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Mom of 3 looking to lose 25 pounds
I have been at a plateau too, but slowly trying to bust through. Im feeling in a little rut though. Im at 159 now. Goal is set at 150. But would love to get even lower. Any help we can be to each other....Im here :)
by Rascal_fatts (submitted 10 years ago)
For me its carbs. I do weigh myself everyday, and I can see immediately on the scale when I eat too much carbs. I try to stick to complex carbs. They dont seem to do as much damage as the refined carbs. But I look at my success as being more a TOTAL approach...sensible meal choices, portion control, and getting off my butt :) I dont think in my mind one single thing would sabatoge you as much as making better choices overall.
by Rascal_fatts (submitted 10 years ago)
Christmas dinners out
If you can, eat something before you go. That way you wont go into it starving, and be tempted by the things you shouldnt have.
by Rascal_fatts (submitted 12 years ago)
Why this bites to me
My question I really need to see every reply my buddies make to others posts, journals, etc ???? I really just want to see when they write in their own journal so I can support them, etc. Its just seems like Im getting alot of extraneous (spelling? LOL) stuff. :?
by Rascal_fatts (submitted 12 years ago)
Id have to agree.....Im SO LOST ! And frustrated. I dont like change !!! UGH !!! :?
by Rascal_fatts (submitted 12 years ago)
Hi, I'm Koleka I need to lose a whole person
Set your mind to it, and there is nothing you cant accomplish! Ive lost 82 pounds since blood pressure and everything are normal now. and above all feel great. So it can be done....just fucus on what you will get out of it in the end. There are so many positives. It will be hard, but SO WORTH IT !
by Rascal_fatts (submitted 12 years ago)
I would LOVE to see a chat function added ! What a great IMMEDIATE way to recieve support !
by Rascal_fatts (submitted 12 years ago)
How do I accept buddy requests?
They should show up there if they requested you as a buddy. Or they will show up over there if you request them. They will stay there as Pending until You accept them, or they accept you. Not sure why they wouldnt come up over there if they requested you, unless they just havent requested yet.
by Rascal_fatts (submitted 12 years ago)
How do I accept buddy requests?
I just requested you. Make sure your on the "my fatsecret page" not your profile page. Use the my fat secret tab at the top (aqua)
by Rascal_fatts (submitted 12 years ago)
How do I accept buddy requests?
On the right side of your My fatsecret page there should be a column that has people that requested to be your buddy. They are "awaiting approval" under there icon there should be action choices....approve....deny.... just click on approve to add them. :d
by Rascal_fatts (submitted 12 years ago)
Help for a fellow dieter!!!!
Sending a great big hug! and positive thoughts! :)
by Rascal_fatts (submitted 12 years ago)
Hi, I'm Jenn!
Good Luck Jenn ! I know I have loved living the South Beach Lifestyle. It hasnt been bad at all. And Ive lost a total of 79 pounds since January 2nd, So, it can work!
by Rascal_fatts (submitted 12 years ago)
Ladies, Heeelp!
Since you have lost the weight it can take quite a bit of time for the skin to tighten up. I know Im having the same problem. I do crunches till I cant do any more and the underlying muscles are toned but still have the jiggly layer on top. I think some I will have to live with. But I am hoping over time my skin tightens up. They say it can take quite a while though. Lets just go get tummy tucks together !;)
by Rascal_fatts (submitted 12 years ago)
How do I add a photo to my journal?
Well, you need to upload your photo on a hosting photo bucket....then paste the script they give you in your journal. Then it will show up :)
by Rascal_fatts (submitted 13 years ago)
Thought it would be fun...
It should come up...was just on again and added my pic. :)
by Rascal_fatts (submitted 13 years ago)
Question of the Day 7/24:
Many of us crave a "sweet treat" every now and then...have any tips or ideas on how to get our "fix" without killing our next weigh in??? If I suck on a dark chocolate square....and make it last...the urge usually passes. I also keep some sugar free hard candies handy....and popping one in can help me get through a sweet tooth attack :)
by Rascal_fatts (submitted 13 years ago)
Thought it would be fun...
To have as many of us as possible add ourselves to a map so we can see where everyone's at. You dont have to register, you can just add yourself to the map. So get on the map !!!!!!
by Rascal_fatts (submitted 13 years ago)
Question of the Day 7/23:
Do you prefer to exercise alone, or with someone ??? I actually prefer to workout alone. When I run or bike, I put on my mp3 player and get in the "zone". Plus then I can go at "my" pace. I really find that I push myself harder....try to beat my own time, distance, etc...when Im alone.
by Rascal_fatts (submitted 13 years ago)
Question of the Day 7/20:CHALLENGE
Today Im not posting a question...Im posting a [b]WEEKEND CHALLENGE[/b]... The Challenge at least 30 min of any type of exercise each day (Fri, Sat, and Sunday)....Im committing to do it....Who else will accept my challenge ???? Im in ! and I'll add my personal goal for the weekend is to get to the 169 mark.
by Rascal_fatts (submitted 13 years ago)
In the Forums there is a "look at me" tab......but no "private" option. I add mine to my journals sometimes.
by Rascal_fatts (submitted 13 years ago)
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