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Cheap Yoga Clothing?
I just got a yoga towel from and it was about $20 cheaper than going to Lucy or a specialty shop in the mall. And it is very nice. yogitoes is teh brand. I like to use amazon for shopping for stuff like that. Maybe you've already tried it though. Good luck!
by CalorieKiller (submitted 11 years ago)
GO Hillary!!!! (Sorry, Couldn't Resist!)
Ah...I know you're smart and willing to state your mind. (I can tell from your posts) so I have a fun question. What [i]would [/i]impress you?
by CalorieKiller (submitted 11 years ago)
GO Hillary!!!! (Sorry, Couldn't Resist!)
I'm sure I'll get flamed because this has NOTHING to do with dieting, but I can't help but invite my fatsecret friends share my joy that HRC won in New Hampshire yesterday. WOO HOO! Some of you know I've been working on her campaign, and am a strong, resolved supporter. That said, I'm also glad for John McCain. Now, if we can just make sure those two get thenominations in the Fall, we really will have someone good to vote for! Either way, it's time for NO MORE BUSHIT! :) Don't pile on me too bad...I'm just excited!
by CalorieKiller (submitted 11 years ago)
Share your 2007 Diet Progress & Accomplishments
I had my first child on December 28th, 2007. The highest weight I reached during my pregnancy was 278. Six weeks after my pregnancy, I was down (down?) to 232. Slowly but surely, bad food habits and lack of sleep and activity persisted me back up to 250. My ankles were so tender I couldn't balance to put on my shoes (or pants). I also fell twice with my newborn son. I was so stiff in the mornings I had to walk sideways down the stairs in my house. None of my shoes fit me, and my clothes--forget about it! I've had an engagement ring "stuck" on my finger for over a year. A lifelong runner, I couldn't run at all and had to start by walking. Around the end of July I started Jenny Craig. Since then, I've lost over 55 lbs. I'm over halfway done with my goal, and the difference in my life is hard to quanitify better than mundane examples. So here goes: My shoes fit again. So do many of my clothes, and some are loose. My ring still won't come off, but very soon... I can run for half an hour contiguously again, and do an hour of hot yoga, actually enjoying it. My ankles are now strong enough to balance at the airport (with a 24 lb baby in a bjorn) to replace one UGG while holding the other one after security checks:)
by CalorieKiller (submitted 11 years ago)
Annoyed, confused, I feel like a cow. (Sorry long rant)
I struggle with refusing things politely. Tonight we all went to dinner at a friend's house and I did very well eating a small portion of meat and vegetables and just focusing on conversation. It was a birthday celebration and when she brought out the cake we all sang and it was happy times. But while she was slicing it I snuck over to her and mentioned that I'd not be having any. She seemed deeply dissapointed by this. When she sat down she offered me a bite and I said no again. Then she passed me a tin of homemade cookies and I said no...AAAHHHHGGAAAAIN. She knows how hard I've worked and at some point I start to feel sort of offended that people are pushing food on me! I think in general making changes in your life--ESPECIALLY weight loss--are changes that test those around you as much as yourself. And your friendships. Some people will want you to stay exactly the same, and always be exactly the same. They'll want you to be their "eating buddy" and if you're not than they'll drift away. Reminds me of that news story recently talking about how most groups of friends are about the same size and shape as they are. There is a reason for this! Anyway, I think the social struggle of weight loss is the toughest part in many ways. There is always someone there to give you their opinion, tell you you look "fine" or you're overdoing it, blah blah blah. It is really just a great opportunity to follow your own mind, and develop your skills politely but firmly managng those around you. The good news is that once you start showing serious results people tend to mysteriously stop offering so much advice and tend to listen the first time you say NO. At least, usually they do!
by CalorieKiller (submitted 11 years ago)
Yes--Thanks very much to both captains for all the coordination and hard work. I think this contest was a very worthy effort and overall a big success! It definitely motivated me. And I am super happy for Kix for such tremendous results.
by CalorieKiller (submitted 11 years ago)
Your ideal weight
Setting my goal was tough. My sister and I are the same height (5-10) but she weighs 130lbs. She's beautiful but I feel like she's so thin that it tends to leave no room for age. Like, there is some benefit to having some sub-cutaneous fat layer and that is in the form of wrinkles. Anyway, I'm 5'10" and looking for something between 150 and 160. Mostly, I want a waist of 27 inches again and so whatever weight is required to get me there I'll be happy with. So far I've come down from 250 (an unprecedented high weight for me) and so imagining being 150 is bizzare. But, that's the weight I felt best at and looked fine. Also, it is well within healthy range for me so there you go.
by CalorieKiller (submitted 11 years ago)
Since starting my diet I...
