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Paleo Diet
Thinking of checking into the Paleo Diet. Anyone out there have advice?
by Gma21215 on 04 Aug 20 08:26 AM
Hi, is anyone following the intermittent diet? :d
by MargoEngelbrecht on 04 Aug 20 06:51 AM
Sleeping / rest not showing in android app
Try disconnecting and performing the synchronization again
by Curt Norval on 04 Aug 20 04:36 AM
Refresh Diary between devices
Is there a way to refresh diary entries between devices? Whenever I input food from different devices (phone/tablet/browser) the other devices don’t get refreshed automatically and I have to manually ...
by pchoi94 on 03 Aug 20 09:32 PM
Diabetic type 1
I forgot about the nuts, I like them too.
by Grammiof7 on 03 Aug 20 06:42 PM
Type I Diabetes — Low-Carb Snacks
Avocado, black olives are about it that I know. If you take more protein than you use in a day, it gets stored as, you guessed it, FAT. Snacks are pretty much off limits. Your weight divided by 2.2 is ...
by rgfooote on 03 Aug 20 11:23 AM

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