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Anyone work retail? How do you log exercise?
FatSecret's calculation for this sort of stuff is absolutely waaaay out. I would just set your daily activity level to "moderately active" and leave it at that.
by WiiFitFatty (submitted 9 years ago)
"Mini Gastric Bypass with No surgery" Anyone try this?
Without knowing what paths you've been down in the past, it's difficult to say if this would work for you. Bear in mind that bypass surgery frequently fails as long-term (5-10 years) solution since people who are food addicted will simply stretch the band so they can eat more. Something you don't often hear mentioned... If you let us know what you've tried in the past and why you feel it hasn't worked, that would help. Like, have you cut calories, stuck to it faithfully, but haven't lost any? Or have you been unable to stick to diets because you've felt so restricted?
by WiiFitFatty (submitted 9 years ago)
Welcome to you both, you will find a lot of really helpful people on here :)
by WiiFitFatty (submitted 9 years ago)
What's your proudest moment so far?
Being able to run on the treadmill for one minute without stopping :) Also being able to wedge my butt into the seats at the theme park, after the humiliation of not being able to get in there the year before!
by WiiFitFatty (submitted 9 years ago)
Jamie Oliver's cooking and me
I like his presenting style and he's done wonders to reform school dinners over here, but all of his recipes always seem to use ingredients that i can't have :(
by WiiFitFatty (submitted 9 years ago)
Use Weights? Cardio Only? Which is better?
Interesting stuff, thanks for the links. I've been cutting back on weights lately and going more cardio, but perhaps I'll switch it back.
by WiiFitFatty (submitted 9 years ago)
I like to be competitive. The rowing machines at our gym have a thing called "Fish game" and I like to play that against my fella ;)
by WiiFitFatty (submitted 9 years ago)
Starvation Mode
I was about to mention your protein intake but then I saw your last post. I would say as long as you feel healthy and energetic, you have enough fuel for your workouts and you're still losing weight, then you are probably fine. You could have your body fat composition measured if you're concerned about losing muscle mass. There's a calculator here:
by WiiFitFatty (submitted 9 years ago)
Okay so i was wonderin'
Bear huggers?
by WiiFitFatty (submitted 9 years ago)
I try to buy all organic produce and cook everything myself rather than relying on processed foods.
by WiiFitFatty (submitted 9 years ago)
I Love my Body because............
Wow. Reading this has made me feel quite tearful as I realise there are so many things about my body that I hate. I am struggling not to write them down and to stay positive. It's hard. Ok something nice. I like my eye colour (which nobody can tell what colour it is.) My fingernails are pretty strong and I usually have a good length on them. My lungs have recovered from 15 years of smoking and are now happy to power my workouts. I love that I'm getting less back and hip pain as I lose more weight. I love that I can give and get so much pleasure in sex. Oh well it's a start!
by WiiFitFatty (submitted 9 years ago)
Spike Diet
I really respect Russell's diet and the science behind it, but I can say for someone with disordered eating, it can be a big risk. I started doing spike days at the end of October last year and finally called a halt in Feb this year. During this time I had lost zero pounds (was previously losing 5-8lbs a month.) The problem is not the spike itself, it's what the spike did to my motivation and willpower. I would spend the whole week planning what I was going to have on spike day, like how much food could I literally cram into my mouth on that day. then the next day, cravings like you wouldn't believe to carry on carbing. Having stuck to my diet religiously for 6 months before that, I suddenly found it impossible, and was having week-long binges. Thank god I carried on exercising because otherwise I'm sure I would have gained 20lbs back. So - this spike diet will work if you are disciplined and follow it properly. If you have a problem with bingeing and moderation in the past then tread very carefully, is all I'm saying. No disrespect at all to Russell, I think he's done an amazing job.
by WiiFitFatty (submitted 9 years ago)
I take a multivitamin, L-Carnitine, fish oil and a B-complex.
by WiiFitFatty (submitted 9 years ago)
At a stand still
I agree with gkcfm - drop the atkins bars for a week or so and see if it helps. Have some strawberries or raspberries if you want the sweetness.
by WiiFitFatty (submitted 9 years ago)
What am I doing wrong?
Are you vegetarian? I'm wondering if you'd benefit from reducing your carbs and increasing your protein, but I don't know how available that is for you. The other thing you could try is cutting your calories to around 2000 and just see how that works for a couple of weeks.
by WiiFitFatty (submitted 9 years ago)
No Skinny Girl Inside
Well - I'm going to disagree with An00bis. Sort of. Whilst your attitude can't change the laws of physics, your attitude certainly affects your motivation, and your motivation directly affects your actions. If you are highly motivated, then your actions will take you closer to your goal. If you are not motivated, then you are more likely to make poor choices that take you further from your goal. I certainly have never said "I know there's a skinny girl inside me" because I have a deep-seated belief that skinny girls are bitches, haha. However, I know I do have a healthy person inside me who is sick of being fed with crap and wants to get out and make the most of it while she's still under 40! I'm going to guess that you're not feeling particularly motivated right now, based on the fact that you made this post, and that you haven't been food journalling. I can't tell you how to find your why, because it's different for everyone. I think you need to ask yourself two questions: 1) How will my life be different if I lose this weight; and 2) Why am I afraid to lose this weight? Look at your answers to question 2 and ask yourself if you really believe these fears, if they are logical, or are they the product of family pressure, bullying at school, or some other deep-seated phobia. Then look at your answer(s) to number 1. Fully visualise yourself achieving all those things. If one of your answers was "I want to walk into a room and turn heads" then visualise yourself doing that, right down to the background music and the clothes the onlookers are wearing. Hold that vision in your mind. That is your motivation. Now decide what actions you're going to take in order to get there. I'd suggest your first step would be to food journal EVERYTHING so the people here can take a look at your intake and give you some guidance. Good luck :)
by WiiFitFatty (submitted 9 years ago)
Moving into Owl
I know the feeling. I'm sick of stubbing my toe on the bedstead in the dark, LOL
by WiiFitFatty (submitted 9 years ago)
new to this atkins
Welcome! :)
by WiiFitFatty (submitted 9 years ago)
still frustrated!
Missy, if you have a Smartphone you can download the fatsecret app so you can use it anywhere. If you don't have one then carrying a little notebook is probably best. I'll re-iterate my suggestion about eating more, smaller meals per day. Especially if you frequently skip breakfast. Your metabolism will really benefit. If you're not taking any exercise at the moment, definitely add some. Even if it's just a 5-min walk around the block. In 2004 I had a back injury which caused me huge amounts of pain at 200lbs and I was afraid of taking any exercise at all. I just started to walk at least a little every day - at first just down to the end of the road and back, then around the block, and eventually for at least a mile every day. The walking actually IMPROVED my back pain and it jumpstarted my weight loss. I got down to 140lbs a year later. (Why I put it all back on is another story, LOL)
by WiiFitFatty (submitted 9 years ago)
how do I get rid of flabby skin after quick weight loss?
Squats, running, and the leg curl at the gym. Try rubbing haemorrhoid cream (really!) into the loose skin. It stinks to high heaven, but it's specifically designed to tighten skin and I've had some luck with it.
by WiiFitFatty (submitted 9 years ago)
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