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Jell-O Dark Chocolate Decadence Sugar Free Mousse Temptations
[img][/img] I just have one question for all atkins followers, in the label, the decadent dark chocolate flavor says it has 10g carbs, of which 6g are of sugar alcohols, and 1g of diet 10 - 6 - 1 = 3g net that right??...I'm asking because even though it's correctly divided on the food section, if I add it to my diary it will count 9g net I'm confused now...can anyone clear this please??
by JCVela (submitted 9 years ago)
It's just a diet, not a religion
Ok...I sense quite a lot of disagreeement in this post. I think one is free to choose any diet/life plan he/she wants as long as it is healthy and it doesn't deprive the individuals from all the good nutrients nature has to offer, and it also promotes exercising regularly. Opinions are just that, if a comment doesn't suits you, just disregard it and move on, no use on wasting time trying to make the other person agreeing with you. Results speak for themselves, and we're all different...maybe what works for me will make another person gain weight...who knows? I enjoy reading all posts and learning what to make part of my lifstyle and what to disregard. There are other sites to be hostile...this site is for support, everyone should have that in mind. I enjoy the support of my buddies and I try to offer the same. Simple as that.
by JCVela (submitted 10 years ago)
Thinking of switching diets... what's ur recommendation?
wooow....what an argument!! Leaving aside the fact that this post has gone to so many tangents, my true recomendation is to rsearch all the diets out there and stick to your favorite for good...or take the best from each and create your own lifestyle. I admire MimiMuffin and k8yk because that's what they did...they incorporated all the best part of each diet and created a very functional and unique program that has given them results, and most importantly results that will last as long as that lifestyle goes on. I hope that makes sense, lol
by JCVela (submitted 10 years ago)
breaking through the plateau
The Couch-to-5K Running Plan sounds interesting, and it might actually work. I'm also an elliptical addict and although I'm not on a plateau I'm moving rather slowly. I will try the plan for a change. I totally agree with katballew, once a week it's nice to up the calories in a healthy way, I noticed that since I've done that, eventhough my weight moves slowly, my measures are changing and I feel much more energetic...try it one week, see what happens.
by JCVela (submitted 10 years ago)
I need someone...
I'll add you as well..
by JCVela (submitted 10 years ago)
My big workout tips
Excellent then! I'll continue to take far it's been a week and my weight is steady, eventhough I ate offlimits ffod on the weekend. I'll double the efforts and continue taking it to see if it boosts the weight loss.
by JCVela (submitted 10 years ago)
My big workout tips
Russellb97, I strongly agree on the tips. I’m working out 5-6 times per week, 1.5-2 hr including 30 min cardio. I've just begun taking the whey protein isolate. Is this recommendable even if I'm aiming for weight loss?
by JCVela (submitted 10 years ago)
Ready to Rumble!
Yes, that's definitely true; I will not be giving up my work-outs, that’s for sure. Thanks for the encouragement.
by JCVela (submitted 10 years ago)
Ready to Rumble!
Thanks for the encouragment BCLenny, I hope to keep on track and have sufficent will power to do so. You also take care, and keep up the spirit! K8yk, Yes, I work at a different company now, and have sufficient free time, so I resumed the Gym and my focus on weight loss, at least for now…it might get more demanding in the future, but I’ll continue while I can, and definitely adapt my current eating habits as permanent. We’ll both reach our goals, you’ll see, we both have determination, and have our minds in the game 100%. Take care.
by JCVela (submitted 10 years ago)
Great site -- glad to be here!
Hey there! I'm also kind of new, and really think this is a great site, very helpful to track where are we failing and how to correct it. Keep the spirit up, and you'll reach your goal before you know it.
by JCVela (submitted 10 years ago)
Ready to Rumble!
Well, I'm a 27y male, my max weight was 280 lbs (2005) and managed to get to 182 in about a year and a half(2006)by basically starving and exercising a lot. Work got very hard and demanding and I couldn't go to the gym anymore, there wasn't time, I started to gain weight again little by little and decided to act fast before it was too late, I've managed to keep it steady on 200-210 weight for about a year now. I weight 206 lb right now and I want to go back to 180. I've read SBD Book and firmly belive its concepts. I find this site to be very cool and helpful, now I can focus on eating more healthy things and balance my intake. Feel free to add me as a buddy, I'll be as much of assistance as I can. Thanks
by JCVela (submitted 10 years ago)
Need A Buddy !
Hello Elita, I'd like to be buddies, I'm new as well. I'll add you.
by JCVela (submitted 10 years ago)

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