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WW meetings vs. Online meetings
I absolutely need the accountability of the meetings. However, I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, so I have the leisure to go to tons of different meetings. I have been to plenty where I couldn't relate to the other people (my sister and I go together most of the time, so we have to bounce around to fit her schedule). I learned I don’t care for the meetings during the workday, as they seemed to be stay-at-home moms, and I just can’t relate to their issues. Weekend meetings are larger, and I’m very shy, I prefer a small group. One location seemed to be mostly seniors, another demographic I can’t relate to. It was interesting to attend so many different leaders meetings and see how they ran meetings differently, what I liked and what I didn’t like (I know it’s cute, but I don’t want to dance to celebrate my losses…( I think you have to find a meeting that fits you, and if you don't like the one in your area, see if you can find another, or try another time (if they have others, we are lucky here that there are so many). I have found that the demographic from one city to another, from one time to another, and from one leader to another are different! I think it can work on-line, but you have to make it work, you have to reach out for support and be accountable.
by angelathomas (submitted 12 years ago)
Colored progress bar- what do the colors mean?
I think it has to do with how close you are to your goal. Mine was a different color until I decided to set my goal as an increment, rather than my final goal. Now my bar is a different color, and shows me closer to my second goal (first was the 10% goal set by WW). When I reach that, I'll set another new goal. It makes a bit less daunting if I don't think of how much I have to lose in total!
by angelathomas (submitted 12 years ago)
healthy fat suggestions
We had a leader who said she stirs a teaspoon of grape seed oil into her oatmeal (or anything, she said it has no flavor). I take 2 fish oil & 2 flax oil capsules a day, that's about 1 teaspoon. Then I include some reduced fat cheese in my lunch and some nuts for a snack and figure that probably covers the other teaspoon. I also use flax oil in my Italian dressing, but I don't eat that everyday. That's probably about a teaspoon of oil in a tablespoon of dressing. I've always taken flax oil for my skin (it's very, very dry), so I don't know what difference it would make to weight loss!
by angelathomas (submitted 12 years ago)
South Beach Diet Snack Bar Delights - 1 Point
I won't say these satisfy an urge for a candy bar, but they are pretty tasty. The best part though is that they have 5 grams of protien, 5 grams of fiber, lots of vitamin and minerals, and NO trans fats. On the minus side, they aren't cheap! I paid $6.99 for a box of 6 in the grocery store, although I've found them cheaper on-line.
by angelathomas (submitted 12 years ago)
weight watchers e tools
I love etools, I can take any recipe and figure out the points, and I can log my points anywhere I have access. I keep a couple of the paper trackers just for when I'll be away from a computer. It's also nice to enter a recipe and see what effect on the points switching out ingredients makes. Sometimes it's suprising! I go to meetings every week, I think it's the only thing that's kept me on track for the past 4 1/2 months! It means once a week you have to face someone to weigh in (although they never say anything, unless you've done really well), I hear information I can't find online, and you learn a lot of good strategies. Our leader always asks at the end of the meeting if anyone has any challenges coming up in the next week and everyone gives advice. Plus a few of the leaders share products that people have found that are low in points and tasty. Which is nice to learn!
by angelathomas (submitted 12 years ago)
I was wondering...
A recipe I enter on August 3rd was just approved today. So it seems to take a while. I was waiting to see how long it took, then just decided to enter a few--so more would (hopefully) get through at once!
by angelathomas (submitted 12 years ago)
same points - but healthy vs unhealthy - how does it effect weight loss?
I (personally) think that for weight loss it isn't that important. I know WW has changed their philosophy a bit since the last time I was on it college--but then someone said to me, "You can eat nothing but twinkies if you just won't get very many twinkies!" On the other hand there is supposed to be a lot of evidence (but don't ask me where!) that various "nutrients" work together to help you with weight loss. For example, I have increased my fiber intake (while still following points!) to test the theories I saw on a PBS special on the Fiber 35 diet. [Supposedly fiber will actually absorb some calories, so increasing fiber while not increasing calories should increase weight loss. Of course, since fiber lowers points, and I'm tracking points and not calories...I may not find any difference at all!]. I've found it really hard to get in my 35 grams of fiber if I don't eat healthy...since most junk food hasn't got any fiber in it!
by angelathomas (submitted 12 years ago)
creative exercise
I bought one of those dance games. So far I only bought the kind that plug directly into the TV (because it's cheaper, and if I don't stick with it, I'm out less money). It is pretty fun, and I do work up a sweat! It doesn't teach much of a new skill, but I'm more the "alone" type of exerciser--I don't even like my husband to see how dumb I look working out! I got a second game and I tried plugging it into my bedroom TV, but it only has the two plugs (yellow & white), while our living room TV has three (yellow, white & red). The sound in the bedroom was so bad I couldn't bear it! I haven't actually tried plugging the new one into the other TV to make sure it was the TV and not the game, but it is something to consider. The other thing we do at our house is get out and about every chance we get, but then I have a toddler to keep up with! It's mega hot in Texas right now, so our outings have been curtailed, but we were taking our son swimming at the public pool, to the play ground (mom walked while Daniel played), to feed the ducks at the park (mom walked some more), and to the Zoo (an entire day of walking). This fall we hope to take him hiking to some of the nature preserves in our area. You might check your local city's website to see what sort of interesting places to explore you have! Not to mention that our city also has classes (I've bet my husband that if I've lost X amount of weight by next fall we'll take ballroom dancing classes together!). We've even found an indoor play area at a local mall that my husband can play with our son in while I walk the mall. Sorry, this turned into a much longer message than I'd originally intended!
by angelathomas (submitted 12 years ago)
Going Crazy looking for an article on fat-loss!
I may have dreamed it (but if so, what an odd dream!), but I swear a few months ago, (or more) I read an article on Yahoo that I can't find anywhere! It was about a study that has found that people who maintain long-term weight loss (I want to see the article know HOW long and other details), do finally begin to lose some of their fat cells. Which is contrary to what was supposed before (i.e. that once you get a fat cell you keep it forever). If this is true, I want to find the article again to find out who did the study, etc. Now I cannot find it (so maybe it doesn't exist). I've googled it, I've looked on my library's database, I've looked in Yahoo (but it only goes back about 30 days), I've checked "", all to no avail. Now, of course, the articles on overweight being contagious, "brown" fat, & stress have eclipsed this one, making it even harder to find! Did anyone else see an article like this? If it's true it seems like wonderful news, after all it would mean that if you could maintain for a certain number of years, the struggle might get a bit easier (because you wouldn't be fighting as many fat cells just desperate to "re-inflate"!):?:
by angelathomas (submitted 13 years ago)
I am a Newbie to this site!
I have a family, but I am the only one on a diet! My son (two), won't eat anything but babyfood yet (or junk food, so what he gets is babyfood) and my husband is thin. So I have to find easy, healthy recipes without a lot of "weird" stuff in them (to get him to eat them). I've found quite a few so far (although some do have a few "weird" things in them), some of them I figured out the points, but I haven't even tried yet!
by angelathomas (submitted 13 years ago)
In cooking what can I subsitute for oil?
I read an interesting tip in a low-calorie cookbook (I think by Joanne Lund...or something similar), use Fat Free Italian dressing to stir fry, and start meat off (before it releases some of its juices). I don't care for the dressing on my salad (too harsh), but just a bit does give me something to cook my veggies in, and adds extra flavor (when appropriate to the recipe!). Don't use too much or you will "boil" the veggies rather than carmelize them (I prefer mine carmelized). It's great for cooking the meat for my lasagna in! :p
by angelathomas (submitted 13 years ago)

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