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So happy that you're working on you! Everyone is so supportive here, you've definately come to the right place. I know you can do it and congrats on your work out!
by Cyrillia (submitted 8 years ago)
Egg Yokes
I am dieting and my husband is not. I eat a TON of egg whites. When separating my eggs, I put the yolks in a tupperware container with a tightly fitting lid, and store in the fridge. I add them to whole eggs I make my Husband for breakfast. Occasionally I find that I have more yolks than I can use in a safe amount of time, so I have an ice cube tray specifically for them. I place one yolk in each chamber and freeze them into little yolk cubes. When frozen solid I will place them in an airtight freezer bag. If I make a recipe that calls for egg yolks, I let a few cubes thaw in a bowl in the fridge. I have also used excess yolks in garden compost, (there are a ton of nutrients in egg yolks that can make a garden very hardy). I even hard boil eggs and will use the whites as a topping for salads and save the hardened yolks to crumble with whole hard boiled eggs to make egg salad for the Hubby. There are a ton of uses, and I hate wasting food!
by Cyrillia (submitted 10 years ago)
sugar craving at night
I just posted in my journal about homemade popsicles that have 0 calories. There are a ton of flavors to choose from and you can eat as many as you want until the sweet tooth goes away. You can read my journal entry for details.
by Cyrillia (submitted 10 years ago)
Favorite Song Lyrics - Take a few sentences or a paragraph of a favorite song and also give title
The fraggle rock theme song: "Dance your cares away, (clap, clap) worries for another day, Let the Fraggles play, (clap, clap) down at Fraggle Rock!"
by Cyrillia (submitted 10 years ago)
Favourite Films-Dare you to give a sentence review!
I have two... it kinda reflects my personality too! lol The sound of music always brightens my day and has me singing for weeks after and A clockwork orange makes me laugh at how random and cheezy some old school movie were.
by Cyrillia (submitted 10 years ago)
Just Joined the Fatsecret today. Looking for weightloss friends
Hi Mrs REJ, Welcome to fatsecret. I've been on here for a few years, (I get on the wagon, then fall off, pout a while and climb back on). I just climbed back on the fatsecret wagon again, hopefully I'll stick it out a little longer this time. :) I'd love a new friend!
by Cyrillia (submitted 10 years ago)
Word Association
by Cyrillia (submitted 10 years ago)
Word Association
by Cyrillia (submitted 10 years ago)
Word Association
puss (like puss in boots)
by Cyrillia (submitted 10 years ago)
I Hope This Helps Someone
[quote=Jayjaycakez]I jes realized I sent you that email.. and wondered why u didn't write back.. Now I see u did.. lol.. But I see what ur saying and I'm def gunna try 2 change things up.. I made pizza quiche the other day it was healthy and I enjoyed it.. Thanks for the advice.. :-)[/quote] That sounds great! I'm so glad you liked the advice! It means the world to me! I'm a huge fan of pizza so I made some alternatives too! 1. I found low cal tortillias and used that as my crust. After placing it in the oven to crisp up, I made a marinara sauce out of roma tomatos, onions, garlic, and spices. I used that as the pizza sauce. I topped it with sliced mushrooms, olives, turkey pepperoni and some soy cheese shreds. It was delicious and you can cut it up like a pizza or roll it up like a pizza wrap, (without toasting the tortillia first, of course!) 2. I found these things called sandwich thins at target. I chose the multigrain varitey and use them as a pizza crust to make mini pizzas! Same great pizza taste but in a low cal, portion controlled way.
by Cyrillia (submitted 10 years ago)
I Hope This Helps Someone
[quote=joanna604]What an inspiration! When I have cravings, I will try alternatives like you... Thanks for sharing. :)[/quote] And thank you, knowing I helped one person means the world to me!
by Cyrillia (submitted 10 years ago)
I Hope This Helps Someone
Thanks so much for responding. I'm glad I'm not alone in this, even though it feels that way sometimes. Tonight my husband was monstrously hungry and wanted taco bell. (We've been known to spend almost 40 bucks at taco bell and eat it all!) I usually get a crunchwrap supreme and a spicy chicken quesadilla and a taco. Today I ordered 1 taco off the fresco menu, (so as not to deprive myself of fast food. I mean, fast food is a part of life, right?) and came home, made a large salad out of lettuce, tomato, cucumber, a little bit of feta cheese, lemon juice and olive oil. I ate the salad first, then savored the taco afterwards. I'm stuffed and still got my taco bell! I'm snacking on dried cranberries for dessert. yum!
