Groups are a great place for members with common interests to connect with each other or for those seeking to find others living around the corner or around the world.

Recently Popular Groups

  The Seattle Side
For all those on the Seattle side of the mountains, this is a place for us.
  40's with 25-50 lbs to Lose
40 somethings with 25-50 pounds to lose.
  United Low-Carb Lifestyles
This group is for anyone who is on any form of a controlled carbohydrate plan.
  Teens with 50-100 lbs to Lose
Teens with 50-100 pounds to lose.
  Vegans on a Mission
This group is for vegans who want support losing weight.
  Doing Atkins the RIGHT way
Come in and learn about a healthy way to lose weight and keep it off!! Learn about Atkins the right way.
  UK Members Group
There are a few UK members on this site so I thought it would be good if we could also have a place to come to as a group.
  Thirsty to Lose...Lose 100 Pounds!!
For ladies who need to are in for a long battle to lose 100 pounds.
  South Africa
A South African Diets Support Group
  Gain Muscle/Lose Body Fat
Anyone wanting to share tips, ask questions, showcase what their doing in relation to gaining muscle and losing body fat.
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Newest Groups

First Christ then Me, Family & Friends
Hi Folks.. Just found this app and love it.. Really been helping me; hope it helps you too!!

Disabled Dieters
Get In Shape / Stay In Shape / Bulk Up - Chat about your goals & aspirations - Share your Diet Regime

Bright Line Eating Buddies
I wanted to created a support group for those on the Bright Line Eating Program.

Menopausal Madness!
Single brain cell, hot flashes, libido loss? What about the weight gain, tummy flubber, skin sliding downhill? Let's share!