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What would your 'Goal Shirt' Say?
My goal shirt would say [b]LIFT MORE[/b] (I can't wait to have the luxury to work on my muscles without worrying about losing fat)
by Trevorf (submitted 12 years ago)
Alli sits in your digestive system and absorbs some of the fats you consume. That way, rather than get absorbed into the side of your intestinal wall, they sit in little globs and get excreted. This can result in "oily brown spotting" if you don't observe the directions properly. Personally I am staying clear of Alli because of the cost and because I'd rather not cope with any of the *ahem* side effects.
by Trevorf (submitted 12 years ago)
Where's all the pictures?
I'm right there with you. Actually, I put up a pic of me back when I was 190, kind of to remind myself of what I want. I also have some "before" pictures stashed away on my hard drive so that when I hit my goal I can go all before/after on a Flickr or something.
by Trevorf (submitted 12 years ago)
Does Any One Know Anything About Strength Training?
My suggestion would be to start with the following: Squats with light dumbbells in your hands or an unloaded barbell. Lunges with light dumbbells Bench presses with some light dumbbells Shoulder lifts with light dumbbells HOWEVER: I warn you that I am not a professional, I am just giving you advice that I have seen in my own personal reading, and you should really take care. Make sure you look up how to properly do all these things and make sure you have appropriate flexibility. You can do some damage to yourself if you lack leg flexibility and try some of these leg exercises, so make sure you are properly stretched out. Also consult your doctor, I guess, if you feel you might have health issues that would impede this. HOWEVER: It has been said time and time again that *women can lift* and in fact they should. Weight training is good for everyone.
by Trevorf (submitted 12 years ago)
Needing something more and don't have the money for gym memberships or fancy equipment
I made a post over on "When you don't have weights and can't afford the gym" listing a number of things you can do without a gym or weights. I don't wanna spam by reposting over here. Check it out :d
by Trevorf (submitted 12 years ago)
When you don't have weights, and can't afford the gym...
Other alternatives include milk jugs Running up and down stairs in your own house Tricep exercises can be done on anything that looks like a bench, such as a flight of stairs or, I guess, a chair or bed. Heavy books! Get those encyclopedias you dont need any more because you have wikipedia. Put some heavy stuff in an overnight bag, a briefcase, or anything similar. Back at school I used to do some pushups in the morning and then throw some heavy stuff into my laundry basket along with all my dirty laundry (The latter is pretty heavy by itself) and then do curls and some shoulder/back lifts with this. Don't forget pushups, situps, knuckle pushups, triangle pushups, situps, leg lifts, and the host of other things you can do without anything extra. Hope this helps
by Trevorf (submitted 12 years ago)

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Recommended Grams
On a 2000 daily calorie diet: What is the recommended grams for Fat, Carbs, Protein, Sodium, and Fibre?
by Nigyewe on 21 Nov 19 07:25 PM
Is 2600cals right for me?
why not try 2600 for a week or so and measure your weight loss if not then reduce calories or up your activity. You are quite substantial in size so it seems fair enough to me...depending on activity ...
by spacey48 on 21 Nov 19 03:45 PM
Fitbit sync successful but...
I can't get mine to sync so you are ahead of me.
by abbadabba on 21 Nov 19 02:16 PM
My updated keto - carnivore, cancer story.
7/21/18 I had already given up was preparing for my death. I paid off all my debts. Said goodbye to family and friends. I told doctors I could not live like this anymore made out a living will with ...
by ourcupoftea on 20 Nov 19 05:41 PM
Calories burned
calories in calories out doe's not work. I must know I have lost over 100 lbs without counting calories
by ourcupoftea on 20 Nov 19 05:32 PM
I'm assuming you've ruled out sleep quality and any medical or psychological causes... If not, perhaps speak to your doctor. Otherwise, while it sounds somewhat counterintuitive, exercise can ...
by Kishlette on 20 Nov 19 10:56 AM

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by member ladydawny
Not been following this at all, need a low carb diet but not so sure this one is right for me.
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