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Two times a day workout
I've considered that in the past, but haven't done, mainly because of the time commitment! But I often find that I have less energy than I'd like for my lifting after I've done cardio, so my guess is that you would get better workouts!! My only thought is that you might consider doing it the other way around .. cardio in the morning and weights in the afternoon. The reason I think that might be better (and I am no expert .. would like to hear what others think) is that the cardio workout would effectively deplete your blood sugar levels and put you in "fat burning" mode until your next meal, and also probably rev you up for the day's activities. But, like I said, I have no real scientific basis for this. Let us know how it works! And Good Luck!!
by rhills (submitted a year ago)
New to Navigating the site
Yeah .. at first it can be a bit difficult ... and, to make matters even more confusing, the interface on the mobile app is significantly different in many respects. Feel free to post questions .. it's likely that someone here has figured out whatever it is you are looking to do. GOOD LUCK
by rhills (submitted a year ago)
"Recently Eaten" for breakfast constantly shows an error.
I haven't seen that problem .. but you might try logging out and logging back in. Sometimes that fixes some things. If that doesn't work, you could try sending a message for technical help to the support team .. I've found them to be quite responsive in the past. You'll find a link to "contact" at the bottom of any page on the website .. not sure where to find it on the mobile app but it's probably there somewhere!
by rhills (submitted a year ago)
YAY!!! It feels great, doesn't it?
by rhills (submitted a year ago)
Seeking High Protien low carb advice
I haven't studied Atkins or Keto, but based on my experience and reading about general nutritional guidelines, I would guess that the type of carbs you eat is more important than the number of grams a day. I got good results by excluding nearly all refined carbs and high starch foods (bread, pasta, potatoes, etc) and good carbs that have a very high calorie density (like beans), but I eat plenty of vegetables (mostly green), and aim for 45-50% protein and 20-30% carbs, which comes out to 50 or so grams of carbs. The only way I can see to get to something closer to 20 grams would be to increase healthy fats .. which I gather is a cornerstone of Keto and I guess Atkins as well. But then fiber would tank and that would lead to other problems for me. And I think I would be too hungry. I guess what I'm trying to say is that you should chose a healthy/nutritional way of eating that works for you and maintain a good calorie deficit, rather than committing to a highly proscriptive plan, especially one that you find impossible to follow. But there are many Keto/Atkins followers on this site who have also had great results, so they might have some better advice for you. GOOD LUCK
by rhills (submitted a year ago)
Activity Level
On the website, go to where you record your weight and select "re-calculate my RDI". On the website, it is on a list to the right .. on the mobile app, click on the little target icon in the upper right. Hope this helps!
by rhills (submitted a year ago)
Welcome to FS and good luck! A pretty simple strategy worked for me: (1) Eliminating (or greatly reducing) starches and refined carbohydrates (sugar, bread, pasta, potatoes) and processed foods, (2) Choosing lean proteins and vegetables (mostly green) for the bulk of what I eat, (3) Adding only a little fat when cooking, (4) Using FS to plan it advance (I agree that that is really a key!!) and to track calories and balance protein, carb, fat, with an eye also on fiber and salt, (5) Trying to get in a fair amount of moderate intensity exercise like walking. As you use this app more, it will become easier to enter foods by selecting from the "most eaten" or "recently eaten" lists. And to re-iterate what Butterfliesrfree said, come here often to read, ask, and participate! GOOD LUCK
by rhills (submitted a year ago)
Net calories (gain weight)
Just to expand a bit on Diabolo's comment, I have come to think that it makes more sense to focus on body fat percentage rather than weight, and there are some reasonably priced home scales that provide an estimate of BFP. You might consider trying to increase lean muscle mass as a companion strategy. You don't need to join a gym and get a personal trainer (although that might be a great idea and motivator if you are so inclined) ..there are lots of things you can do at home and videos. Good Luck!!
by rhills (submitted a year ago)
How to add food items to favorites list
I haven't seen a way to do this. The "recently eaten" and "most eaten" lists are a big help.
by rhills (submitted a year ago)
printing my past food intake
On the mobile app you can view a list of what you have eaten this week or last week (click on reports on the bottom of the display) but I don't see a way to export or print it. On the website, I don't even see a way to view the list. Some of the differences in functionality and user-interface between the two seem really odd to me, but .. so it goes! If you want to send a question or make a suggestion to FS, you might use the "technical help" feature on the website .. I have gotten quick responses in the past.
by rhills (submitted a year ago)
Multiple users on the same computer
Great idea! Thanks! (And also to Gary who made similar suggestion in a message).
