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Back Again!
Well, good luck to the both of us! So far my scale has been pointing down and not up! I'm holding onto my 2 oz a day loss with pride!
by Reginag18 (submitted 8 years ago)
Back Again!
OMG my BF too!! I made him a salad for lunch and he came home with food from the taco shop for dinner! then made a sandwich afterwards!! It's so hard. I am trying to be good. He's all muscle and can drop his extra weight as soon as he goes back to the gym. Not me! I work out every single day and only 2 oz are gone. I swear I gain weight the moment I even THINK or look at food! haha.
by Reginag18 (submitted 8 years ago)
by Reginag18 (submitted 8 years ago)
Back Again!
I need some buddie too! It's so hard to stay motivated! I live with my BF who is constantly in the fridge at home! Just makes me want to see what's in there myself! haha.
by Reginag18 (submitted 8 years ago)
I lowered mine by 500 calories. The assigned RDI was too much for me. I felt like I was just maintaining and not losing. However, I also gave myself a little wiggle room for the weekends. I am only doing 1600 daily, which I still try to stay under, but I'm ok if I go over to 1800 tops! Good luck!
by Reginag18 (submitted 8 years ago)

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What it is called product
cottage cheese is the closest to curds
by Chow moore on 05 Dec 19 04:58 PM
I really stuck...
I'm sorry you feel alone and pressured. That's hard. In your picture you look so lovely and it seems like you understand self-love--do it for yourself--yes! I'm old enough to be your grandma ...
by Cyncy2020 on 05 Dec 19 12:12 PM
You are so lucky you can eat monk sweetener. I really like it but I can't digest it and I get really bad gas. I tried experimenting with it different ways just to be sure it was really that--because ...
by Cyncy2020 on 05 Dec 19 12:04 PM
Hi Jen! Me too. I'm also back here for healthier eating and exercise goals. Also recently discovered my food preference is mostly vegan (+ salmon :) so I've stopped eating birds/mammals (which ...
by Cyncy2020 on 05 Dec 19 11:59 AM
what is your goal weight, 5'3 and 5'4 ladies?
5'4" currently 125, goal 120. kind of. I'm 60 so trying to lose a some fat and gain muscle. I don't really care if I lose on the scales or not. I can tell by my clothes more than the ...
by Cyncy2020 on 05 Dec 19 11:50 AM
Starting out
Hello folks. M sure there is an answer to this question somewhere. As a brand new member I would like to know how I add a list of foods for one meal. i.e. if I said I ate apple pie, how do I add cream ...
by doreenll on 04 Dec 19 11:18 PM

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by member ladydawny
Not been following this at all, need a low carb diet but not so sure this one is right for me.
05 Oct 18 for diet Atkins
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