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Fitbit sync successful but...
I can't get mine to sync so you are ahead of me.
by abbadabba (submitted 6 hours ago)
I plan what to eat, and if some temptation gets in my way, I make a substitute in the plan and add what I like and take out the other. I want nmy life to be about a healthier future not about denial. No food is off limits for me. Log it,. Recalculate. Move on.
by abbadabba (submitted 3 days ago)
I need advice
I agree about the vegetables - 5 to 8 cups of vegetables a day would fill you up and give you vitamins. I think the carnivore mode just comes from the high fat content of the meat you are eating - you are craving the tasty fat more than the actual meat (in my humble opinion)
by abbadabba (submitted a week ago)
Banting diet not working
Hang in there. Are you weighing your food and really tracking everything you are eating? I was not losing weight and finally realized that I had "forgotten" to log the snacks I was having just before bed.
by abbadabba (submitted 2 weeks ago)
Recovering from a brain tumour operation
Good Luck!
by abbadabba (submitted 3 weeks ago)
Hello Everyone!
Are you accepting followers? I sent you a request
by abbadabba (submitted 3 weeks ago)
I don't think there's a limit. Not sure why you can't follow more people
by abbadabba (submitted 3 weeks ago)
PS your journal doesn't allow comments which is a setting you would have to change if you want people to write to your journal
by abbadabba (submitted 3 weeks ago)
I understand completely. It is hard to give up a life that you thought made you happy until that day you realize you have been killing yourself overeating. I am lucky in that I have found many friends who are on a healthier path so we can help each other. I joined a gym with my friend, and go out dancing two or three days a week. I also went to the weight watchers groups for a while which put my situation in perspective. The leaders have all lost weight and kept it off while eating well. I recommend that you get out and find tribe to belong to. Good luck!
by abbadabba (submitted 3 weeks ago)
BODY FAT PERCENTAGE? Correlation to wt. loss?
I know some people have scales that will measure close to the correct fat percentage, but also, my gym will do pinch measurements and use a chart to calculate a good approximation of the bodyfat percentage. I have a scale that measures BF but it seems to say 35% no matter what I weigh.
by abbadabba (submitted 4 weeks ago)
BODY FAT PERCENTAGE? Correlation to wt. loss?
Body fat measurement can help you understand whether you are losing fat or muscle. We usually drop both in an overall weight loss plan, but it does not indicate how difficult it is to lose the weight in the first place. Some bodybuilders are in the "overweight" BMI category but are actually mostly muscle mass and bone with a low bodyfat percentage - they track so they can have something relevant to track, not just weight.
by abbadabba (submitted 4 weeks ago)
If you go to the exercise page, you click on "add an exercise" and then click on the left side "custom exercise" and you put in your own label and calorie count, not from the drop-down. You should be able to put in your own calorie count and get the net on your diet calendar for a Calorie in, Calorie out net per day.
by abbadabba (submitted a month ago)
How do I see old entries?
You go to the food page and click on "print" and the options are there for daily, weekly or monthly summaries
by abbadabba (submitted a month ago)
How do I see old entries?
There isn't one that can be done on the screen, however you can download pdf from months that will summarize the calories and average them per day
by abbadabba (submitted a month ago)
custom recipes and portion divisions
I don't use the app but the desktop version has a feature called My Cookbook that does the summing and division
by abbadabba (submitted 3 months ago)
Can you get some small weights and start lifting weights? Muscle burns calories while we are sitting so that could be a little extra for you.
by abbadabba (submitted 3 months ago)
Tuna chopped with pickles
by abbadabba (submitted 5 months ago)
Can anyone name a good high protein
Most have the aspartame in them so I haven't found one yet
by abbadabba (submitted 6 months ago)
losing 45 lbs
You would have to lose about 2 pounds a week. It can be done - you really need to eat well and exercise every day. So, walk 5 miles a day burning 500 calories, and then also cut down what you eat by 500 calories a day. Losing that much in 5 months takes discipline but I have seen it done. Good Luck!
by abbadabba (submitted 7 months ago)
Struggling to FIND Fat (that isn't some strange purchase)
mayo on cabbage, or sautee in butter or bacon grease. Heavy cream in coffee, or in carrot soup.
by abbadabba (submitted 10 months ago)
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Fitbit sync successful but...
I can't get mine to sync so you are ahead of me.
by abbadabba on 21 Nov 19 02:16 PM
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Calories burned
calories in calories out doe's not work. I must know I have lost over 100 lbs without counting calories
by ourcupoftea on 20 Nov 19 05:32 PM

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Not been following this at all, need a low carb diet but not so sure this one is right for me.
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