Active lifestyle breakfast

cals: 256kcal | fat: 4.94g | carbs: 37.98g | prot: 18.40g
Includes: whole ground flaxseed meal, skim milk, active lifestyle cereal. 

flax milk

cals: 146kcal | fat: 4.94g | carbs: 15.88g | prot: 11.35g
Includes: whole ground flaxseed, nonfat milk. 

high protein low volume bfast

cals: 144kcal | fat: 0.19g | carbs: 24.58g | prot: 13.84g
Includes: Pineapple , QFC fat free cottage cheese. 
"cottage cheese and pineapple"

Sunday Morning Breakfast

cals: 149kcal | fat: 6.77g | carbs: 13.13g | prot: 8.90g
Includes: egg, butter, bread, jam. 

yogurt and fruit

cals: 312kcal | fat: 1.43g | carbs: 68.59g | prot: 12.40g
Includes: Banana, lite yogurt, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries. 

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