Since starting my diet, I've... Lost 52 lbs in 4 months. And, without being miserable...most of the time :) Shed the resigned depression which accompanies shopping in the "plus size" department. Am able to fit into (and appreciate) the beauty of a size 12. Truly come to appreciate how well I felt and looked at 170lbs--though I used to feel like my world was caving in at that weight. It really is all so relative! Have gobs more energy throughout the day -- I can actually make plans and do stuff without feeling exhausted at just the "idea" of getting ready to go. Encouraged/supporteed 2 good friends to start the program as well. One has lost 33 lbs, the other has lost 15. Really started to understand and exert some mastery over emotionally driven food behaviors. And, like someone else mentioned, more control and forgiveness for slip ups.
by CalorieKiller (submitted 11 years ago)
Word Association
by CalorieKiller (submitted 11 years ago)
Other diets=yuck today
I'm all too happy to participate from the Jenny Craig battalion. And as far as waging war on diets, I'm equal opportunity and loathe them all pretty equally. I mean, who really loves restricting foods? Anyway, I don't know how maniacal I'm going to be around the holidays but that just makes me easy competition for the rest. Cheers
by CalorieKiller (submitted 11 years ago)
Word Association
Redundant Array of Independent Disks
by CalorieKiller (submitted 11 years ago)
Think about getting a heart rate monitor if one didn't come with your treadmill. This way, you'll be able to measure your exertion and it might be comforting if you're worried about over exerting yourself. You can use the following link to calculate your target heart rate: [url=]click here[/url] I also recommend using good, supportive shoes. Personally, I love to watch old episodes of Sex and the City when I'm on the treadmmill. Before I know it, I've been on for 30 minutes and the show is over. And in my experience, while exercise is very important for many reasons, it has all come down to the food behaviors. If I keep my calories to the right number, I lose whether I work out or not. I lose MORE when I work out. good luck!
by CalorieKiller (submitted 11 years ago)
Pictures in my posts
Also, if the pic you want isn't already online you can use and it even gives you the IMG source code and offers different sizing options.
by CalorieKiller (submitted 11 years ago)
user name and googling
The only way I know of is to select a unique username for this site.
by CalorieKiller (submitted 11 years ago)
See My Before/After Pics!
I think you mistakenly posted the same thing 3 times.
by CalorieKiller (submitted 11 years ago)
Having a plan is essential to avoid the one bite, two bite trap. Many people set goals for the holiday perdiod (Thanksgiving to New Years) to simply "maintain." I think that is a good strategy. But I'm still going to try to lose, though I've reduced my goal for the entire period to be losing 10lbs. The tactics I use for individualdays/meals is the following. 1. Plate Distribution: I keep carb and fat portions to 20% each on the plate (of total calories). The remainig 60% of the plate is for lean protein and vegetables. I don't measure, I estimate. 2. Alcohol: I choose between alcohol OR dessert. If I choose alcohol, it's limited to 2 drinks. If red wine is available I drink that because it is the best alcohol for it's antioxidant value. Even a tiny bit of booze stops my weiight loss for a couple days (and makes me hungry) so usually I opt for a small serving of dessert instead. And I never drink more than once a week. 3. What to drink: I notice a lot of gatherings people seem to forget about non-alcoholic options so I bring my beverages of choice (diet cherry coke or even bottled water). This way I always have something I can drink and I'm less tempted to grab what's available. 3. Mental: Visions the holidays mostly include a turkey with all the trimmings (or some sort of food). I've tried to re-associate in my head instead to focus on the people I will be seeing. I set an intention for the event to catch up as much as possibe with people I've not seen for a while, and really find out how things are going (not just chit chat). Games are also wonderful distractions. Before I know it, I'm not thinking about food.
by CalorieKiller (submitted 11 years ago)
What have you noticed since losing weight?
After two and a half months of yoga, yesterday was the first day I was able to do the movement where you're lying flat and you "reach for your toes" (basically, go into a situp from a lying flat on your back position). I amazed myself by doing it with the rest of the class. Before, I had just too much weight on my trunk to be able to do it, and too much back pain otherwise. After a year of nothing, I'm finally starting to notice gentlemen checking me out. Ok, mostly construction guys in our neighborhood development but it's a start! I also noticed I actually have a collar bone, I had to move my steering wheel closer in the car, and in case anyone wondered, yes, I can finally reach everything I'd like to shave. That's progress!
by CalorieKiller (submitted 11 years ago)
Oh of course! I was just joking and it was a jealously driven comment anyway! I'm just jonesin for a week like that! Most I've lost for several months is 3 lbs in a week. WAAHHHHHH! :)
by CalorieKiller (submitted 11 years ago)
What on earth? Black team, how did we lose? (or not lose?) WAAAH HAHHA HHA HHHA :?: I know I personally ate like Elvis (later years) at my friend's thanksgiving but I seem to be on track for losing tihs week just going so slow. I'm going to owe Lucybell a motherload of exercise it's taking so long to get under 200! But, slow and steady wins the race, right? Actually, not usually. lol. Good work from Team Blue (although I'd not mind seeing a picture verifying these phenomenal loss percentages!). The only way I could lose 7 lbs in a week is to cut off an arm. But that would be more like 30 lbs probably. Anyway, good luck to everyone this week. I'm on vacation so I can't make any promises -- I just hope to maintain! Cheers
by CalorieKiller (submitted 11 years ago)
Can running be taught?
[quote=huck180]I really believe some people are runners and some people are swimmers.[/quote] Well, I must be that wacky exception because I also love swimming! I was actually on a swim and dive team as a teenager and competed in events on both sides. I learned all the strokes and have continued to love to swim all throughout my adult years. But when I moved away from Arizona backyard pools were far less common and I don't "love" using a public pool for a variety of reasons. So now mostly I enjoy swimming in the open ocean, or in Lake Washington or Sammamish where I live.Cycling, however, is NOT my thing so I'd make a crappy triathlete.
by CalorieKiller (submitted 11 years ago)
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