cals: 1741kcal | fat: 103.50g | carbs: 51.67g | prot: 152.16g
Includes: Medium shrimp, Great Value fettuccine, Bertolli Mushroom Alfredo, Lemon juice, Smart Balance Margarine. 

Acai Blueberry Green Tea

cals: 49kcal | fat: 0.00g | carbs: 12.60g | prot: 0.00g
Includes: green tea, sugar. 
"Tea with 1tbsp of sugar per 8oz serving"

Breakfast sandwich

cals: 312kcal | fat: 10.10g | carbs: 31.44g | prot: 18.62g
Includes: egg whites, eggo waffle, butterball turkey bacon. 
"Made with 1/4 cup egg whites, 4 slices of turkey bacon, and 2 nutri-grain waffles. "

Chessy Beef and Beans

cals: 455kcal | fat: 23.00g | carbs: 29.00g | prot: 35.00g
Includes: ground beef 96/4, ragu double cheddar, bush's black beans. 

Grilled Cheese w/ Turkey

cals: 405kcal | fat: 22.00g | carbs: 33.00g | prot: 18.00g
Includes: natures own honey wheat, smart balance, borden cheese, oscar mayer deli fresh turkey. 

Protein Blitz

cals: 370kcal | fat: 12.36g | carbs: 36.38g | prot: 28.32g
Includes: Scallops, shrimp, bamboo shoots, broccoli, uncle bens, imitation crab. 
"High protein mix of seafood."

Sloppy Joe's

cals: 320kcal | fat: 6.00g | carbs: 35.00g | prot: 31.00g
Includes: manwich, natures own honey wheat, 96/4 ground beef. 


cals: 425kcal | fat: 14.75g | carbs: 39.25g | prot: 33.25g
Includes: salsa , Steamfresh Gold & White Corn, Extra Lean Ground Beef 96/4, shredded cheese, uncle ben's brown rice, diced tomatoes del monte. 
"A great burrito or bell pepper stuffing that can be eaten alone."