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Getting Started
Rick Gallops book is excellent. I really didn't know where to start, but I followed the GI diet to the letter and just 4 months later I feel like a new man. Actually, I felt great after the first week.... but once you've started, the important figure seems to stop being how much you WEIGH NOW, but rather how much YOU'VE LOST. Losing weight isn't easy and it will probably mean changing habits that you've had for years! But there are plenty of people here going through the exact same thing. YOU CAN DO IT. Good luck!
by Sundance didn't cheat (submitted 12 years ago)
Just for fun.....What's the weirdest food combo you like?
My brother and I grew up eating honey on toast, covered with slices of cheese for breakfast. With a tall glass of milk this was a little slice of heaven. I always thought it was the most natural thing in the world until a girlfriend told me I was freak!
by Sundance didn't cheat (submitted 12 years ago)
Should I or shouldn't I?
You are so organised - that would drive me nuts! Don't let your diet spoil your holiday, but try to stay within reason. Have seafood instead of burgers, and vegitables/ salad instead of fries. When I went on vacation last year I felt like I was really missing out, but a friend told me that I couldn't put my life on hold whilst I was trying to lose weight... Just try to maintain over the vacation, and get back on the celery sticks when you get home. Besides, May is a long way off - you'll be a slender waif in your swimsuit by then, and due a break!
by Sundance didn't cheat (submitted 12 years ago)
You're right - breakfast is vital to get the metabolism started in the morning. Have you tried different foods? It doesn't have to be a BIG breakfast every day, just something to get your system working (there's nothing worse than an empty stomach). I have porridge with bran sprinkled over it, but you could try something light? Yogurt? Fruit? If I feel sick in the morning I try and force down a pint of water.... that will steady me out after half an hour.
by Sundance didn't cheat (submitted 12 years ago)
Hi, the GI diet is more of a guide on making sensible food choices. You stick to foods with a lower GI, and stop eating when your just full. It's not a hard diet to follow because you have a huge amount of choice and you can have many different foods in moderation. If you need more of a guide on how much and which foods to eat, then the GL (Glycemic Load) diet may be a better one for you. It works on the same principals with the Glycemic Index, but is strict on the level of carbs/ sugar you can eat, and provides more meal plans to follow. Check it out!
by Sundance didn't cheat (submitted 12 years ago)
this is something I stuggle with too... I avoided bars and restaurants for a couple of months, but in the run up to Christmas I went out and had a few glasses of red wine (this is good for you - but you can't overdo it) I know a lot of people stick to vodka and diet coke... but my diet frowns on soda. If you can get a balance and do things in moderation then happy hour can still leave you with a smile on your face. Best of luck...
by Sundance didn't cheat (submitted 12 years ago)

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