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Not loosing fast enough!
If people have health problems, they need to listen to their doctor first. The goal for cardio should be at least 30 minutes and to make it count and not to eat extra calories. I have looked at the people on this site who have lost all their weight and who are maintaining. They have eaten a well balanced diet with food from all the food groups. We know the food that we should not eat on a daily basis and added sugar is one of them. We can cheat or treat ourselves if we try not to go over our calories and we do it once a week or not often.
by Charlotte_15 (submitted 2 years ago)
Not loosing fast enough!
Mariesparrow, if you're reducing your daily calories and you're not losing weight, I would try a couple of things. One would be to work at not eating after supper. It's not easy if this is a habit that you have. I usually start with replacing a snack with eating fruits or vegetables. It can take a few days to change a habit. I find that when I don't eat after supper I am not as hungry the next day. It is an appetite suppressant. The other would be to exercise but we need to make it count. For a person who is not used to exercising it would take some time for them to benefit from exercising. I have no idea about your fitness level. If you walk, your goal would be to one day be able to walk 4 miles per hour on a slight incline. We need to push ourselves and bring our heart rate up otherwise it does not count. We need to set goals. A flat stomach is achievable for any woman but the body fat needs to come down to a normal range and we need to tone the different core muscles. Three different exercises for the core with 30 reps is great. You start slowly if you're not used to doing exercise. If you have snow, go walk in the snow. Work up to walking one hour in the snow and I'm sure you will lose weight!
by Charlotte_15 (submitted 2 years ago)
Not loosing fast enough!
We learn that in the end no one is immune to gaining weight. I really believe in exercise as it has kept my weight down for long periods of time. I have been spending close to 2 hours a day outside in the winter snowshoeing and walking (partly in the snow) and I am amazed at what it has done to me. Remembering that we should weigh ourselves at least once a month or less and to adjust our calories in the case of inactivity should help us maintain an acceptable weight. I hope that your knee injury is not too serious and that it can heal. I used to jog 30 minutes a day and thought that I would never have problems because I was not overdoing it and then I hurt my knee (not through jogging). I didn't tear anything but could not exercise for a good 4 months! Good luck with the weight loss and persevere!
by Charlotte_15 (submitted 2 years ago)
Not loosing fast enough!
It's not true that you will lose one pound per day. You did manage to lose 10 pounds. Maintaining it at this point would be exceptional. You have to be very patient and keep dieting to lose the rest of the weight. They say that a person should lose 1% per week of their body weight to do it in a healthy way but that would also depend on whether they have very much to lose. The last 10 or more are harder. It takes patience and determination. If you didn't gain the weight in 30 days you won't lose it in 30 days. People reach plateaus at times where they don't lose for a few weeks. If they persevere and still diet and exercise eventually they will see a drop. Give yourself a few months. It's better to lose a pound every 2 weeks if that is your case then not to lose any at all. Don't give up!
by Charlotte_15 (submitted 2 years ago)
Struggling need some advice
How much effort do you put into your workout? How long does it take you to do the elliptical? You should research it and find out if you are moving fast enough or training hard enough. How about the weight training, can you feel it after 8 or 10 reps? I find that if I am doing something new it takes me a few weeks before I can get a workout from it. I work my way up to resistance or speed that is beneficial to me. My first weeks do not count at all. For instance if you walk, you should have a goal of walking one mile in 15 minutes and hopefully do at least 2 miles. They are goals and not something that everyone can do when they start. It`s difficult to tell with your calorie consumption but sometimes when people try to figure out how many they should have they consider themselves active. Most people aren`t even if we work out every day because the rest of the day we don`t move enough. I would say to try to lower the amount of sugar that you eat per day, mostly at the beginning the added sugar in food. Those are suggestions since as for all I know, you`re doing everything right! I believe in taking things slowly otherwise a huge calorie deficit would make us so hungry and too hard in the gym we would be too sore and not show up the next day but I also believe in reaching goals.
by Charlotte_15 (submitted 2 years ago)
Cholesterol and fat concerns
Very interesting question as I also wonder about all that meat and bacon! Unfortunately no one on the Keto diet has answered yet. Hopefully I can figure out how to follow as it would be nice to get answers. There is a doctor who talks about it: Perhaps some answers although I'm not advocating for this doctor since I am not an expert in anything! I only know what works for me and it's not the Keto diet!
by Charlotte_15 (submitted 2 years ago)
FatSecret Settings - Activity Level vs. Recorded Excercise
You are supposed to choose sedentary. I don't know if you put your mouse to the right of the 4 possibilities but it explained what they cover. It is meant for the type of work that you do only and not your activity level at other times. A very physical job would be very active even if they do not exercise at any other time.
by Charlotte_15 (submitted 4 years ago)

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