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YOU are important to thousands!
by Firebelly (submitted 2 years ago)
New Fitbit Owner
I recommend creating a new Google/Gmail account to use FitMess with your Fitbit if you have any privacy concerns. That's what I did and I have no complaints.
by Firebelly (submitted 3 years ago)
KETO/ LCHF & Traveling?
Ha Ha! I think I'll keep it as pork rinds before making it into dust so that I can get it through the airport. Thank you!
by Firebelly (submitted 3 years ago)
KETO/ LCHF & Traveling?
For LCHF/Ketogenic WOE community members: Are there particular favorite snacks or quick foods that you can take with you for car or plane trips? Especially ones that you can get through TSA airport security? I'm not a fan of jerky and wonder if there are any recipes or quick things that I could make and take with me and get past security. Your recommendations are appreciated.
by Firebelly (submitted 3 years ago)
Weight Tracker in Android app
The weight tracker is acting erratically in my Android app too. It is not showing my weight or "Still to go" accurately on the homepage but is accurate once I click in to the Weight section on the Android app. FatSecret released an update on 2/26/16 and I updated it but still no luck. Our best bet it to report the bugs.
by Firebelly (submitted 3 years ago)
Math help with Keto diet
@shadow451 -- regarding your calculations for weight loss, what is the time period associated with each of the three scenarios ? Ie, if one reduces their weekly caloric intake by 15% in scenario 1, how many pounds are estimated to be lost per week? [quote=shadow451] The simplest method using your BMR is to determine weekly amount (1633*7 = 11,431) How aggressively do you want to lose weight? moderate? reduce by 15% aggressive? reduce by 25% really aggressive reduce by 30%) Stick with me... 11431 * .15 = 1714.65 => 11431-1715 = 9716 cal/week or 1388 cal/day 11434 * .25 = 2857.75 => 11431-2858 = 8573 cal/week or 1225 cal/day 11431 * .30 = 3429.3 => 11431-3429 = 8002 cal/week or 1143 cal/day [/quote]
by Firebelly (submitted 3 years ago)

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May 22 android patch caps ml and grams to 999. Can't put in 1kg or 1 ltr
A new android version appears to have been released today (22 may) which changes the diary item edit menu. The change has put in a bigger detail UI. The new UI caps the units to 999. E.g. if I drink ...
by w0t on 22 May 19 01:05 AM
Best Weight Reduction Pills
As a fitness nutrition specialist and personal trainer I can tell you these special "Diet Pills" are not the answer. I agree with the comment on don't fall for people selling snake oil. ...
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Thank you so much! That is exactly what I was looking for<3
by newtoKetoGBT on 21 May 19 01:12 PM
by Gkfgier44Woo on 20 May 19 08:07 PM
by Gkfgier44Woo on 20 May 19 08:06 PM
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by Gkfgier44Woo on 20 May 19 07:58 PM

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by member ladydawny
Not been following this at all, need a low carb diet but not so sure this one is right for me.
05 Oct 18 for diet Atkins