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Refresh Diary between devices
Is there a way to refresh diary entries between devices? Whenever I input food from different devices (phone/tablet/browser) the other devices don’t get refreshed automatically and I have to manually ...
by pchoi94 on 03 Aug 20 09:32 PM
Diabetic type 1
I forgot about the nuts, I like them too.
by Grammiof7 on 03 Aug 20 06:42 PM
Type I Diabetes — Low-Carb Snacks
Avocado, black olives are about it that I know. If you take more protein than you use in a day, it gets stored as, you guessed it, FAT. Snacks are pretty much off limits. Your weight divided by 2.2 is ...
by rgfooote on 03 Aug 20 11:23 AM
...I broke the 200 lb barrier and am back in the hundreds. I lost 25 lbs since last August, sidetracked a bit by pandemic pounds, and hope to do the same for next August.
by Lucky Roja on 03 Aug 20 09:15 AM
When the going gets tough, the tough fast?
I had been a very strict keto Taliban for 3 years. I lost a lot of weight at the beginning, going back down from 110Kgs to 91kgs in 8 months, without cravings or anything. Well, I am a 51 y.o. guy who ...
by CamdenJayce on 03 Aug 20 03:06 AM
An Anti-Aging Diet for Your Skin??
Skin creams may help, but adding specific foods to your diet might be a more practical way to maintain a youthful appearance. By Linda Foster Medically reviewed by Stefan B. Craig, MA, MD Can you ac ...
by BeauJayce on 03 Aug 20 02:58 AM

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