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Is it reasonable to expect it to take up to months to loose on Atkins?
Taking your measurements can be a great tool for monitoring your progress! What's great is you can see your body is getting smaller even if the scale doesn't reflect it. This is especially useful if you are exercising and may be building muscle.
by briala (submitted 7 years ago)
Diet Soda's - Do they slow you down?
I've always continued to drink diet soda while losing weight. However, I gave it up for almost two weeks and increased my water intake. I started drinking diet soda for four or so days, and drank less water, and my weight's back up a few pounds. I don't know if it's the increase in diet soda, the decrease in water, or both. I'm hoping an increase in water and laying off the diet soda for a few days will cause the scale to shift back downwards. I agree with those who say it probably depends on your own body's reactions.
by briala (submitted 7 years ago)
MIO has sucrolose, bad ? !!
I agree with those who say don't get deterred by one "bad" thing. As you progress, you'll learn more and more about what works for you. Persistence is key. I lost 25 pounds this past winter on Atkins, and what I found was that if I did indulge in something, or go over my carb count for the day, I just did a few days of induction until I could tell I was losing weight again, and went right back to what had been working for me until the indulgence. Eating a cupcake and going "oops" and getting back on plan is WAY better for you than eating one cupcake, going "oops, I blew it" and eating five more. Don't get discouraged, you can totally do this!!!
by briala (submitted 7 years ago)
Need quick exercise tips that really work!
I find the best way for me to get any exercise in during the day is to go on a walk on my lunch breaks. I mean, I'm already stuck at work, what else am I going to be doing? Sitting on my rear for an entire hour? Some of my co-workers have also gone for short walks on their breaks. Speaking of the 10 minute solutions, I did one of those 10-minute trainer sessions ONCE and I must say, it was intense!!!
by briala (submitted 7 years ago)
Late Night Workouts
I walk one mile on my hour lunch breaks, because based on experience I know I won't a) wake up early to exercise b) exercise after work. This is good for a few reasons. If I do it every day, I am working out 5 days a week. Plus, I can, if I so desire, go on a walk with my husband or do some other work out when I get home or on the weekends, and any exercise I get like that is a bonus! Depending on your work/class schedule maybe you could figure something similar out for your own situation if late night workouts don't work out for you.
by briala (submitted 7 years ago)
New to site and Atkins looking for Buddies for Induction!
Brave Bear - if you must eat fruit try switching from bananas and oranges to raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries. They are lower in carbohydrates. Unfortunately, I don't have the numbers off the top of my head, but it's easily available with a google search and even here on FS. Also, in Induction, salads can be your best friend (just skip the croutons!)
by briala (submitted 7 years ago)
Are We Just Banging Our Heads Against The Wall?
My mother in law lost probably 100 pounds about five years ago, and while her weight has fluctuated since then (probably plus or minus 20 lbs when she tries to "lose weight" or she went to boot camp a few times to get in shape), there are about 80 lbs she has KEPT off. So, yes, I do think it is possible to lose weight permanently, because I've seen it. Everyone's body is different, but it's not hopeless. I second those who recommend logging your food, and also those who suggest seeing a doctor. If you've been trying one thing for awhile, try to switch it up... go from ww to something with controlled carbs, for instance. People respond differently to various dietary changes, and what works for your sister, or cousin, or whoever isn't necessarily what will work best for you, both physically and emotionally.
by briala (submitted 8 years ago)
Coffee flavoring idea? Anyone?
The Davinci syrups *are* really good, and I think Splenda makes flavoring packets, or they used to. My mother-in-law has them in Hazlenut flavor. I've bought unsweetened soy milk at Trader Joes, and the stuff in the refrigerated section was great for chocolate (SF hershey's syrup) milk, protein shakes, and most cooking. However, I probably wouldn't buy their soymilk from the non-refrigerated section again.
by briala (submitted 8 years ago)
woo hoo
Good for you!!! I've only bought three new clothing items in the last two months (one was for a special occasion and one was for Halloween), but just going to the store (or your closet!) and being able to wear things you couldn't wear before is a fantastic feeling. In the past, trying on clothes usually depressed me; now I'm using my tiny dressing room "successes" as motivation.
by briala (submitted 8 years ago)
The most important thing is to not beat yourself up about it and don't let it keep you down. Everyone makes some sort of mistake now and then, but if you're concerned about it, you can reduce the amount of carbs you eat this week to sort of even it out. In the copy of the Atkins book I had, it mentioned you could give yourself a daily allotment, or a weekly allotment.
by briala (submitted 9 years ago)
No Results! Can u tell why?
But the muscle takes up less space due to the density. Obviously two items of the same weight are going to have the same weight. I think the size/space they're taking up is more to the point.
by briala (submitted 9 years ago)
Hey, where can I find out more about low carb diets?
I did Atkins about four years ago for 9 months, and I did it again to lose weight for my wedding 2 years ago (only for about four months though). It didn't work for me because I didn't have the determination to stick with it. Like other posters have said, you have to make sure you move into the other phases (after the first two weeks, you are allowed to eat 5g more carbs per day each week - 1st two weeks 20g/day, 3rd week 25, etc, until you get to a point you're not losing weight, then you know how many carbs you should be eating each week to lose, and how many to maintain) and that the carbs you are adding are from good things like vegetables (salads are great for this I think) and even some fruit (strawberries were my favorite), and not what I would call "indulgence" items... like using your carb allotment to eat a candy bar or drink a soda or something, and then eating nothing but meat for the rest of the day. When I did Atkins the first time, I got to a size I was pretty comfortable with, though I had a few more pounds to lose, then it was the holidays, and I was working two jobs and going to school full time, and I found myself having cookies and Mc Donalds for dinner, and, surprise, surprise, I eventually found myself no longer watching my carbs, and instead gaining weight until I was right back where I started. Atkins is a lifestyle, and that's what it's meant to be. Just like you can't eat 1000 calories a day for 6 mo, lose 30 lbs, and then start eating 3000 calories a day and hope to maintain your new weight, you can't eat 45 carbs a week and then start eating 135 carbs a week and expect to maintain your new weight either. Also, make sure you take vitamins. I can only speak for the Atkins book, but I think if you follow it and really take it to heart, you'll be just fine.
by briala (submitted 9 years ago)
Wii Fit
I bought my WiiFit last year, and kept finding it annoying trying to find time to use up the whole living room. However, I've decided to try again, and started doing about 1/2 hr a day since March 30th. I'm really excited about a lot of the things I've unlocked, and I really think you'll enjoy it. I've tried to alternate primarily aerobics days with primarily yoga/strength days. Eventually there are freestyle modes where you can actually change the channel and watch something besides an animation of what you're doing.
by briala (submitted 9 years ago)

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