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Where can I weigh myself?
I used to work at a vet, so there was a big scale there. But now that I got fired I have no idea where to weigh myself. Also since I got fired, I don't have extra money. I don't belong to a gym either. So does anyone have any ideas where I can weigh in?
by cheesegirl (submitted 11 years ago)
Brummel and Brown is awesome. It tastes great.
by cheesegirl (submitted 12 years ago)
Veggie Bacon or Sausage
I was wondering if anyone knew of any good tasting veggie bacon or sausage. I got some and it tasted ok the first time and got worse and worse. I would like to find a good one. Thanks :d
by cheesegirl (submitted 12 years ago)
Fit flop
Has anyone tried the Fit Flop?
by cheesegirl (submitted 12 years ago)
canned food
I keep reading that we need to stay away from anything processed. only go around the outside aisles of grocery store. get fresh veggies and meats and dairy. that should help everything along!
by cheesegirl (submitted 12 years ago)
How tall is everyone???
I'm 5'11" and at 175 right now. I have a slimmer frame and gain all my weight in my mid section. I look my best at about 140-145.
by cheesegirl (submitted 12 years ago)
Well you should work out hard maybe 3-4 times a week. The other days do something like yoga or walk your dogs in the park. Just something with a little more ease. You can't push it hard everyday. Your body doesn't like that. I just read about that in women's health. Good luck!!!!!!!!!!
by cheesegirl (submitted 12 years ago)
"AROUND THE WORLD" (in 42 Days)
I'm in!!!:d
by cheesegirl (submitted 12 years ago)
Mid-section weight
thanks for the help!!! i really appreciate it. i think you were right i need to lose weight overall. i wish you all the best!!!!
by cheesegirl (submitted 12 years ago)
Mid-section weight
I have a very strange body shape. My arms and legs are long and slim and my stomach and breasts carry all the weight. I do so much ab concertrated work and still manage to have a gut. I do cardio to burn fat. Does anyone have any suggestions, like foods to avoid or exercises to do, for this body shape?
by cheesegirl (submitted 12 years ago)
Diet Help
There is quite a bit of stuff in there, like what to order when you are out, recipes for cravings like instead of fettuccini alfredo add i can't believe its not butter, a bit of milk, garlic powder, salt and a ton of parmesan. It totally satisfies that craving. They stress eating spinach and oatmeal. Just stuff like that.
by cheesegirl (submitted 12 years ago)
Diet Help
I read "How to eat like a hot chick" and it has great pointers. I highly recommend it.
by cheesegirl (submitted 12 years ago)
People say they love you
Have you ever had someone who claims to love you call you fat? Not like I wasn't already self conscious enough, now I have people reminding me that I'm no Jessica Alba. I can't stand it. Why do people think they have the right?:evil:
by cheesegirl (submitted 12 years ago)
Got a question for the large chested women out there?
What have you found is the best cardio for you? I used to love to run, but my boobs got too big that I can't.:roll:
by cheesegirl (submitted 12 years ago)
I'm a sucker for pizza!
Does anyone know how I can maybe get the flavor of pizza without breaking down and eating a pizza? This would help so much!
by cheesegirl (submitted 12 years ago)
Lemon Water With Cayenne?
its a flush that your supposed to do with water, lemon, cayenne and maple syrup. you do lose weight but only cause you don't eat for days. it is not healthy. drinking lemon water with each meal is good to help fill you up faster.
by cheesegirl (submitted 12 years ago)
Curbing your appetite
thanks for the tips! i will definitely try them.
by cheesegirl (submitted 12 years ago)
Curbing your appetite
Does anyone have any advice on god snacks to keep you full for awhile or some that curb your appetite? :d
by cheesegirl (submitted 12 years ago)
Does anyone else do Turbo Jam?
I LOVE this workout. I am one of those people that gets bored too easily with working out but have been using this off and on for almost a year. If I could control my eating I would be in better shape. Argg!!! Anyway I was wondering if anyone knew how may calories you burn doing it?;)
by cheesegirl (submitted 12 years ago)

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