by Cyrillia (submitted 10 years ago)
I Hope This Helps Someone
P.S. If this does "click" with someone: If you ever need someone to brainstorm how to make a recipe healthier, feel free to ask me. I'm not a professional chef, but I'm a heck of an eater! :)
by Cyrillia (submitted 10 years ago)
I Hope This Helps Someone
I got an email today from a member asking about my success with being on a low calorie diet. I wanted to share my answer with all of you, but before I do, I'd like to tell you why. I haven't lost a ton of weight, but I'm still losing and I think I'm losing gradually this time because for once in my life, I'm losing weight the right way. Once this concept clicked in my head, it just all made sense! Weight loss, especially considering how much I have had to lose, is not a "diet" or a "trend" but it needs to be a lifestyle change. Yeah, I know we've all heard that thousands of times before, but really think about it... 1. How many of you that pay for prepared meals and/or suppliments, or even pay for diet snacks can really consider that a "lifestyle change"? Will you be doing that all your life? 2. Meetings, and starving your self, and crash diets? Is that going to happen for the rest of your life? It will, IF you dont make the "lifestyle change". When I think of lifestyle, I think of how I live my life, simple enough, right? The word change means making a difference. So Lifestyle change means making a difference in the way you live your life. DUH! Right, but keep with me here! Are you doing things right now to lose weight that are going to be something you do for the rest of your life? Maybe you've learned to eat healthier and get exercise in your life. If so, you dont need to read this any further, but if you are still doing fad diets, and diet pills, and god knows what else... Please keep reading. (Let me say here that I'm not writing the way I am because I think anyone out there is stupid. I'm writing this in a way that I would write to my past self, the one who just didn't "get it", so if anyone is the idiot here, it's me.) Ok, I don't want to deprive myself of my favorite foods for the rest of my life, so why would I do that now to lose weight? As soon as I start eating those foods again, I'll gain all that weight back! Here's where change comes in. Have your favorite foods! But make them healthier. Get creative in the kitchen and tweak your recipes so they are tasty AND Healthy. So, This whole rant started with an email. Just in case you forgot, The question I was asked was: 'How has the low cal diet been working for you? Are you having any success with it? I used to be able to eat whatever I wanted but I'm gained alot of weight in a very short amount of time.' ...And here was my reply: I've been doing the low cal diet since december of 2008. I think it's a great diet but I personally have a hard time sticking to things. Lately I stopped counting calories and just started making different lifestyle choices. I walk with a friend 3x a week, she's just as determined and fanatical about losing weight as I am. For some examples of what i do, read on: Yesterday I went to whole foods and found these noodles. They were packaged in a bag with some kind of liquid. I read the label and realized they were tofu noodles made to look similar to fetticini noodles. My husband is anti-anything healthy so last night, instead of using a canned or bottled tomato sauce, I chopped up 7 roma tomatos, 2 small cloves of garlic, and 1/2 of a yellow onion. I used some herbs like parsley and oregeno and let it cook in a pot on the stove until it turned into a marinara sauce. I drained, rinsed and heated up the tofu noodles and poured the marinara on top! Voila! Spaghetti! My husband loved it and I refuse to tell him it's tofu! I went through that whole story just to show that I wanted spaghetti, but did it in a healthier way. I could have used premade sauce full of who knows what and normal noodles full of carbs and gunk, but chose the healthy route. Tonight I make Burgers and fries. Also while at whole foods, I bought a box of frozen yellow fin tuna burgers and some sweet potatos. I made the burgers like a regular burger but without cheese or mayo. I even topped it with lettuce, tomato, and white onion. I cut the sweet potatos into fries and seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and olive oil and baked. I thought they came out great and kind of tasted like bar-b-que, but my hubby said they were sweet and he didnt like them. He's loyal to his normal fries. Anyway, I just try to eat whatever I'm in the mood for, but I try to invent healthier versions of it. This has been working for me lately because I'm still making positive changes to my normal eating habits, but it makes me feel like I'm not really on a diet. I've lost about 10 pounds since I stopped counting calories, so it's working so far. Sorry for the long, drawn out answer to your question, but I hope it helps! Have a great day!! OK, the point I'm making here is that you can still have whatever you want! Just be smart about your choices. My answer to that email showed you CAN still have pasta (heehee) or burgers and fries. These changes to my recipes are causing changes in my waist line! Good changes. Once again, I don't mean to offend anyone. I just wish that someone would have grabbed me and shook me years ago and told me this! I hope this "clicks" in someones head like it did in mine. I hope this helps someone. Love, Cyrillia
by Cyrillia (submitted 10 years ago)
Word Association
by Cyrillia (submitted 10 years ago)
I`m desperate. What should I do?
That seems a little harsh. I'm outraged that someone who is supposed to care about you would give you such an ultimatum. It just doesnt't feel right to me. I would seriously do some soul searching, I read your other post about losing your husband. I'm sorry for your loss. Could it be that this boyfriend is just a rebound relationship? Are you truley happy with a man who would make you feel so bad about yourself? I know a woman's heart will make her do whatever it wants, regardless of what others say, but you have to ask yourself, is this relationship healthy for you? Also, if you are going to lose weight, you have to do it for yourself, not for anyone else. I lost weight weight for a guy, then once I realized he was got good for me emotionally, I broke it off and gained all the weight back. If YOU have decided that losing weight is what YOU want, then I'd say to dump the creep, and concentrate on you. Imagine the look on his face when you run into him, lighter, happier, and healthier and say, "Oh, too bad you thought I was too fat! Look at me now loser!"
by Cyrillia (submitted 11 years ago)
Need to find others with over 100 pounds to lose...
I felt the same way, that I wanted to talk with others with goals like mine! I started the 100 club. Check it out under Groups!
by Cyrillia (submitted 11 years ago)
I Need A Strict Diet Buddy
Hi, I need a buddy cause I can't do this by myself. I need someone who will hold me accountable. I need to have a strict regemin of what to eat, i.e. For breakfast you can have this, Lunch is this and dinner is this. I need someone reliable and patient. Is this a hopeless request?
by Cyrillia (submitted 11 years ago)

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