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ty much. sorry about caps, just typed wasnt looking...sorry didnt want to offend may need a a treat if it bothered you...first time posting and i get a smartie pants...but thanks again
by Shazamor on 23 Sep 18 04:48 PM
FOR WOMEN ONLY! ...What is your problem?
how can you have more than ONE BIGGEST problem?
by spacey48 on 23 Sep 18 04:03 PM
never lose weight
you do lose weight if you go up and down, you just don't keep it off keep doing what makes it go down and stop doing what makes it go up you are swinging from extremes fasting too over eating/bi ...
by spacey48 on 23 Sep 18 04:00 PM
there is no need to eat something you don't like, this is just a distraction, yoghurt has no magical properties if you do a 'diet' you will ultimately fail as 95% of diets ultimately do. ...
by spacey48 on 23 Sep 18 02:20 PM
I heard that eating sugar can raise blood sugar
by spacey48 on 23 Sep 18 02:15 PM
if you cant do it all the time forever, whatever it is you do it wont work
by spacey48 on 23 Sep 18 02:13 PM

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eat advocoto toaste it seen to work well
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