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weight loss
I've lost 22lbs since April 10th, down from 193 to 171!My ideal weight for my body size and height is about 165 lbs. That's going to be almost impossible to reach since I'm taking some time off from a pretty physical job to getting my welding cet. (pertains to my work) We'll see how this works out! Yard work is slowly winding down.
by timg1508 (submitted 3 months ago)
yard work
Working my ASS off cleaning up my moms yard! 4 hrs today mowing, trimming trees, hedge trimmer, weed wacker, etc. More to come! Gardening,(red pepper plants aren't doing too good, never had that problem B4) Radishes grew like they were irradiated!
by timg1508 (submitted 4 months ago)
digital scales
3 different digital scales read 3 different weights! The 2 at home are a lb. off, 179lbs. and 178 lbs., and the one at the gym is 177.5 lbs! I'll go w/ the higher reading! No short-cuts!
by timg1508 (submitted 4 months ago)
weight loss plateu
I started dieting about 8 mo. ago when I hit an all time high of 201 lbs. Wow. Never thought it would happen and got really pissed. The first 15 lbs. were pretty easy, all fat from not enough excersizing- between jobs as an industrial mechanic; a fairly physical job. Now I'm at 180 lbs, and I don't see how I'm going to lose the next 10 lbs, I'm pretty much doing everything I can, excersizing and working and dieting. Damm! Would like to fit in my wetsuit by the end of July without lookin pregnant! We'll see what happens!
by timg1508 (submitted 5 months ago)
I started working in a restaurant in Glen Ellyn, Reserve 22, and never have had that experience before (I'm an industrial mechanic), I'm amazed at how the kitchen staff, buss boys, runners etc. are all constantly eating food from the line! I'm trying not to get into that habit, but the food there is pretty good! And expensive! I have lost about 10 lbs, since I started my challenge tho.!
by timg1508 (submitted 6 months ago)
weight loss
down to 184 from my start of 191- intermittent fasting and healthy eating, and a new job. Very fast paced! Pretty tired today, but- work is work! Started my diet when I hit 201 lbs, never weighed that much before- wrestled at 120 lbs in high school! ( a long time ago!)
by timg1508 (submitted 6 months ago)
damn -gaining a few pounds again!
damn, gaining a few lbs again; not much, + 3# then -3lbs over a week- stress and not enough commitment! Really want to lose 10# by the end of July for aa dive vacation- my shorty dive suit is a little tight! Might have to dive in the stand-by cargo shorts and t-shirt! Hey, 190 # isn't that bad! (I'm hoping!) Anyone want to go to Cozumel in late July? Must have Open Water Certification!
by timg1508 (submitted 7 months ago)
feeling healthy!
Hi guys- I've only been journaling my diet for about a month now- mostly because my blood glucose level has been a little high,(and 25 lbs. over-weight) but I have to say I can feel a big difference in my physical and mental health and attitude! Maybe some of it is psychological, but I have lost 11 lbs. since my heaviest (201), now at 188.5! I rreally like this web-page and all the comments, and the pics some of you post! Thanks a lot everybody, I'm here to stay!
by timg1508 (submitted 8 months ago)

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Not been following this at all, need a low carb diet but not so sure this one is right for me.
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