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So damn proud!
Awesome Kled!!!!!
by Rubie-sue (submitted 5 years ago)
o my god
Just use Google Translate. You can read what ever language and in turn be able to write back if you'd like.
by Rubie-sue (submitted 6 years ago)
o my god
by Rubie-sue (submitted 6 years ago)
Need help
YOu have to find something that you like, and yes that can mean trying a lot of different things until you do. Even though I love to workout before work I am not getting up any earlier than I do now, but that being said to me that is the best time to do it. Then it is done and you don't ahve to work it in later. There are many 24 hour gyms, or your own tapes you could to. I have also found that on our TV cable there is workout videos you can do too. And I love Chubbychica's idea of sleeping in your sweats so you just roll out and go, excellent!!!! Reading again what you wrote, it might behoove you to find a class to do after work so you don't go straight home afte work when you're tired from the day. That can lead to bad food choices. Instead do a 1 hour class, or a good walk....then head home to your healthy dinner. Also, as Classicrocker said make sure your eating plan is a good one. You don't want to undo all the good work by coming home and attacking what ever is there. (yes, I am guilty of that!!) Getting to goal is 80% what we eat and 20% workout!! YOU CAN DO THIS......SWEAT IS GOOD.....SO SO SOOOOO GOOD!!
by Rubie-sue (submitted 6 years ago)
Midlands Man
Welcome! Sounds like you have thought this out and have a good plan!
by Rubie-sue (submitted 6 years ago)
breast fat
Well I did have a breast reduction, and it was the best thing I ever did for myself!! I feel actually taller now; even though it is just from being able to stand up straighter! They took off 8lbs, yes 8lbs. I have now lost 80lbs and my hubby tells me that my breasts are getting larger not smaller. To funny. The truth is the smaller my stomach and back are getting the larger my breasts seem. My breasts themselves are not getting any smaller, the only reason I have had to get new bras is that my girth is getting smaller. If your neck, back and shoulders have issues then I'd look into it. If you just want smaller breasts, then I'd wait to see how they change when you lose weight. They might get to the size you want on their own.
by Rubie-sue (submitted 6 years ago)
How Much Water Do You Drink?
Wow..sorry about the spelling errors!! Yikes!!
by Rubie-sue (submitted 6 years ago)
How Much Water Do You Drink?
I drink a lot, and when I don't I can see the differnce in everything. My muscles get tight, my skin is dryer, and my body functions aren't as regular. And yes I do feel it helps with your weight loss too. I have read two important things about water in my education process about good living. The First, which I've read in a few different places: Is that your muscles are surrouned w/a fine membrane, like you find on your chicken or steaks, and if you don't drink enough water they will become tighter and stiffer. Thus, you get the feeling of being crampy and tired...and not wanting to work out. Whether this is true or not I cannot say, but I do find for myself it tends to be true. If I don't drink enough I feel stiff and tired. The Second I cannot confirm and have only seen it once: For every 5lbs your over weight you should add 8oz more water to your daily intake. Now mind you when I worked this out I was "holy crap are you kidding???" Unless I want to live in the bathroom I cannot drink what it worked out too, but it did make me more accountable to the amount I do drink a day. [b]So....after this tangent of ramblings: YES!! WATER IS GOOD!!! DRINK IT![/b]
by Rubie-sue (submitted 6 years ago)
10 reasons I want to lose weight
Okay here are mine: 1)to be able to ride horses again 2)better vacation stories from wild adventures 3)to kick even more butt in my boxing class 4)to look as good as I do in my head! 5)better knees & flat stomach 6)to be able to out run a zombie attack 7)to have men stare and drool 8)better sex (how can you not list that!!) 9)more stamina in the heat. And not to look like a blonde tomato 10)to be a Blonde Goddess!!!
by Rubie-sue (submitted 6 years ago)
"Frickin' Nice!"
