almond banana

cals: 290kcal | fat: 14.75g | carbs: 38.26g | prot: 7.34g
Includes: banana, almonds, honey. 
"pour honey then almonds over banana"

Apple cinn oatmeal

cals: 256kcal | fat: 3.71g | carbs: 51.03g | prot: 7.76g
Includes: oatmeal, prunes, raisins, cinn, nutmeg, 2% milk, original, apple, brown sugar. 
"Homemade oatmeal with prunes and raisins"

berries and grapes

cals: 94kcal | fat: 0.54g | carbs: 23.78g | prot: 1.59g
Includes: blackberries, grapes, strawberries. 
"1/2 c grapes, 1/4 c blackberries, and 1/2 c strawberries"

cauliflower pizza

cals: 482kcal | fat: 30.67g | carbs: 12.57g | prot: 37.40g
Includes: pizza sauce, whole egg, Ground Beef (80% Lean / 20% Fat, Patty, Cooked, Broiled), montery cheese, Sliced Black Olives, cauliflower, Turkey Pepperoni. 

chicken and artichoke salad

cals: 386kcal | fat: 12.01g | carbs: 44.17g | prot: 27.37g
Includes: mixed salad, artichoke, grape tomato, black olive, bread crumbs, fat free ranch dressing, grilled chicken. 

Chicken bacon wrap

cals: 204kcal | fat: 7.78g | carbs: 1.32g | prot: 29.94g
Includes: chicken breast, bacon, cream cheese, minced garlic, cilantro. 


cals: 284kcal | fat: 13.93g | carbs: 16.26g | prot: 22.80g
Includes: hormel chili, Light Italian-Style Vegetable Soup, ground beef, colby cheese. 


cals: 211kcal | fat: 6.22g | carbs: 15.50g | prot: 21.91g
Includes: hormel turkey chili, progresso vegetable soup, ground beef. 

fruit protein smoothie

cals: 315kcal | fat: 3.00g | carbs: 52.00g | prot: 21.00g
Includes: activia yogurt, strawberries and banana, french van whey protein. 

greek pita with chiccken pesto

cals: 461kcal | fat: 13.01g | carbs: 51.81g | prot: 31.35g
Includes: Part Skim Mozzarella Cheese, Chicken Breast (Skin Not Eaten), spinach, pesto, tomatoes, greek bread, garlic. 

green goddess protien shake

cals: 192kcal | fat: 0.50g | carbs: 36.00g | prot: 10.50g
Includes: Green Goodness Fruit Blend with 14 Powerful Nutrients Juice, french van whey protein. 
"8 oz green goddess juice and 1/2 scooop whey protien"

green smoothy

cals: 182kcal | fat: 0.51g | carbs: 45.04g | prot: 3.15g
Includes: banana, frozen peaches, frozen mango, spinach. 

Homemade granola

cals: 345kcal | fat: 9.97g | carbs: 60.41g | prot: 8.10g
Includes: oatmeal, dried cranberries, brown sugar, unsalted butter, raisins, cinn, sliced almonds, honey. 
"hot cereal"

mocha bean frappe

cals: 153kcal | fat: 7.73g | carbs: 20.51g | prot: 8.03g
Includes: milk, Espresso Coffee, Cocoa Powder (Unsweetened), Dark Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans. 
"make espresso with 1/2 c water, than blend all other ingredients in frappe machine or blender"


cals: 300kcal | fat: 3.48g | carbs: 51.64g | prot: 16.08g
Includes: oatmeal, brown sugar, french van whey protein. 

poulet nicoise

cals: 246kcal | fat: 7.99g | carbs: 10.59g | prot: 22.64g
Includes: tomato, squash, olives, Chicken Meat (Stewing), chicken broth, onions, White Table Wine. 
"Chicken dinner"

progresso chili

cals: 186kcal | fat: 6.18g | carbs: 13.50g | prot: 18.37g
Includes: progresso veg, ground turkey, turkey chili, colby and montery cheese. 
"homemade chili w/ veggie soup"