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Banana Pancakes (3 small) w/ yogurt berry sauce

cals: 274kcal | fat: 4.24g | carbs: 48.22g | prot: 11.37g
Includes: pancakes, greek yogurt, mixed berries. 

Coffee with Milk

cals: 170kcal | fat: 4.69g | carbs: 19.87g | prot: 11.44g
Includes: Milk, Coffee, very vanilla soy milk. 

Egg Beater & Cheese Omelet

cals: 210kcal | fat: 9.00g | carbs: 4.50g | prot: 28.50g
Includes: egg beaters, reduced fat cheese. 

Greek Yogurt Parfait

cals: 203kcal | fat: 10.24g | carbs: 10.94g | prot: 17.16g
Includes: cool whip lite, walnuts, oikos yogurt. 

Nutrigrain Waffles w/ jam

cals: 180kcal | fat: 2.50g | carbs: 38.00g | prot: 5.00g
Includes: eggo waffles, polaner. 

Peanut Butter & Banana Sandwich

cals: 306kcal | fat: 8.99g | carbs: 51.75g | prot: 15.29g
Includes: 100% Whole Wheat Bread, naturally more peanut, banana. 

Toast with Butter & Jam

cals: 208kcal | fat: 9.50g | carbs: 30.00g | prot: 8.00g
Includes: nature's own whole wheat bread, smart balance light, polaner. 

Waffles with Yogurt and Jam

cals: 252kcal | fat: 3.27g | carbs: 51.45g | prot: 8.02g
Includes: polaner, yogurt, eggo waffles. 

Whole Wheat Biscuit w/ Apple butter

cals: 190kcal | fat: 9.28g | carbs: 25.10g | prot: 3.58g
Includes: whole wheat biscuit, smart balance light, apple butter. 

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