by rhills (submitted a year ago)
Multiple users on the same computer
My wife is going to start using FS, and I'm trying to figure out how to switch users easily on the FS site. Up till now, I've stayed logged in, so whenever I go to the site, it's me. With two users, is it going to be necessary to sign out and sign back in each time .. or is there a way to keep us both logged in? Obviously its not a problem with the mobile app since she will have her own copy of the app, but how about the site? We have more than one computer around here, so worst case is that she could stay logged in on one and me on another .. but they are in different rooms, and it would be nice if we could both be using the same machine. I see no way to do it, but there must be other "multi user" households, and I wonder if anyone has figured something out. bob
by rhills (submitted a year ago)
Actually, the app will only re-calculate your RDI when you tell it to, but it will use your current weight (and any other changes you made .. like your declared activity level). On the website, you do that from the page where you would record a weight entry (on the right side of the screen under "my diet"). On the mobile app, on the "Reports" screen, in the upper right hand corner there is something that looks like a target .. click that. Hope this helps.
by rhills (submitted a year ago)
user ID
Huh? You should be able to log in with the same userid and pw. I have no idea what's going on, but you could try removing the mobile app from your phone and re-installing it.
by rhills (submitted a year ago)
New Member
Welcome to FS and good luck! If you have any questions or specific advice, post away! Personally, I think that walking is a great way to improve your fitness .. walk with a friend or listen to your favorite music or podcasts and just enjoy the time.
by rhills (submitted a year ago)
Exercise values
When you log your exercise, you can see "pure exercise" calories burned versus "sleeping and resting" (and note that when you log an hour of exercise, FS reduces your resting by 1 hour). Also, if you select "list view" on the website, you will see a log of the last 3 weeks or so which shows daily "exercise calories" over time. Calorie DEFICIT is, of course, the big deal w/r/t weight los, and your sleeping/resting time accounts for a huge % of the calories you burn in a day, so you really need to include it in the deficit tracking. Hope this was helpful!
by rhills (submitted a year ago)
Delete rest
In the exercise journal, FS defaults to 24 hours of sleep + rest. You can change the sleep time, but not the 24 hours. When you enter an exercise, FS subtracts the time from "rest" .. which strikes me as the right thing to do. Personally, I only enter "real" exercise at the gym .. so the deficit it shows me assumes that I am "resting" the rest of the time .. and that's fine with me! Note that it shows you the calories you burn from the activities you enter .. but when it calculates your deficit, it includes what it assumes you are burning for the rest of the day.
by rhills (submitted a year ago)
Net Cal calculation
The 1800 number that FS uses for 24 hours of sleep + rest translates roughly into your basal metabolic rate (BMR) = what your body burns staying alive (based on your age, sex, and weight). As far as I know, you cannot edit it, but you can get another estimate of your BMR online using a calculator such as that available on (Well, you can adjust your sleep hours, which makes a difference.) When you enter an activity in the exercise journal, it subtracts a corresponding number of hours of "resting" and then calculates total calories you burn by adding the exercise/activity calories to the sleep/rest calories, and then shows your calorie deficit (on the website .. but not on the mobile app for some strange reason). As far as I know, it doesn't show a deficit unless you add something in to the exercise part (which I always thought was weird). Traditional wisdom/rule of thumb is that you need 3500 calorie deficit (500/day) to lose 1 lb in a week. The RDI it gives you uses your declared activity level instead of the exercise data, and sets a value which is about 500 cal/day less than what it thinks you burn in your average daily activities + sleep/rest (if you said you to lose 1 lb/week). If you are manually calculating your deficit by subtracting the sleep/rest number from the calories you eat, then you would be UNDERESTIMATING the deficit because you haven't taken into account the additional calories you burn in your daily activities. All of these are just overly generalized gross approximations .. everyone is different .. but I find that it is useful/informative to track my deficit. Don't know if this answers your question? GOOD LUCK
by rhills (submitted a year ago)
Calories and items barcode are incorrect in the app. How do I edit?
I don't know about bar codes in this app, but you can edit an item in the database by clicking on it (to show all of the detailed nutritional info) .. and you will see a link to edit it in tiny letters underneath the food label. Hope this helps!
by rhills (submitted a year ago)
On the website, when you enter activities in the exercise log, FS will show you it's calculated deficit on your home page beneath where it shows calories burned. On the mobile app, you need to calculate it yourself (as far as I can tell .. one of the strange differences between the two).
by rhills (submitted a year ago)
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Too much food.
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Home Exercise
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