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Help please
Also, here's the list of induction friendly foods - make sure everything is on it. If it's not on the list, don't eat it. If there's an asterisk by a food, read the footnote!
by Meenie50 (submitted 5 years ago)
Help please
The Dietdoctor addresses the testosterone question scroll down to the section on sex hormones. But I'd address the foods in your daily consumption before jumping to medication issues. Make sure your meats (especially bacon, ham, and sausage isn't sugar cured. Make sure other foods have no hidden carbs (just plug into google: "carbs in _____" and you'll quickly get an answer! Don't eat foods with sugar alcohols for two weeks. And don't trust the "Net Carb" thing. First get your weight loss going good, they try things one at a time to see if they affect your loss. Then you'll know if they can work for you or not. Some things just have to be saved for later after you've lost the weight. Also remember that companies don't have to list the carbs if the amount is less than 1 gram per serving - so they can legally put "0". I always count 1 gram for anything that says it's 0 carbs unless I know know know that's absolutely true.
by Meenie50 (submitted 5 years ago)
Help please
Hi Danny :) the 2 - 3 carbs are NET carbs, the bars actually have around 23 grams of carbs. Net carbs are derived by subtracting fiber and sugar alcohols. Net carbs don't work for everyone. Try it without the bars and see what happens. They've been responsible for a LOT of stalls for people. Save them for maintenance would be my suggestion.
by Meenie50 (submitted 5 years ago)
Help please
What's "Low T"? Definitely drop the atkins bars - that's almost your whole days carb count :) I know they're good, and it's nice to have something sweet, but there are simple recipes that are much lower in carbs. suggest looking at All Atkins friendly, and the induction friendly recipes are marked with an asterisk :)
by Meenie50 (submitted 5 years ago)
Special treat
Just remember the food coma part, lol, it'll help you get back on the path after a little diversion :D
by Meenie50 (submitted 5 years ago)

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Good luck to you! I am struggling with breathing issues as well. Don't yet have a diagnosis, but losing weight can only help. Donuts are my weakness, as well.
by lauraa229 on 26 Feb 20 04:00 PM
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Every day first thing in the morning. I got used to the fluctuations and I think it keeps me focused.
by lauraa229 on 26 Feb 20 03:57 PM
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WOW! Thats awesome.
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First day on this site...and I'm excited to see such an active community! I'm a 74-year old retiree with chronic lower back and leg issues and a heart attack survivor (2011). About 12 years ago ...
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Hi. Just joined today. I’m working on controls myself.
by Fatmcbean on 24 Feb 20 07:29 PM
How do i post
Not sure 100% but I think you click new topic at the top of this page and it will be a new post for others to see?
by the new Deanna on 24 Feb 20 12:45 PM

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by member ladydawny
Not been following this at all, need a low carb diet but not so sure this one is right for me.
05 Oct 18 for diet Atkins
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