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Give a shout out to the boys in the house too!
by ThomasB (submitted 12 years ago)
Very New
You are SUPPOSED to give up coffee! I cut back on the amount I drink, use soy milk instead of half and half and use no sugar. That is a con for any coffee drinker! The pros would be the use of vegetables and fruit. It is a great diet!
by ThomasB (submitted 12 years ago)
How much weight did EVERYONE take off in phase 1???
I lost close to 5 1/2 lbs and am happy about it!
by ThomasB (submitted 12 years ago)
Aw...I want a buddy!
I LOVE TOP MODEL. Will you marry me?
by ThomasB (submitted 12 years ago)
Aw...I want a buddy!
What's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this? Are you here alone? If I said you had a beautiful garbanzo bean would you hold it against me? I am a Cancer and like long walks on the beach, laughter in the rain and pina coladas... You know what? I am horrible with the pick up lines, but if you would like a buddy...I am your man. Now, hear me out...I listen to 80's music when I workout...I love HGTV and The Food Network and am a sucker for a makeover show and yes, I know how to, if you are dieter enough to handle me, let me know! :roll: Thomas
by ThomasB (submitted 12 years ago)
Where's all the pictures?
From your pic, dbltrbl, I would say you have a bubbly personality! Thanks for the compliment! I like to keep things light when we struggle so much with real life!
by ThomasB (submitted 12 years ago)
Where's all the pictures?
I agree and did not hesitate to put a picture of myself up. Of course, I am vain, so it was not difficult :shock: I love when I get a message from someone or encouragement seeing what they look like. It seems so many people on here look like ice cream cones and carrots and even a pumpkin (they should lay off the self-tanner)!
by ThomasB (submitted 12 years ago)
In cooking what can I subsitute for oil?
I live by the spray...for cooking and to give my hair a glossy shine.:lol:
by ThomasB (submitted 12 years ago)
I wish this wasn't as much of a "secret."
I agree with the above and really do not think that I was attacking anyone. I guess I assumed that this was a different site. Trust me, I did not mean to offend anyone. I just wish people would learn to keep their beliefs to themselves. I know it is a free country and blah blah blah...
by ThomasB (submitted 12 years ago)
I wish this wasn't as much of a "secret."
Oh my God...sorry...Holy Mary...nope can't use that one either...Hmmmmmm...Oye!...probably should stay away from that one, also...Well, I can tell you, I am here to get diet support and tips and not come to prayer meeting. Free country is right, but does anyone want me to come on here and talk about my gay life partner or how unfair it is that we cannot marry in Maryland or how difficult it is for us to adopt a baby? I did not think so....
by ThomasB (submitted 12 years ago)
Been on the FS diet since last Thurs.....
We all want miracles! Hang in there, I think that it will be worth it. I have resisted the urge to weigh myself, but want to terribly. Today is the 9th day for me.
by ThomasB (submitted 12 years ago)

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I've lost 22lbs since April 10th, down from 193 to 171!My ideal weight for my body size and height is about 165 lbs. That's going to be almost impossible to reach since I'm taking some time ...
by timg1508 on 17 Aug 19 11:34 AM
Thank you for having me here!
Hi, my name is Felicia. Im 56 & 5'7 and currently at 175lb and would like to get to 155/165 lbs. Mostly always try to commit to 20 hr fast but not able to loose. Will now try to do a 1 200 c ...
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Good luck silverlinnin!!!!
by liv001 on 15 Aug 19 09:53 PM
Water Retention
So I definitely retain water. I try and drink a ton - like over the recommended 64 ounces a day. Should I drink more water or cut back? Recommendations for water retention issue?
by gstanford1 on 15 Aug 19 10:43 AM
Too much food.
I am having trouble with portion control. Eating healthy foods jut too much. I am going to spend the extra $$ and buy individually packaged food. I hope that will motivate me to just eat 1 portion.
by oldturk on 14 Aug 19 06:08 PM
So annoyed
You have to remember that you didn't gain your weight overnight. It will take just as long to get it off as it took to acquire it. You've got this! Just weight every week or every other week if ...
by diana1096 on 14 Aug 19 12:44 PM

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by member ladydawny
Not been following this at all, need a low carb diet but not so sure this one is right for me.
05 Oct 18 for diet Atkins
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