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At what point do you "officially" consider yourself in a certain size?
The brands are Lee, Levis, and Old Navy. I remember a time, about 10 years ago, when I couldn't buy jeans from Old Navy. I think that was right when they started doing plus sizes and the stores by me didn't carry them. I haven't looked at pants in an Old Navy since.
by Shalon (submitted 8 years ago)
At what point do you "officially" consider yourself in a certain size?
Say you go into a store and try on 6 pairs of pants. If 4 of them fit you in one size but you have to go up a size on the other 2 what size would you actually say you are? I was thinking about this while I was hemming pants today. I got 3 pairs of pants, all different brands, in a size 16. However, some of my size 18 pants still fit. If that was you what size would you consider yourself?
by Shalon (submitted 8 years ago)
A&E's "Heavy"
I really like the show. When they told the guy the doctor cleared him to go into the pool I was happy for him. He wanted to use the pool so much. lol! I do wish they would cover more of the nutrition aspect and show what they look like now, but I still enjoy the show.
by Shalon (submitted 8 years ago)
Get in shape for Disney.
I had the same experience at a local amusement park. I barely fit in the rides. If you watch what you eat you can lose weight. Almost all of the weight I have lost I've done without exercise. I know I need to start exercising to keep the weight loss going though.
by Shalon (submitted 8 years ago)
Flavored Drink Packets
I like to add lemon or spearmint to my water. Gives it a little flavor without worrying about additives and other things. :)
by Shalon (submitted 8 years ago)
Confession Time...what's your secret?!?!?!?
I thought of one more thing. I want to be able to wear a cute little sun dress, I've never owned a sun dress, and get a pair of wrap boots from TOMS. Even when I was smaller I had a hard time finding boots to fit over my calves so I figure those might be my solution. :)
by Shalon (submitted 8 years ago)
Anyone else have the fat secret app on their mobile phone?
The android app is how I found the website. I need to start using it again. I love the ability to scan foods.
by Shalon (submitted 8 years ago)
Goal Weights
I'm not entirely sure how I picked mine. I my recommended weight is about 120. I didn't even weigh that in high school when I looked good, so I'm guessing that will be too low. I think I picked 160 because I figured I would look and feel pretty good around there. I do know that I can change it if I think I need to go lower though.
by Shalon (submitted 8 years ago)
Food Diary: how do YOU use it?
I'm like Hoser. I put in the food after I eat it. I'm not very good at pre-planning so I figure out what I am going to have based on how many calories I have left.
by Shalon (submitted 8 years ago)
Confession Time...what's your secret?!?!?!?
I want to be able to go into a store and buy a bra, not have to order it online because the cup sizes are so big I want to look like I should be dating my boyfriend, who is fit and athletic. He's a hiker and backpacker. I want to be able to buy cute clothes.
by Shalon (submitted 8 years ago)
What do you do?
My boyfriend also likes bigger girls. I met him when I was fat. Okay, when I was fatter than I am now. He fell in love with me the way I was. He also says he loved me that way, but knows that I need to lose the weight for myself. He likes to see the changes that are happening to my body, except losing boob. That part is kind of depressing him. lol! He's very pleased with the positive changes that have come with the weight loss. Everything from I'm better able to keep up with him if we go hiking to the improved sex life to I'm not embarrassed to go out to do things like I was when I was bigger.
by Shalon (submitted 9 years ago)
Do you / Would you take your kids into a liquor store?
My best friend worked in a liquor store. I don't drink so I don't go to liquor stores but if I did and took my kids they would definitely talk to my friend, as she is like an aunt to them.
by Shalon (submitted 9 years ago)
Why is the android app so slow when it SAVES your food/exercise?
It only take a couple seconds on mine usually. Every once in awhile it will take longer, but not often.
by Shalon (submitted 9 years ago)
Road trip foods
I have to make a 4-6 hour (depending on traffic) round trip drive 4 times a month. I take mainly what you mentioned in your first post and sandwiches. It works pretty well.
by Shalon (submitted 9 years ago)
LARGE BREASTED WOMEN who have lost weight.... HELP ME!!!
[quote=dariasofi] I think this is true - you will not lose weight from your boobs if you did not gain it there. You can only go back to the smallest size they have been before you gained. [/quote] This will be interesting to see if it's true. I was a DDD in high school when I played soccer. I would like to get smaller than that but right now even that would he acceptable. :)
by Shalon (submitted 9 years ago)
LARGE BREASTED WOMEN who have lost weight.... HELP ME!!!
I was a 40G when I started. I'm down to a F. I love it, my boyfriend is slighty disappointed. lol I am hoping I don't get much smaller than a DD though.
by Shalon (submitted 9 years ago)
I am: 5'2" 196 pounds 18 or 20 in pants 2x in shirts - don't expect to get much smaller than that. Although the girls have gone down from the I cup they were, I doubt they will small enough to go into a smaller shirt.
by Shalon (submitted 9 years ago)
Counting Veggies?
I count veggies if I'm having a salad or them as a side dish. If I have one slice of tomato on a sandwich I don't count it.
by Shalon (submitted 9 years ago)
Confused about calorie counting?
[quote=Onecrazyhorse] Hi Shalon, if it is the quantity of food you suffer with (though goodness knows how, i struggle not to eat over 1500-1700 cals!) you could try things like nuts. Low volume, high calorie and good for you to boot. [/quote] I didn't even think of that. I will have to go to the store today and get some. Thanks. :)
by Shalon (submitted 9 years ago)
Confused about calorie counting?
The site said my RDI should be 1,800. I'm sure I could get that if I eat all junk food. Right now I get between 1,100 and 1,500 and I'm losing. I'm just trying to eat things in moderation. There are days where I have to find something to eat just to get me up over 1,000 because I am full from what I already ate.
by Shalon (submitted 9 years ago)
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