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Keto - Diet plan
Can you google. Many good sites with good suggestions and ideas out there. The basic is to reduce carb foods drastically. You should start by only doing 20 net carbs (carbs minus fiber) That is the ...
by liv001 on 17 Jul 19 10:42 AM
what is your goal weight, 5'3 and 5'4 ladies?
i'm 5'2" and my weight goal is 110 lbs.
by Julicious on 16 Jul 19 09:06 PM
me too
by Janett Cotton on 16 Jul 19 12:43 PM
noom vs fatsecret
I can't tell you how delighted i am to have found FatSecret. I did Noom's trial, and it was going to cost over $350 for a year. The real life support was rarely there, and our food index and ease ...
by krazykat2 on 16 Jul 19 09:57 AM
Rewarding yourself
^^^ There seems to be a trend with people who are successful for years. Flexible dieting. You can only deprive yourself so long all while telling yourself you love it until your motivation wanes and you ...
by Diablo360x on 15 Jul 19 11:28 PM
Daily weights
I do regularly. As much as daily but I don't really worry if I skip. I just watch for the trend up or down depending on my goal at the time.
by mrfancypants on 15 Jul 19 11:02 AM

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by member ladydawny
Not been following this at all, need a low carb diet but not so sure this one is right for me.
05 Oct 18 for diet Atkins
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