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Calories for Resting?
I really don't understand the preset numbers on my Exercise calendar. Why do I earn calories for resting? And so many? It's like I should be able to lose weight simply by doing nothing but resting and sleeping. NOT! I suppose it's simple...if I do nothing else, then those are my activities for the day - but then, I don't feel I should earn anything for doing nothing. Anyone able to explain this to me so it makes more sense? Anyone else feel the same? Just doesn't seem like a true number.
by KimberleyAnn (submitted 8 years ago)
Couple of questions
Yikes...I guess I wasn't clear in my post. Sorry jacquisplace...I meant that I made blueberry buckle and want to add it to my cookbook. But in the ingredients list provided, I cannot find anything to choose from except splenda packets. I do use the bagged splenda for backing since it measures cup for cup. Thanks for clearing me up though on my question regarding a "stick" of margarine. Same as our squares!
by KimberleyAnn (submitted 11 years ago)
Couple of questions
I was trying to add a recipe but got stuck on the first 2 ingredients! I needed to add 1/2 cup of margarine (I use a canola margarine) - I can't find "cups"'s "sticks", is half a stick 1/2 cup? We don't get's either a 1 pound block, 1/2 cup squares or tubs. Second...I need to add 1/2 cup splenda...and all there is is packets. So anyone know how I can add those ingredients?
by KimberleyAnn (submitted 11 years ago)
I'm so sorry...take all the time you need, of course, for you and your family...that's most important right now. See you when you are feeling better.
by KimberleyAnn (submitted 11 years ago)
Not sure how to add fruit salad
At lunch today I had a homemade fruit salad- about 1 cup. It had a mixture of watermelon, honeydew, canteloup and pineapple. Nothing else. But I can't find a way to include it in my food journal. Can anyone help?
by KimberleyAnn (submitted 11 years ago)
I looked it up - there is a website at It is a clear mouth guard worn between meals and at night to make eating more difficult. "A concious decision".
by KimberleyAnn (submitted 11 years ago)
Hi Everyone!
Thanks for the welcome Issysmom! I'm looking forward to continuing with my WW program using this site. Here I go!!!!! ;)
by KimberleyAnn (submitted 11 years ago)
Hi Everyone!
My name is Kim and I am still struggling to lose 20 more pounds. I need help and I'm sure you wonderful people here are great supporters! I guess I put everything I should have said here in my Bio, so please, check it out! Looking forward to getting to know everyone - can't wait to get started! Tomorrow's a new day with no mistake in it. ~ Anne Shirley
by KimberleyAnn (submitted 11 years ago)

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Not been following this at all, need a low carb diet but not so sure this one is right for me.
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