Chicken slow cooker soup

cals: 215kcal | fat: 6.59g | carbs: 14.36g | prot: 25.09g
Includes: chicken breast, corn, chicken broth, celery, baby carrots, dried peas. 
"half of half the recipe - about 2 cups of this homemade chicken soup - no noodles or starches in it. "

Chicken Spinache Parmesian Rollup

cals: 282kcal | fat: 9.01g | carbs: 21.60g | prot: 34.62g
Includes: spinach, cooked, prego spaghetti sauce, cream cheese, original philadelphia, grated parmesan cheese, kraft, bread crumbs, egg, basil , boneless skinless chicken breast. 

Morocan vegetable soup

cals: 232kcal | fat: 2.16g | carbs: 48.49g | prot: 6.09g
Includes: chicken broth, imperial margarine, sweet potato, onion, garlic, spinach, s & W ready cut diced tomatos, raisins. 
"without couscous, a veggie adn sweet potatoe soup. serving is half of the half recipe that I made "

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