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02 July 2014

09 September 2013

So life is turned upside down, right side up and all wonderful ways inbetween.
A little TMI for some maybe.
little back story.
My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for over a year now. With my diabetes and being overweight etc, the Doc told us that there was a very good chance that I had PCOS. A couple months ago I started taking ovulation tests and got VERY discouraged because in 3 months I did not have a single positive ovulation test. I went to the Dr. since we had been trying for a year and she said most likely I did have PCOS and we had to do blood work and a sonogram of my ovaries to know for sure. The bloodwork had to be on day 3 of my cycle (which was supposed to be the next week) I was heart broken that I was going to have to start fertility meds. I felt like my body was failing me in so many ways. Diabetes, PCOS, etc. I was getting a little angry.
My period did not come on Friday like expected, and it did not come on Saturday. BUT of course I could not be pregnant since I did not ovulate RIGHT.... WRONG The doc said anytime I am late I should take a test just to be sure. Sunday morning I took a test expecting it to be negative. I took the test set it on the counter washed my hands, brushed my teeth and started to walk about of the bathroom. I glanced at it as I walked out and there clear as day was TWO lines. Before I allowed myself to get to excited I went to walgreens and got a few more tests just to be sure. 4 tests later I was pretty sure I was pregnant!!!!
I had noticed my blood sugar was running a LOT higher than normal the last couple of days.
my blood sugar has continued to run a LOT higher than normal since. I have been to the Dr. and I see the OB in a couple of weeks and most likely I will have to start on insulin shots :( BUT if it is for a healthy baby it is 100% worth it.
The morning sickness has hit full force, I have severe food aversions too. Morning I can not eat anything, can not drink anything, can not lean forward. This morning I could not even walk into the kitchen without an overwhelming need to throw up.
HUGE problem I am running into is my blood sugar is already high, The ONLY thing that can help the morning sickness at all is crackers, which are all carbs and make my blood sugar go up even more... BUT if I can't keep anything down the baby is not getting what it needs and I am not doing anything good for the baby that way either. Damned if I do, damned if I don't.
The last couple of days I have not been able to eat anything more than a couple carrots or a stick of celery before about 4 in the afternoon, Then it is all still bland food. My poor dad spent all day making what I was told was amazing ribs, but even looking at them made me want to throw up so I had a bit of baked potato and had to be done with dinner yesterday. On the way home from my parents house a bean burrito sounded good, and it ended up settling fairly well. (thank you taco bell for boring bean burritos)
I have decided to allow myself 12 oyster crackers this morning and that seemed to help with the immediate need to run and throw up. I just ate those about 30 minutes ago so I don't know what it will do to my blood sugar.
I am so excited, overwhelmed, and so terrified, at the same time. My blood sugar was in 100% control before I got pregnant. Now I feel like I am back at square one with trying to get that in control along with dealing with nausea and what the baby needs.
I can not wait until my appointment with the OB on 10/4. She will most likely send me to either an endocrinologist, Or at least have a diabetes educator specializing in pregnancy that I can talk to and that can help me out.

01 July 2013

24 June 2013

21 June 2013

I am SOOO hungry today and I don't know why.
I have done probably 300 jumping jacks today. Everytime I want a snack I do 50, Then I decide if I want the snack or not. Each time except for once I decided I did not need the snack, but an hour later and I am starving again.
tonight is my sisters Birthday so at 8 I am meeting her and a bunch of other people at Margaritas cantina. I volunteered to be DD because I know how much sugar and calories are in those amazingly tasty drinks and I am not willing to waste that many calories on crap.

I am going to have dinner before I get there and am doing spaghetti squash with spaghetti sauce and chicken breast on top.
Usually spaghetti squash keeps me fairly full so I won't be tempted to eat as much when we get there.
They are having a birthday cake, and the table will have a constant supply of chips and salsa. Ugh, I sure hope I can be a good girl and resist the temptation.

Here is to hoping for a successful night!

This weekend will be a fun and busy weekend.
We are still working on finishing our basement. It is SOOOO close to being done and we have a drop dead date! The carpet is the very last thing to be done and it is getting installed Friday the 28th!!! Can you believe it. that is 7 days from now!!!!!
Saturday my dad is busy all day so I am going to finish the polyurethane on all the doors and drawers (cabinets are already done!!!)
At 12:30 my bestie is going to come over with her twin boys and we are going to play outside with bubbles!!!! I think it will be great fun!!! Then back to finish the polyurethane!

Sunday Dad will be at my house at 7:30AM and we will lay the tile and glue it then we will finish the few finishing touches on the trim work in the two back bedrooms! at 4 we are doing my sisters birthday stuff with my mom and step dad at heir house. We always have cake and we will play cards. I am going to intentionally show up late so that I miss the cake portion of it and I will just be there for the card playing time!!! I love hanging out with my family and playing cards!

with as active and busy as I am going to be I am not sure I will get in much gym time this weekend, BUT if I wake up early and don't sit down until late in the evening I think that counts as enough for the day.

have a great weekend everyone!

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