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not sleeping
You may be magnesium deficient. Try a magnesium supplement before bed. Knocks me right out. Here are some other ideas:
by Rae1219 (submitted 7 years ago)
I eat primal, which is an offshoot of paleo and allows for full fat dairy. If you do it right, it becomes a lifestyle, not a diet. Transitioning into this way of eating was one of the best decisions of my life and I can't see myself ever going back to the Standard American Diet. Try it for a month and see the results in energy and body composition and overall health :)
by Rae1219 (submitted 8 years ago)
Who's following a Paleo Diet?
I'm primal (the main difference being that I will eat full fat dairy). I started last February when I saw it mentioned on someone's FatSecret profile and it was the best decision of my life. I think that cutting gluten and added sugars is something that everyone needs to try, because it can have a significant impact. The first week of paleo/primal is rough if you've been accustomed to a higher carb and wheat intake. However, after that the energy comes back and it is much easier to focus. Moreover, you can go longer between meals without feeling hungry. It is definitely a great idea to follow the experts. I check regularly, and listen to Robb Wolf's podcasts [url=]here.[/url] The podcasts are especially helpful when I need to get back on track after a period of unplanned "cheating". Hope this helps :)
by Rae1219 (submitted 8 years ago)
What should my percentages of Carb/Fat/Protein be?
I think this is really going to depend on what you believe in and what works for you. Personally, I keep carbs to under 20% of my intake, meaning protein and especially fat are going to be higher. Play around, do a bit of reading, and see what works for you!
by Rae1219 (submitted 8 years ago)
What Diet should we use?
All of the things you mentioned have been improved, I believe, with a Paleo diet (and eating lean meats compared to fatty ones). Check out and maybe listen to his podcasts, and certainly pick up the Paleo Solution book if you are at all interested. Best of luck!
by Rae1219 (submitted 8 years ago)
Too many carbs....
[quote=Boa Cox]Don't know ladies and gents... To me, it's simple.. (That's why I like this site) It's More Calories Burned that taken in = Weight Loss.. A normal Diet does the trick for me.. No Carb counting etc.. Watch your RDI and update your activity log daily... Good Luck to you all.[/quote] believe it or not, this is not totally true. Read "Good Calories, Bad Calories" or "Why We Get Fat" by Gary Taubes to further investigate the belief that it is all about calories is vs. calories out. and if it doesn't change your mind, at least don't criticize people who follow atkins in the atkins forum. that is certainly not what "this site" is about. :)
by Rae1219 (submitted 8 years ago)
Wheat Belly
we had a little discussion about this book already: i liked it :)
by Rae1219 (submitted 8 years ago)
hiya in need of advice
There's some saying that your appearance is 80% what you eat an 20% everything else (something like that anyways). So it's great that you avoid junk food, but maybe you are consuming other foods that aren't conducive to your weight loss goals. For example, I have to cut carbs to shift my last bit of weight around. Maybe also in addition walking/jogging, you can throw in some strength training. That might get things going. good luck!
by Rae1219 (submitted 8 years ago)
Wheat Belly
@liv001 - i would hope it would. there is sufficient evidence for most people to at least start to question the conventional wisdom of "eat your whole grains".
by Rae1219 (submitted 8 years ago)
Wheat Belly
Well, I finished reading it a few days ago. Since I do eat Paleo/Primal, it didn't really say anything I didn't already believe. I can attest to the fact that when I cut out wheat alone last year, I dropped a significant amount of belly bloat. The science in the book is borderline interesting, lots of anecdotal evidence, and I really enjoyed reading about the history of wheat and how the wheat we are given now in our foods is different from the wheat that was used even 50 years ago.
by Rae1219 (submitted 8 years ago)
New Girl On The Block
by Rae1219 (submitted 8 years ago)
Daughter's Pick of a Wedding Gown
by Rae1219 (submitted 8 years ago)
Has anyone transitioned from Atkins to another diet type successfully.
I agree that Paleo or Primal may be the way to go if you want to focus less on low carb and more on whole, healthy foods.
by Rae1219 (submitted 8 years ago)
Wheat Belly
Anyone read this book? Just started reading it. It may be interesting to some people here, especially anyone who feels like they are doing all the right things and still struggling to lose. Hope everyone had a great day!
by Rae1219 (submitted 8 years ago)
slow carb diet
I know people that have done it with fantastic results in a short period of time. The caveat is that once they went back to there old eating habits (which is not the point of this 'diet' anyway) they gained weight back. I've read some of the book, and a lot of the ideas, like slow carbs, etc are interesting. Frankly, any way of eating where you cut out highly processed, carby foods, is going to give some positive results. Best of luck to you :)
by Rae1219 (submitted 8 years ago)
Let's share our best tips!
Don't fall for gimmicks and products promising rapid weight loss. Focus on real, whole foods and avoid foods that contain ingredients you cannot pronounce.
by Rae1219 (submitted 8 years ago)
Jillian Michaels 30 day shred
i noticed definite results after using this video for about 2 weeks (about 4 days each week). Go for it. It's better than a run anyway since you will be getting strength in also, which will help you boost your metabolism.
by Rae1219 (submitted 9 years ago)
No Carb
I'd like to say that pmacaodh does have the right idea, but doesn't quite to Gary Taubes' work justice. For anyone interested, read Why We Get Fat or Good Calories Bad Calories (a little harder of a read). Maybe that will be a better explanation. Have a great day!
by Rae1219 (submitted 9 years ago)
4-Hour Body
I know two men who did try the diet after reading 4 Hour Body. One was successful for about a week before he got bored (the cheat day was not sufficient to cure his boredom) and the other lasted a couple of months and lost quite a bit of weight. He has since gained quite a bit back, however :) I did read the diet portion of this book. I liked the ideas at first, but I quickly saw that I would get bored of the meal rotation that he advises and the lack of fruit that he suggests. I also think that beans can be irritating for some people, so I'd watch out for that. I read the Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson soon after and those ideas clicked much better with my personality and my digestive system. So I would certainly vote for going primal/paleo over 4 Hour Body. But hey, to each his own! If you do try it, let us know how it goes! Best of luck!
by Rae1219 (submitted 9 years ago)
It is great... in theory! Haha this is one of those products I feel so silly for buying. Along with my skechers shape ups that probably did nothing to help my butt muscles :)
by Rae1219 (submitted 9 years ago)
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