6" BBQ Chicken Sandwich

cals: 387kcal | fat: 9.17g | carbs: 49.19g | prot: 28.17g
Includes: 6" Oven Roasted Chicken Breast, Provolone Cheese, Subway BBQ. 
"Subway 6" Oven Roasted Chicken Sandwich on wheat bread with Provolone Cheese and BBQ sauce"

Chicken marinated mushrooms with couscous and asparagus

cals: 608kcal | fat: 23.85g | carbs: 56.76g | prot: 36.60g
Includes: olive oil, asparagus, mushrooms, red wine, yellow onion, MARAKESH EXPRESS CHIK&VEGCOUS, Chicken Breast Cutlets. 

Corner Bakery American Scrambler Breakfast

cals: 315kcal | fat: 16.25g | carbs: 23.00g | prot: 15.00g
Includes: Corner Bakery Cafe Harvest Toast, Breakfast Potatoes, All American Scrambler (no potatoes or toast). 

French Toast Breakfast

cals: 426kcal | fat: 9.26g | carbs: 63.25g | prot: 24.93g
Includes: bacon, egg beaters, Honey, aunt jemima syrup, trader joe's whole wheat bread, Milk 2%. 

Home made chicken burrito

cals: 623kcal | fat: 23.15g | carbs: 48.77g | prot: 53.67g
Includes: cheddar cheese, Chicken Breast, Pinto Beans, lflour tortillas, lettuce, salsa. 

Melissa's Turkey & Pasta Meal

cals: 437kcal | fat: 12.39g | carbs: 61.00g | prot: 19.17g
Includes: Ground Turkey, Whole Wheat Pasta, Marinara Sauce. 

Pasta Meal

cals: 413kcal | fat: 5.37g | carbs: 78.98g | prot: 11.50g
Includes: Wheat Bread, Spaghetti, Marinara Sauce, Peach Jam. 

Pasta with Turkey Meat Sauce

cals: 279kcal | fat: 11.74g | carbs: 29.04g | prot: 18.97g
Includes: Spaghetti Sauce, Whole Wheat Pasta, Ground Turkey. 

Regular Breakfast

cals: 208kcal | fat: 1.33g | carbs: 24.07g | prot: 27.10g
Includes: Banana, High 5 Vanilla Protein Powder. 
"Breakfast with protein shake and banana"

Sausage and Peppers Pasta

cals: 557kcal | fat: 23.66g | carbs: 58.68g | prot: 26.03g
Includes: Marinara Sauce, Whole Wheat Pasta, Sausage, Bell Pepper. 

Soy Chorizo Breakfast Omlette

cals: 281kcal | fat: 12.53g | carbs: 13.52g | prot: 30.22g
Includes: Egg Beaters, Feta Cheese, Tomato, Weight Watchers Mexican Cheese, Soy Chorizo. 
"An omlette made with soy chorizo, tomato, and a blend of cheeses."

Sweet Tofu Dinner

cals: 304kcal | fat: 8.40g | carbs: 45.64g | prot: 14.16g
Includes: soy sauce, Pineapple, Tofu, Brown Rice, Coconut Milk. 

Whole wheat pasta with Turkey Bolognese Sauce

cals: 508kcal | fat: 25.12g | carbs: 38.75g | prot: 31.00g
Includes: Whole Wheat Pasta, Black Olives, Diced Tomato, Ground Turkey.