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upping protein
Premier protein shakes or protein bars. Cholesterol is healthy in moderation. Is your doctor advising you to watch your intake?
by Diablo360x (submitted a day ago)
800 calories
1. You're not averaging 800 calories a day if you're not losing. 2. There is no starvation mode.
by Diablo360x (submitted 2 months ago)
intermittent fasting
[quote=delciepace]What are you hoping to accomplish with it? I find I feel much better when I practice it. I stop eating 2 hours before I go to bed because I have found that I wake up too hungry if I don't. My sister lost almost a hundred pounds when she practiced it. She did what she called a modified keto diet along with intermittent fasting and experienced wonderful results. On top of the weight loss, it helped decrease her blood pressure.[/quote] She just used two tools to decrease calories. She lost fat which reduced her blood pressure. Correlation does not equal causation. It comes down to CICO.
by Diablo360x (submitted 2 months ago)
intermittent fasting
Don't buy into the fasting magic. It's just a tool to help one decrease calories.
by Diablo360x (submitted 2 months ago)
Milk included?
Cereal regularly includes milk but it will also include the cereal alone. Skim milk.
by Diablo360x (submitted 3 months ago)
15 year old losing weight
You shouldn't be trying to lose weight while you're growing. Just concentrate on getting a little more protein and be a kid. If you were unhealthily overweight that would be one thing but your weight is already low.
by Diablo360x (submitted 4 months ago)
Now that the gyms have closed...
Mine is still good to go. So far...
by Diablo360x (submitted 4 months ago)
Cant find reports on the website like i can in the app.
Macro breakdown is on your diet calendar, I'd link you to yours but you're set to private. It shows the totals at the top and even has a pie chart at the bottom...
by Diablo360x (submitted 4 months ago)
Help understanding the Exercise Diary with Google Fit
I use google fit for walking and enter my exercises manually on the phone app for Fat Secret. Either works.
by Diablo360x (submitted 5 months ago)
Any reason for cutting carbs? Doctor ordered? You simply need to count your calories to cut fat, carbs are a superior source of energy for workouts if you're exercising. Fruit, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, etc are all great sources of vitamins and fiber. They are also filling and low calorie.
by Diablo360x (submitted 6 months ago)
Liquids Diet
Cool, now what will you do as a lifestlye change to keep the weight off?
by Diablo360x (submitted 6 months ago)
Getting rid of sugar craving
126 calories of fat and 96 calories of carbs in 207 calories of chocolate.
by Diablo360x (submitted 6 months ago)
Getting rid of sugar craving
Chocolate has more fat than carbs, so you're craving fat+carbs. Eat the right sugars(fruit) and you won't have an issue with overconsuming energy.
by Diablo360x (submitted 6 months ago)
Keto help !!!
Unless you're doing keto to reduce seizures or if your doctor prescribed it, you don't have to worry about ketosis. No need to avoid fruit and vegetables otherwise, keto is irrelevant to fat loss.
by Diablo360x (submitted 6 months ago)
My challenge with sugar??
By sugar you mean processed fat+carbs. Not sugar alone.
by Diablo360x (submitted 6 months ago)
Save your money. Anytime you hear of some random trick, research it. You have the internet at your fingertips.
by Diablo360x (submitted 6 months ago)
[quote=wgouldsby]Does activity level factor in an estimate of calories burned through exercise? If so, why do I need an exercise diary?[/quote] Yes, it will give you a recommended RDI based on that but if you only put sleep and rest your calories "out" will be low. If you want you average deficit/surplus to be more accurate, you'd have to enter your daily activities. You can definitely ignore that and just stick to the recommended RDI.
by Diablo360x (submitted 7 months ago)
Need to gain weight
In the setting, choose weight gain and stick to the recommended intake. Reassess in a 2-3 weeks, if you gained keep it up, if you remained the same raise calories by 2-300.
by Diablo360x (submitted 8 months ago)
Fast 800
You just have to want it enough to make the changes. You're right, everyone wants to trick the system with some special method. They don't exist. It is sad.
by Diablo360x (submitted 8 months ago)
Fast 800
And the system is stupidly easy on paper(CICO). The hard part is adhering to it. The more you do it, the easier it gets though.
by Diablo360x (submitted 8 months ago)
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