) Your right K8YK and josiedahling never would have guessed your numerical weight as that! Looking caliente'
by fit4orme (submitted 8 years ago)
Goal Number 2 - 349 pounds, 183 pounds lost, 10 months.
What an inspiration you are! That is so tremendously awesome! Just cant even find enough adjectives to express how amazing you look! Seeing is believing and motivating! Great JOB!!
by fit4orme (submitted 8 years ago)
Motivation, lose weight, and be Happy
Thought this was interesting and wanted to pass it along. After finally watching an episode on Oprah I had taped on my DVR..One of her guest was Bob Greene fitness trainer and he gave the 5 essentials to losing weight. If you're motivated, you have no excuses 1, Have a realistic vision for yourself e.g see yourself from the vision 2. Convince yourself you deserve your vision you can sabotage your own efforts 3. Identify the barriers holding you back e.g. issues, aversion, discomfort,pain, unworthiness, being in a toxic relationship 4. break through the barriers-work through them willing & motivated 5. put yourself first e.g getting the support you need "Weight loss decisions requires making tough decisions" Bob Greene
by fit4orme (submitted 8 years ago)
Eating before a weigh in?
Thanks everyone! These posts are great especially in getting your mind back to where it should be in this weightloss/healthy way of living process! I do feel great and know I've worked hard and yes the scale will say something totally different(it always does)than in the morning as it is a different scale. Thanks for helping me to think rationally everyone:-) had a 6inch subway for lunch :-)"IT IS WHAT IT IS!"
by fit4orme (submitted 8 years ago)
Eating before a weigh in?
I'm doing a challenge at my gym. The 1st weigh in is today, however it's not until in the evening. I weighed this morning when I first woke up which is the actual weight I go by to record. Of course by evening my weight would have fluctuated from the day. I feel that I have to fast in order to try to be at the same weight I had as in the morning for my initial weigh in. So I'm just eating a banana for breakfast and an apple for lunch. I just hate the scale!! I know it may be silly but I am driven to let the scale show some results in the weigh in. Yes I know that measurements are a factor as well. Any advice on what you should eat before a weigh in or should you just fast?
by fit4orme (submitted 8 years ago)
Before and After, anyone?
Before & After pix. Finally got the hang of posting pix on here :-) "The journey continues!" [IMG][/IMG]
by fit4orme (submitted 9 years ago)
Before and After, anyone?
Wow, Seeing is not only believing, but sooooo inspiring. Great thread K8!!! Everyone look awesome! Must figure out how to post soon :-) "hard work brings results"
by fit4orme (submitted 9 years ago)
It is not a race...
17 lbs~~1 month 2 weeks and 4 days to date 11/24/10 :-) Hard work bring results!
by fit4orme (submitted 9 years ago)
Exercising on Thanksgiving Day
Yes I will be working out too. I'm fortunate that my gym will be holding some special Holiday Sessions. I'll be going to the Thursday 11/25 Thanksgiving Boot camp @ 9am Friday 11/26 5:15am Kick with Mikel (practice) 11:00-12 Holiday hangover workout & Saturday 11/27 10:00am Weekend Warrior. 12:00pm Ab Lab
by fit4orme (submitted 9 years ago)
Intuitive Eating: What kind of Eater Are You???
Wow so informational. I am the "Professional Eater"...I've tried everything and been successful on everything I've tried, spent lots of $ on things, but like it says I tend to lose weight, binge a little, gain some back and then try to find some other what I think will be a miraculous diet for me. I'm still trying to get the mind set of a lifestyle change. I just want the weight off yesterday and quoting what some one said I have to realize this is a marathon not a race.
by fit4orme (submitted 9 years ago)
Skewed image of our bodies
OMG I can so relate to this! I remember looking at the JC Penney catalog, and I had to make sure whatever I wanted came in Chubbies as they used to call it. I thought I was so big growing up and in jr high and highschool. I was around 160lbs and isn't it coincidental that that is the size I'm trying to get to now! All my friends were just so petite and small framed which may have made me look bigger, but I think that 160 is a good size for me.
by fit4orme (submitted 9 years ago)
After 25lbs.... can't tell much of a difference, but I feel better!
Oyeah you can see the work you've put in! Keep it up!
by fit4orme (submitted 9 years ago)
Just FYI to pass along-fast food workout snacks under 200 calories
This is not something for someone to do everyday, it's simply just options and choices that you can take it or leave it, but it's nice to have the ability to be able to get something at the places listed and know the calorie intake is 200 or less. I hope we know of course vegetables, fruits and nuts are better choices, but sometime my taste buds just want a little bit of something else.
by fit4orme (submitted 9 years ago)
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