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New to fat secret! Looking for buddies to motivate and be motivated!
Welcome. I know you can do it!
by byebyebirdie (submitted 8 years ago)
Android App - Force Close on Barcode Scanner
Ok today it's working. Not sure what the deal was but I am happy now :)
by byebyebirdie (submitted 8 years ago)
Android App - Force Close on Barcode Scanner
I have the calorie counter app on my android phone. It was working awesome & I loved it for its barcode scan function. So much easier than searching but since the update a few days ago, I can't use it. I keep getting a force close message. I installed the latest update and still had the problem. I uninstalled & reinstalled to no avail. To me this app is pretty much worthless without the scanner & I miss it. :( Someone please help :!:
by byebyebirdie (submitted 8 years ago)
Exercise Options
LOL - this thread is too funny. I like the suggestion of selecting "exercise machine" to count it. I think I just found a new nickname for my boyfriend!!! :badgrin:
by byebyebirdie (submitted 8 years ago)
I want buddies!
Ok I added you - I need buddies too! :)
by byebyebirdie (submitted 8 years ago)
Do you eat foods you don't like just because they're healthy?
Oddly enough - yes! I just started eating fish because I know it's good for me (omega 3's and all that) plus it seems to be a healthier choice than red meat. Not doing too bad so far. I used to hate yoghurt but b/c it seemed such an easy work breakfast & good for me, I started trying to eat it anyway. Now I like it :d That being said, I would never reach for a diet coke to save on calories etc. I hate artificial sweeteners & refuse to drink anything artificially sweetened.
by byebyebirdie (submitted 8 years ago)

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Daily weights
I do regularly. As much as daily but I don't really worry if I skip. I just watch for the trend up or down depending on my goal at the time.
by mrfancypants on 15 Jul 19 11:02 AM
Rewarding yourself
Just enjoy! No need for a reward if you eat what you want within your calorie limit. I don't restrict myself so I never feel a need to reward myself. If I want something, I eat it. > Eat a s ...
by mrfancypants on 15 Jul 19 10:51 AM
Following diet programs
Not too big of a calorie deficit, keep protein up and lift weights for the metabolism, health and body composition. It doesn't have to be complicated but if you good at it you can have a fantasti ...
by mrfancypants on 15 Jul 19 10:45 AM
digital scales
Drink a glass of water and you can gain a pound. If you are on those scales at different points in the day it may be that you have food and water if your system. To be consistent it helps to weigh y ...
by mrfancypants on 15 Jul 19 10:32 AM
I also focus on the food not the exercise. Exercise probably does help but how much can be hard to assess. With time you will probably get a very good idea of how to balance it all out
by liv001 on 15 Jul 19 09:51 AM
Food addiction...Am I a food addict? Take the self diagnostic quiz below
I am happy this exists. There is none where I am yet. But so much overeating is tied to obsessive behaviour, addiction and mental issues so help can be crucial
by liv001 on 15 Jul 19 09:28 AM

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by member ladydawny
Not been following this at all, need a low carb diet but not so sure this one is right for me.
05 Oct 18 for diet Atkins
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