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[quote=howzat4u]I tend to agree with mummydee, with what you are eating the weight loss you claim is impossible. Your weight loss to date has been steady, and you say now for some unknown reason you lose 35lbs in 14 days, then why haven't you weighed in on site so it shows?[/quote] I don't believe that scale. There is no way I am going to record that weight loss on FS. I am really trying to get on the right track. I just thought it would make everybody laugh. It made ME laugh when the tech read it.
by Yves336 (submitted 4 years ago)
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[quote=mummydee]Okay, I'd really like to high 5 you but I find it really hard to believe that you lost weight on the foods you are eating. Not only are you eating way over your RDI but the foods are not nutritional. How did you do it? [/quote] Their scale really recorded my weight as such but do you really think I believed that? Their scale is obviously way off. I thought I would give everybody a good laugh.
by Yves336 (submitted 4 years ago)
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Thanks nizzle4you. Seriously I think their scale was off. Way off.
by Yves336 (submitted 4 years ago)
Remarkable Results
I went to see my orthopedic specialist today. I have lost 35 pounds in two weeks. I knew these Fat Secret recipes would really enhance my weight loss.:lol:
by Yves336 (submitted 4 years ago)
SABOTAGE! Is any one else running Into this?
Wow! Your past is exactly like my present. It's amazing what losing weight and exercise can "repair". I am focusing on my eating habits first because of pain when I exercise. But I know that exercising in the pool helps. I can't imagine life without the pain even without the weight. Now I see I really can feel better!
by Yves336 (submitted 4 years ago)
SABOTAGE! Is any one else running Into this?
Hey, that is a great idea! My doc DID tell me to lose weight. No one needs to know the details. If I said no on my own authority everybody would just talk me down. No one will go against a doctor. This is great. It gives me more power to say no. I am at a stage where it is pretty easy to talk me into eating stuff I shouldn't. Thanks Wholefoodnut.
by Yves336 (submitted 4 years ago)
SABOTAGE! Is any one else running Into this?
Eating like that has not come to me naturally yet. Eat a bit and save the rest for later. But that would have been the perfect thing to do. I will have to remember that in the future.
by Yves336 (submitted 4 years ago)
SABOTAGE! Is any one else running Into this?
I told my mother that I was taking the no bread for a month challenge. Out of the blue she invites me to breakfast for cinnamon rolls from scratch. MY WEAKNESS! I buckled. I went and ate a lot of them. Now why would someone intentionally do that? Is this happening to anyone else?
by Yves336 (submitted 4 years ago)

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Not been following this at all, need a low carb diet but not so sure this one is right for me.
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