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Again I am posting my motivation because I really need to see it typed out. My birthday is tomorrow and I have had a party planned for today and tomorrow, not my doing btw. lol So I need to make sure my birthday eating is only one day not the week or even TWO days but ONE day!!!! That one day I will allow myself to use all of my flex points and eat what I want but then right back on track I go! Not a DIET!
by RopinCowgirl (submitted 9 years ago)
What is motivating you today?
I am trying to think about what motivates me every morning. It seems to help me focus on what I need to accomplish for the day. Today: Knowing that my ring is starting to slip on easier already, and my heels aren't hurting as much. These are very quick changes, but also just small differences. That is what I need to focus on, small strides towards the bigger goal. Not a diet, a change of life!
by RopinCowgirl (submitted 9 years ago)
phone with applications
I had the storm on verizon but it died on Christmas day and now I have the droid. The app is amazing and being able to scan in barcodes to log foods is awesome!
by RopinCowgirl (submitted 9 years ago)
What are the real issues with lossing weight to fast?
I believe in your key words. You will lose at the start of any plan quicker than later on. A lot of that is water weight I believe.
by RopinCowgirl (submitted 10 years ago)
Just starting out
Hello everyone! I need to lose 108 lbs and am just starting out. I lost 50 lbs six years ago on WW's and here I am starting worse than ever, but I am here! I am looking for buddies this time. Six years ago I had a desk job, now I am on the run all the time so I have a hard time doing a journal and staying on track. If you feel like you need some one to pester you and that you have the ability to pester me via text or email add me! Happy New Year!
by RopinCowgirl (submitted 10 years ago)
I am in need of loosing 100 Lbs. and need a buddy from anywere
Hi I just joined here because I have access to this on my new Droid. I have 108 to lose and also lost 50lbs 6 years ago on WWs. I am starting jan 4th and also not going to meetings. It really sounds like we are on the same track!
by RopinCowgirl (submitted 10 years ago)

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I usually get up and get coffee or cold water to drink
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by sdomahovski on 13 Dec 19 01:22 PM
Guide Me - Weight Loss Diet for 2.5 lbs/week
You can do this. You have a plan. Stick it. I agree with Liv001. There are many paths and you will have to 1. log, 2. take action, 3. analyse, 4. make corrections if needed, 5. never quit - repeat ...
by chesgreen on 13 Dec 19 06:23 AM
what is your goal weight, 5'3 and 5'4 ladies?
wow989 wrote: Hey guys I was just wondering if you have heard of this weight loss program before? It looks like a great program to help people lose weight. I was just looking for ...
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Love the website but confused with the app - any help?
On the website I see that I had an unread message. This isn't visible anywhere on the app.Likewise I wanted to encourage a friend to join because she invited me to Fitness Pal but unless you pay there ...
by byrch on 12 Dec 19 11:56 AM
Let's be friends!
Hey Leenalo! Good luck.
by Mabrown24 on 11 Dec 19 08:34 PM

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Not been following this at all, need a low carb diet but not so sure this one is right for me.
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