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Starting Again
Hi. I've used IF and 5:2 several times over the last 6 years and had a fair amount of sucess but I have found that IF of any kind (including a 16:8 fast/eating period which is what it sounds like ...
by Amandajc59 on 12 Aug 20 02:46 AM
My Last 30 Pounds
Congrats on what you have done so far! I like goals like X weight by a certain holiday, because I can visualize myself enjoying the event at the more comfortable weight and how great it would feel. It ...
by Brentm77 on 11 Aug 20 03:14 PM
Fasted workouts?
I've recently started fasted workouts - it's been about a month now. I agree with liv001. I would only do it if it feels good. I use to have something liquid (8oz) before a workout since I was ...
by p$m on 11 Aug 20 10:54 AM
Depression, Thyroid, Non-Insurance
Hi, Alisha. I suffer from both hypothyroidism, depression, and anxiety. You should be able to find medical care that is on a sliding scale, based on income. That way, you pay what you can and do not go ...
by Pcbaulch on 10 Aug 20 04:48 PM
Health – Weight Loss
Congratulations on getting yourself back!
by Pcbaulch on 10 Aug 20 04:24 PM
Weight loss
To other people, I say, "Now, let's discuss your body composition." No one seems to like that, but it shuts them up real quick.
by Pcbaulch on 10 Aug 20 04:21 PM

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