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Carbs vs Calories
Not to criticize the Atkins, but just take a look at the south beach diet. Very similar but make more sense and not extreme carb cutting. I found I do need to cheat on the weekend as well or during the week or I get stuck in a plateau. If the SB doesn't sound interesting stay where you are but I saw a very good nutritionist and they are totally against extreme carb cutting as your body needs carbs for your energy. Cut calories and you will lose weight- this is basic science behind all diets and the cutting carbs only helps that happen by reducing cravings. Despite what they say, you can't eat your RDA of calories even without carbs and lose weight. Hope this helps.
posted 01 May 2012, 23:14
LOST all my diet calendar and info!!!
Oh and in case someone wonders, I did immediately uninstall the app on the tablet which caused the problems. It was Android IceCreamSandwich as well, and not sure if there was an incompatibility with that. I know on the new device I chose to use the FS historical data and NOT phone data (since I had no data on phone). On my android phone that works (well mostly as I explain above), I am trying to say use phone data which you would think would restore everything on the site to the way it was. Obviously I have some serious Db corruption. It would be great if they could just restore my profile from a few weeks ago but I'm sure they won't have that capacity.
posted 01 May 2012, 23:07
LOST all my diet calendar and info!!!
If I try any of the links on this site other than my weight history (which seems to work fine) I get that unexpected error. I keep putting the comments in to tell them. So since I have phone data, if I choose register instead of log in (since it won't let me), and I create a new account, do you think it will allow me to sync all my historical data from phone? If so, I can live with a new account name, I just don't want to risk it killing my data so I am nervous to try it.
posted 01 May 2012, 23:00
LOST all my diet calendar and info!!!
Yeah, I contacted support several times and they say they are looking into it. Been since the 21st with no updates or communication but I have emailed them several times. So here is what is interesting. I can go into my weight history and see everything from Jan 3rd when I started my diet. The chart looks great. So when I click weigh in now, it says, I must select a diet. Keep in mind in my diet calendar it shows I am in phase 2 south beach. So back on my phone I have been using religiously since Jan 3rd- I still have all my data (at least recent data) of my daily food logs. When I choose sync on my phone and USE data from phone discard FS historical data, and put in user and password, it says Username or password mismatch and I am 100% sure it is the same user password I log into this site with. I have tried it dozens of times and am not fat fingering. So what doesn't work on my phone is the weigh in now or exercise. They used to work before syncing my tablet which broke everything. If I say enter weight it is the screen where you put in current weight but when I hit submit it goes to the screen where the weight chart was and I get an endless spinning circle. I don't see the chart or any historical weights I see on the site. If I try to enter exercise on phone, it shows my saved exercises and I click save these activities, it goes all black and puts a "enter weight" button in the middle. I click that and it is a loop back to where I was in the weight chart with the endless rotating circle.
Very frustrating because I was doing so well and since I was using it daily I have a TON of saved meals and saved exercise on my phone. Since it no longer will sync, I am not able to use the web site anymore or record my weight or exercise. I don't know where to go from here but wait for more advice or something from support. I'm not holding my breath. Should I try to create a new account when choosing sync and then use phone data? Interesting you said if you click on me it shows error. Most the things I click on in the site go to an error page for me as well. Thanks everyone.
posted 01 May 2012, 22:50
LOST all my diet calendar and info!!!
I have fatsectret on my phone and use it on my computer. I have put entries in for every day since Jan 3. I installed the android app on my new tablet and it asked me if I wanted to keep my existing data and bring it to my phone which I did. Now even on the web site, everything is gone! I have nothing to show. NO saved meals, no exercise, nothing. I will not be using this anymore if I can't recover it. This should all be stored online and not on a phone or device! What do I do?
posted 21 Apr 2012, 09:10
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21 February 2012

Paczki Day- Fat Tuesday I gave in and had one since my work bought hundreds of them and it is a tradition ;) I'll just have to workout harder tonight.
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20 February 2012

After guys weekend off diet
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