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Why does everyone think eating loads of protein is good for you?
Who is surely? Lower BP through exercise or meds. Diet balanced or meds. High protein(what is high exactly?!?) or meds. Hmmm. . . .I am noticing a trend here....and yes, in order to eat like a k-e-t-o-e-r you'd probably need fat in your diet more so then carbohydrates and proteins. Then again. . .
by Terrapin12 (submitted 6 months ago)
Tracking Steps- a simple message
Would you like a link to someone who knows how this stuff works? You may very well find what you think is important isn't in the big/grand scheme of things.
by Terrapin12 (submitted 7 months ago)
You can rent them: 1-800-CALL-LEO. If a a mid 50's Vietnamese man comes to your door....that is my buddy.
by Terrapin12 (submitted 7 months ago)
I used the word Paleo the other day. I seem to be fine. I don't have a friend named Leo who drinks very often If I was drinking, I could drink with my Pal-Leo. I mean it is better then drinking alone.
by Terrapin12 (submitted 7 months ago)
[quote=Dee_T]Correct, weight loss is comparable after a long-time, but more important things like blood-pressure, blood-sugar, HDL & Triglycerides are much better on low-carb than anything that restricts fat. [/quote] So, what is considered low-carb? Less then what percent of MACROS? Less then 35%? Less then 25%? You're indicating not to restrict fat so how much can someone consume to get these results? Is 50% fat intake adequate togged the results you cite?
by Terrapin12 (submitted 7 months ago)
New Study suggests a metabolic advantage for low carb diet
Dr Ludwig(professional book seller) East Coast---Book Always Hungry, 300+ pages, do not buy just remember the phrase "Eat more nutrient rich foods most of your meals" savings $28. Dr Lustig (professional something something) West Coast--childhood obesity expert, worth a listen, but not too long. Dr. Meisterberger(professional chiropractor, You Tube dunderhead). Kevin Hall, broke up the love fest at NuSi. Do we have the players in their proper positions? Cool. Read the link, found nothing new. We have time for one more caller....PS---we have competing concepts with a difference in compliance and adherence.
by Terrapin12 (submitted 11 months ago)
Start with the basics. Your largest caloric day you consumed 2106 calories. According to FS numbers you had 141 grams of fat; 12 grams of carbs and 105 grams of protein. When we calculate these numbers to get a total we get 1,737 calories. So 2106 doesn't equal 1737. Hmmmm....ask yourself this question: How many grams of protein and fat are in alcohol? Once you understand alcohol consumption is probably something to avoid when reaching for ketosis then you can start to move toward ketosis. Protein amounts are a topic for another day. PS--state of ketosis isn't found by the color of a urine strip. PS--not k-e-t-o peep, not a zealot, just somebody who understands what is and isn't important to this diet.
by Terrapin12 (submitted a year ago)
Question about varying nutrition information
I find the largest variances in meat cuts or options for meat selections. Example "ham" 3rd option is Ham (whole, cured, roasted) 118 grams in weight is 287 calories. Kunzler ham same weight (118 grams) is 140 calories. Chicken breast is another fun selection. The site may be run by vegans or folks dead set in making counting as cumbersome as possible. Seriously though, double-check entries with multiple sites if you can and then make note of which entries are the most accurate.
by Terrapin12 (submitted a year ago)
Informative: The Pros and Cons of Ketogenic Diet
Are you the blogger who wrote this? If not, why did you copy and paste a portion of the blog?
by Terrapin12 (submitted a year ago)
Do low calories really slow metabolism?
Less calories and slowing of metabolism.....yes. Permanent....only if you reach room temperature. relative and tough to measure so depending on the Woo peddler they may have you believe damage and doom but simply put less fuel (calories) = a slowing metabolism but not a damaged or 'permanently damaged' unless someone is selling a book or a diet plan.
by Terrapin12 (submitted a year ago)
Cabbage soup diet, or whatever it takes!
OP--posted this about 7 years ago and the responders have left FS. Is anyone doing this diet? Bueller??
by Terrapin12 (submitted a year ago)
Help Please RE: "Consuming more than burning"
Are you accounting for all activity or just exercise? Our bodies are burning calories 24/7. IDK it seems a likely culprit.
by Terrapin12 (submitted a year ago)
I still enjoy this story; lowered cholesterol, figured out it isn't where you eat but it is what you eat. This teacher has the data to support his journey/WOE/change/accomplishment and heck, the kiddos learned something along the way. Who knew?
