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Caloric intake question...
[quote=immort777]Might be ok for you. What FS tells me is definitely wrong for me. It tells me 1600Kcal, which is BS. I need around 1200Kcal to lose weight. But eh, try it out. If you don't lose, reduce the caloric intake until you do.[/quote] To be honest if I wasn't doing the exercise that im doing it would be totally different. You either eat less or increase the calorie burn per day if your not loosing weight. Also a critical thing that some dont want to commit to is zero alcohol (all alcohol will turn to fat, so for the drinkers out there , dont kid yourself) and eat clean foods. [b]If your serious about loosing weight and you dont have any medical issues, eat less, exercise more and dont drink alcohol, and I give you my word you will loose weight and stay healthy[/b]
by Dougie63 (submitted 6 months ago)
Caloric intake question...
I was 115kg 250+lbs, I have kept a to a 1800 to 2200 cals per day intake with approximately 1400 cal burn on exercise daily. This sees me loose the kgs fairly consistantly, but im not saying its easy as my method is hard work but with great results.
by Dougie63 (submitted 6 months ago)
Listing fav foods
As you start adding your daily foods, it will be saved and it will be easy to add them again in the future days/weeks/months. Good luck on your weight goals :)
by Dougie63 (submitted 6 months ago)
Lost: 23 Pounds!
You go girl!!!
by Dougie63 (submitted 6 months ago)
Hi my name is Moustrap80
Just one day at a time mousetrap80
by Dougie63 (submitted 6 months ago)
Gidday Jean, lets hope that we can all reach our goals in 2019. Heres to a successful year and a healthy year
by Dougie63 (submitted 7 months ago)
getting on track
[quote=michaellalande]:) :) I had a rough time with my weight and health problems.My g.p. sent to a new young diabetic dr.who put me on 2 other insulins and changed my diet a bit and i feel better now 12lbs less than i was.What a good feeling,still got a 100lbsto go wish me luck.All the best to you all michael[/quote] Hi Michael, do you have a progressive plan. 12 kilos is great but from here I feel that you need to set an plan to move forward with, baby steps on life changes are best I feel.
by Dougie63 (submitted 7 months ago)
New Here
[quote=liv001]Welcome Dougie. Sounds like you have a plan[/quote] Yes I have a plan and an agenda, the hardest part is that i spend 2 weeks every month on the road doing long hours (12 to 14 hour days),and doing this its hard to eat healthy, i do have a fridge in truck, which helps. Anyhow it might be a bit of push and pull but im determined to win this battle!
by Dougie63 (submitted 7 months ago)
New Here
Hi all, im new here aswell, im no stranger to working hard at the gym to lose weight, about 8 years ago i was 85kg now im 109kg (3 months ago i was 115kg), any how my history is ive been an interstate truck driver for the last 6 years...and bang there was where the weight accumulation begun, bad habits and rubbish intake. Any how 3 months ago I stopped most processed sugars (but continued to drink beer regularly.... a daily event) this saw 3 kilos drop off, but that was the end of the road. 1 week ago i decided to stop the alcohol for 6 months with a change of diet to run on a healthy carb deficit. Also im doing 40 minutes hill riding on a life bike morning and night, this should keep up the muscle along with my work routine moving furniture on and off of a truck when not driving from state to state. I apolagise for hijacking your thread Eleanor Riley and i wish you well with your goal, just remember if you fall off of the bike today you can jump right back on tomorrow and restart where you left off. :)
by Dougie63 (submitted 7 months ago)

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Calendar start day
Would love that as well. Sunday is my weigh in day
by mizteri on 25 Aug 19 11:30 AM
Well, many years ago, I was you. I hated exercising and when I "tried" I didn't last long. I HATED sweating, I HATED running, I kind of liked yoga but didn't really want to do it ser ...
by immort777 on 25 Aug 19 09:54 AM
Metrics for some common measurements and body fat percentage?
Hi! Thanks for this great service - it helps me so much to journal my eating habits with rigour and your site makes it easy. On the weight tracking side, however, I also track a few of my measurements ...
by leyso on 24 Aug 19 05:58 AM
what is your goal weight, 5'3 and 5'4 ladies?
I'm 5'4, CW: 133 & GW: 120
by vspore on 24 Aug 19 12:21 AM
Water Retention
Eat foods that will help with easing water retention. I know cucumbers and leeks are two natural diuretics Be sure to drink water that keeps your electrolytes in balance, (Smart water, Core, etc.) You ...
by JavaMom on 23 Aug 19 10:55 AM
How is it possible
He he It is Stephen Fry and I would love to know the story
by chippyite on 23 Aug 19 10:15 AM

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by member ladydawny
Not been following this at all, need a low carb diet but not so sure this one is right for me.
05 Oct 18 for diet Atkins
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