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Food for the Traveler
I downloaded an app called "HealthyOut." You enter your dietary requirements (low cal, atkins, paleo, vegan, etc.) and it shows you menu items from nearby restaurants that fit those requirements. There's even a "no salad" setting, in case you get sick of having nothing but salads when you eat out.
by FatKarateKa (submitted 5 years ago)
Can Walking Help Lose Weight
Yes. The important thing is you get moving: elevate your heart rate, keep it elevated for 20-30 minutes and do it 3+ times a week. A brisk walk is better than a casual stroll. Now, about hating exercise, I'm willing to bet that isn't true. Maybe you hate fitness classes or using the gym... but there it's probably something you enjoy doing. What I did ( and may help you) is make a list off activities that I stuck with over my life time. Even if I only did the activity for a year, even if it was something I did in grade school, it went on the list. Then, I tried to figure out what all those things had in common. My list contained: gymnastics (all of grade school), swimming/ diving, Drill team, rifle team and belly dancing (probably because my mom took classes and I just kind of went along). So, I figured out I like competitive sports and being on a team, but I don't like sports in which the team's outcome depended on my individual performance. I think if you made a similar list, you'd find stuff you like to do too. ---- Edited to remove weird swipe/mobile typos. I think I got them.
by FatKarateKa (submitted 5 years ago)
Fit Karate-ka Classes (Guess Who's Teaching?)
Hey guys! I'm excited to say I'm going to be holding a 6-week fitness class in Aurora, IL. (Seriously, who could have predicted this?) The Fit Karate-ka Class introduces the basic punches, kicks and blocks of Isshinryu karate. Designed for adults who are new to martial arts or fitness, the course introduces just a couple new concepts each week. The class itself, however, will be fast-paced and you will keep moving. When you complete the class, you can easily transition into a traditional martial arts course (and we'll have a coupon for you if you decide to do so) or kick boxing class. The class will be held from 7:15 to 8 p.m. on Tuesdays, Feb. 7 through March 13, at Annie's Om Towne Fitness, 14 W. Downer, Suite A (upstairs and to the right) in Aurora, IL. The fee for the six-week class is $27.37, if you register in advance through Eventbrite. The fee is $35.00, if you choose to pay with cash or check the first day of class. To pre-register visit: . Use promotion code fatsecret for 4.37 off the pre-registration price. (I was trying to make it an even number and it didn't work.)
by FatKarateKa (submitted 7 years ago)
How Often Do you weigh yourself?
I only do it once a week now. I'm at my goal and more concerned with maintaining than losing, so I don't think I have to watch it as closely as I did before. I also skip weighing in during shark week if I remember. It's so depressing because I gain this mysterious 5-10 pounds that disappears the following week. I think, in the pursuit of fairness, men should gain (an lose again) a mysterious 5 lbs every month.
by FatKarateKa (submitted 7 years ago)
Before and After, anyone?
Here's mine. [img][/img]
by FatKarateKa (submitted 7 years ago)
Fat-Karate-Ka's Number One Rule for Weight Loss
Find a physical activity you can love and then give yourself over to the obsession. Based on my user name, you can probably guess my obsession. If you're going to work out every day (or almost every day), pick something you can like. I wrote my most recent blog entry on this:
by FatKarateKa (submitted 8 years ago)
Free Women's Self Defense Class on Aug. 14 in Princeton, IL
As you can guess from my username, I'm a big fan of Karate as a form of exercise. A friend of mine is offering a free women's self defense class on Aug. 14. This is a great opportunity to try out karate for yourself and learn some practical self defense techniques. Here's the details: The Morse School Of Isshinryu will be hosting a 2 hour Women's Self-Defense Class starting at- 10am, on August 14, 2010, at the Bureau County Metro Center, 837 Park Ave West, Princeton, IL. Women will learn various techniques to defend off attackers of all different sizes, and from different directions. This course will give participants, an insight of various Illinois laws in for self-defense, and common asked questions to domestic violence. This course would be a great class for Women who will be leaving for college in August. For more information contact the Bureau County Metro Center. 815-872-0840. The program is open to all women ages 15 and older, but minors under age 18 will need a parent to sign a waiver the day of class.
by FatKarateKa (submitted 8 years ago)
pizza style stuffed zucchini
This isn't my recipe, so I'll just post the link: Cavemen, rejoice! We (kind of) have pizza again! BTW, I'm not affiliated with Roni in any way, but I love her blog. It's great for people like me who never learned how to prep healthy foods.
by FatKarateKa (submitted 8 years ago)
Women and bodybuilding - what do you think?
I think it's cool as hell. Go for it, forget what everyone else says.
by FatKarateKa (submitted 9 years ago)
Controversial Topic: What Causes Obesity?
I also have all the bad habits listed above. But, also, my mom was/is a yo-yo dieter, so I'm thinking I never really learned the right way to eat. I'm also thinking that there may be some other element involved. I was on Atkins for...well, a long time. Although the diet ultimately didn't work for me, there was one thing that was mentioned in the book that rang true. Dr. Atkins said that some foods were "trigger" foods. For whatever reason, when someone eats one of their trigger foods, it triggered binge eating. I think that may be true because I don't react the same way to sugary treats the way other people do. My husband can open a package of cookies, eat a single cookie and put the package away. That's it; he's good. If I eat a single cookie, I'll pace the house for the remainder of the night, unable to think of anything else but the rest of the cookies in the cabinate. If I can't eat the rest of the cookies, I'll eat everything else I can reach. If I can eat the cookies, I'll eat the package of cookies and then everything else. Just a little bit of sugar and I'll go nuts -- yell at people, have fits of anger -- all because I can't think of ANYTHING except getting my hands on more sugary treats. Oh, and about carbs, I'm on the Paleo diet. (Go ahead, yell all you want. Once you wrap your brain around never being able to eat the "old way" again it's not so bad.) I get horrible gas and stomache cramps when I eat things like bread and pasta. I'm glad to get them out of my life.
by FatKarateKa (submitted 9 years ago)
Why the BMI (Body Mass Index) Chart is USELESS
Wow I was just thinking about this the other day. My BMI goal would put me at 140, the "high" end. As I've been losing weight, I discovered that I'm actually pretty muscular. (Who knew I had this muscular frame hiding under all that?!) So, I was thinking that probably when I hit 160 or so, I'll say to myself "ehh, that's good enough."
by FatKarateKa (submitted 9 years ago)

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Downloading more than diet history
I also think that it is sad that there is no global export function. Even Google and Amazon, the biggest data hoarders have those these days.
by 486332 on 18 Jun 19 02:27 PM
Motivation for excercise
A strategy that I have found useful when I have zero motivation/very little time, is to figure out the absolute minimum amount of time I could spend on exercise in a week, and commit to doing that much ...
by SarahLeanne on 18 Jun 19 01:04 PM
Does fat secret have anywhere I can put in what I want my ratio's to be like fat, pro. carbs like myfitness pal does, or does it always do the calculating.
by Mammylam on 18 Jun 19 11:45 AM
Does fat secret have anywhere I can put in what I want my ratio's to be like fat, pro. carbs like myfitness pal does, or does it always do the calculating.
by Mammylam on 18 Jun 19 11:44 AM
How much CARB per day?
If you keto it is recommended to do 20 net carbs
by liv001 on 18 Jun 19 09:05 AM
new here, looking for support
Harriet... I think almost every one fasts now. It is easier for most that to strive to eat small meals.
by liv001 on 18 Jun 19 09:03 AM

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