by Terrapin12 (submitted a year ago)
Advice on High-Protein/Low Carb for Muscle Gain
Is anything holding you back in terms of goals and diet? Well, 50-70 grams of protein a day with a caloric max (according to your numbers above) would make it difficult to grow/expand muscle. As for glute toning you may want to research Bret Contreras (the glute guy) some interesting workout options and some silly videos on the interwebz. What is 'intense' in terms of a workout 4 to 5 days a week may lead to some answers, then again, IDK. What is intense for you? Last, take pictures of yourself, and truly for your own validation. Front pic, side body view, and if possible a back shot. A swim suit if possible and a location you can repeat the shot at monthly intervals. Your eye will be a pretty fair indicator of progress and a tape measure as a backup to confirm what your eye sees.
by Terrapin12 (submitted a year ago)
Had My Socks Blown Off - Rookie Mistake
[quote=cindyroberts]I just started my healthy eating challenge. My socks were blown off yesterday. I ordered spinach artichoke dip at Applebee's.....yikes. Wow, research is priceless. The appetizer cost me 1000 calories. I made up for it by walking my tail off yesterday afternoon but was so aggravated. [b]Lesson Learned.[/b][/quote] genius has a copy cat recipe for this dip. 3 types of cheese, artichokes, spinach, roasted garlic alfredo sauce, and of course, pepper is optional. Did you find those socks yet?!? A serving on FS shows just over 1500 calories for a serving. Maybe over the holidays a little experiment is in order. BTW, most socks reappear inside clothing after a dryer run but everyone is unique so best of luck on your quest to find those suckers.:roll:
by Terrapin12 (submitted a year ago)
Google fit preventing sleep
Is the removal actually the accounting for your resting metabolic rate per hour? Your RMR or BMR? Some devices and apps account for an individual's BMR or RMR depending on data entered and some do not. Could this be the case with Google fit?
by Terrapin12 (submitted a year ago)
Better integration with Google Fit
Google fit pulls information from multiple devices so maybe some devices account for BMR and some do not. I have seem widely inaccurate measurements from devices and sites so accuracy may simply depend on user and knowledge base. Some sites will give you METS as a measurement and some will use a calorie calculator as a general guide. I'm not sure you could merge Google Fit and fatsecret.
by Terrapin12 (submitted a year ago)
Keto is no different than any other caloric deficit diet for fat loss and inferior for those that ex
What an interesting thread; took a little time to review the Dr Berg link and how body types and location of fat deposits can indicate the 'internal issue'. In my head "Can I spot reduce where I lose fat?" Most people can agree the answer is no. So, how can a doctor disagree with this premise by giving you a starting point like Dr Berg does? So, a little research. Things I reviewed Constitutional psychology, theory, Dr Sheldon>1940's> associate somatype (echo endo meso) with human tempermant. See Sheldon/Hooton>anthropology>size and shape of a body indicated intelligence, moral worth or achievement. Ask myself "What makes a Charlatan?". See Dr Berg's medical background, work history, list of achievements. Also, review the origin of body types and/or classifications: named after germ layers of embryonic development. So, for me, and since we are ALL unique, it is MHO. Dr Berg has taken a widely debunked theory, pushed another non-measureable concept, namely a fat deposit as the result of some organ's response or lack therein, merge them into a BS(not Bachelor of Science) location, uses alternative medicine concepts which have been questioned, some debunked and some non-proven successful or not and made a career of it. Question for folks: How many kids go to college seeking their ultimate educational achievement to be a chiropractor? Another question: What do Mark Sisson of (Mark's Daily Apple/Primal Blueprint/Paleo for Life<okay, the last one I threw in for sharts and goggles>)and Dr Berg have in common? (hint hint) see previous question. Last question: Why do so many 'experts' with theories and or front men for products have a background as a stand up comedian or doctor of chiropractory? IDK. In terms of diet, find what works. I am currently NOMADing; 2400 cals a day, several meals, bok choy (I am not endorsing/condoning/making a declarative statement of one food source or type or genetic make-up or pick something to argue about) loving my way to the next couple of pounds leaving me...for good...for ever.....for all time!!!
by Terrapin12 (submitted a year ago)
Vitamin K
Fairly large gap of DV between kale and lettuce. I fouend a list of 20+ foods and servings sizes which really narrows a diet down and is very limiting. Some examples of %DV with higher or comparable amount of Vit K to lettuce are: 1/2 C of figs (dried); 1/2 C of grapes; 1/2 C of blueberries: 1/2 C of raw okra; 1/2 C of canned pumpkin; 1 TBSP of Soybean Oil; 2 TBSP of canola oil; carrot juice pom juice (missing amounts) 1/2 pound of ground beef; 1/2 pound of ham. The list is longer but you get the idea. Most beans are pretty far down the list but the list is far more extensive then leafy greens, beans, and lettuce. OP (Moondance68) if stroke is the primary issue a registered dietician would make the most sense in terms of diet.
by Terrapin12 (submitted 2 years ago)
What is Your Favorite Cauliflower Recipes
Cauliflower tots. The whole family will eat them. Allrecipes website is a good one.
by Terrapin12 (submitted 2 years ago)

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