That is AWESOME!!!
by Rubie-sue (submitted 6 years ago)
Hubby losing fast
It is all their dang muscle mass. Stinkers! I am married to the incredible shrinking man, and at times it drives me nuts. We are both on the same program and he took off like a shot, me more like a low pumped beebee gun. After a bit though he slowed down and I sped up, and yes I tired not to gloat, so now we're about even. Even though it does irritate me, I find that it also is motivation to keep going. But don't let him know that, then he'll get all cocky and do that annoying little dance! ;o)
by Rubie-sue (submitted 6 years ago)
New Year's resolutions
Okay here is mine! To finish what I've started and get to goal. Plain simple and on task. Good article too, thanks for sharing link. :0)
by Rubie-sue (submitted 6 years ago)
I have both read and been told that for work out information for women that the mens magazines are better. To that end I spent time at a book store comparing them, and I did find that I got more relevant information from the mens magazines. I know how you feel skirch97 when you look at the models they use for the women's articles they can definately make you feel "not good enough". I found better workout information in the men's, and more realistic diet information with actually reasons behind it; other than it will make your butt look good. So now I buy the men's for information, and the women's to photoshop my head to the bodies and dream!!! LOL!! (you should see my Christmas card..I look soooooooo hot!!)
by Rubie-sue (submitted 6 years ago)
Starting Over
Re-Focus!!! Re-Focus!! Been out of control since Halloween!! Have to recommit and hit it again!! We can do this Benal, YES we can!!!
by Rubie-sue (submitted 6 years ago)
Socializing through the Weight Loss Journey
That is a tough one. After my impersonation of a crack addict over the halloween candy I am a bit worried about the holidays; but just have to keep the goal in mind and the extra piece of pie out of my mouth.
by Rubie-sue (submitted 6 years ago)
Great Article on Mindful Eating
Good reading! That was the topic at our group meeting a few weeks ago, and both times it makes you think how one just eats. Not to enjoy it but just to eat. If you slow down and savor you truly get the overwhelming enjoyment of your food. Feel the texture of the flavors, pick out the spices, the smells that fill your nose, and then in turn fill your mind w/memories, the sound of your body going "ahhhh" as it gets what it needs. Food itself is not the enemy, the way that we treat and react to food is. I am a foodie and proud of it!! I have found w/the new way that I am eating that slowing down and being mindful of what I am eating has been a huge help. If I am not eating as much as I used to I have to pay attention to what I am eating now and enjoy it. Thanks again Fullabella for the reminder!!!
by Rubie-sue (submitted 6 years ago)
Changing More than the Scale
I feel that way FullaBella! I guess it is because when I get in control of what I am eating I realize that am not taking crap from myself. This in turn made me realize that the person I take the most crap from is me!!!! And if I can be strong enough not to take crap from myself, then I am strong enough not to take it from others. Not that I become a bitch, but I find myself stronger in my beliefs and convictions. The ablity to say NO or NO THANK YOU or THAT SOUNDS LOVELY BUT I'D RAHTER NOT becomes stronger as I become stronger in my conviction that this time it will all come together and lead to complete success!!!!!
by Rubie-sue (submitted 7 years ago)
will power
Willpower can be such a two sided word. Even if you have the will do you have the power? And in turn you may have the power but lack of true will. At different phases of our lives both are presented at different times, the trick seems to be to hold on to one as you develop the other. But once you have them both you will be unstoppable!! As stated by Kingkeld if you aren't moving forward for the right reasons the two, will & power, never seem to come together no matter how hard you try to hold on to one in each hand. To make a person change everything about their life and go against what we've trained our bodies/minds to live on as pointed out by BeaugezD, takes that extra knotch of commitment. Find the reason, the real reason; commit to it to give youself the power to make then change and thus the willingness to accept and thrive in your new life style. This dawned on my yesterday after I got done chopping mellons, peppers, made out the weeks menu that includes stuffed tomatoes in a spinach salad, baked accorn squash w/turkey sausage, and two days of fish with steamed veggies. As I looked around my kitchen I realized that I didn't miss the bags of chips, the tubs of butter, the "good" snacks of diet cookies and icecream, and my favorite Coke in a can. I now have the power to choose right, the will to make it work, and the commitment to stand at the counter for an hour and cut stuff up! It took a while, but I am here....maybe not 100% with my carb addiction...but I am here. Committ to the real reason you need to change. Have the Power to make the changes you need. And the inner Will to become better will make it all happen. I won't be easy, but so worth it!!!
by Rubie-sue (submitted 7 years ago)
skin skin and more skin
I have heard, but never checked it out, that if you're willing to donate your skin that some major hopstial burn units will help with the cost of the operation. Might be something to look into.
by Rubie-sue (submitted 7 years ago)
Anyone else looking forward to winter?
Love winter!! Can't wait for root veggies, and warm soups! Of course after a fun day out in the snow....mak'n snow angels anyone???
by Rubie-sue (submitted 7 years ago)
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