1 wacked chicken

cals: 496kcal | fat: 19.68g | carbs: 54.31g | prot: 44.09g
Includes: cheese, perdue chicken, America's Choice wrap, fat free ricotta, prosciutto, ragu, Traditional Gourmet Wraps. 

2 Lite Hot dogs

cals: 310kcal | fat: 4.00g | carbs: 48.00g | prot: 28.00g
Includes: fat free borden, hot dog roll, hebrew national. 

Cooking Light Beef Stroganoff by member StrongMama

cals: 476kcal | fat: 21.96g | carbs: 40.85g | prot: 28.54g
Includes: sour cream, beef gravy, mushrooms, onion, egg noodles, ground beef. 

Ham & Swiss on Lite Rye

cals: 312kcal | fat: 7.29g | carbs: 31.44g | prot: 30.50g
Includes: Deli Sliced Ham, Fat Free Swiss Cheese Singles, Light Jewish Rye Bread. 


cals: 477kcal | fat: 24.01g | carbs: 35.88g | prot: 28.65g
Includes: Sam's Club Kaiser Roll, Egg, Bacon, American Cheese. 

Jalapinos Wrap

cals: 664kcal | fat: 37.27g | carbs: 48.33g | prot: 32.90g
Includes: whole wheat wrap, chicken, cheese, mayo. 

Jalopenos Salad

cals: 761kcal | fat: 37.44g | carbs: 70.93g | prot: 42.18g
Includes: salad, chicken breast, cucumber, broc, pasta tri, salad dressing, corn, cheese feta, cheese, onion, whole wheat pita. 

Large Home Salad with Chicken

cals: 487kcal | fat: 22.77g | carbs: 39.93g | prot: 27.26g
Includes: salad, Chicken Breast for Fajitas, colby, French Fried Onions, Tortilla Strips - Santa Fe Style, Real Bacon Bits, Rice Noodles, Light Ranch Reduced Fat Dressing, Original Texas Toast Garlic & Butter Flavored Croutons. 

Naan Pizza

cals: 445kcal | fat: 12.66g | carbs: 62.08g | prot: 21.33g
Includes: Mozzarella Cheese, Fat Free Ricotta, Naan. 

Pantry One Turkey and Bacon wrap

cals: 616kcal | fat: 27.77g | carbs: 62.72g | prot: 26.98g
Includes: bacon, turkey, Flour Tortilla, swiss, mayo. 

Salad Average

cals: 573kcal | fat: 35.91g | carbs: 38.46g | prot: 25.57g
Includes: Mixed Salad Greens, Cheddar Cheese, Seasoned Croutons, Kraft Balsamic Vinaigrette Lite, French's French Fried Onions, Oscar Mayer Real Bacon Bits. 

Scrapple & Eggs

cals: 319kcal | fat: 20.37g | carbs: 7.97g | prot: 19.50g
Includes: asiago, scrapple, eggs. 

Turkey & Cheese on Rye

cals: 367kcal | fat: 10.28g | carbs: 39.14g | prot: 30.26g
Includes: Turkey, light mayo, rye bread, fried onions, Fat Free Swiss Cheese Singles. 

Turkey and cheese wrap

cals: 270kcal | fat: 3.00g | carbs: 34.00g | prot: 36.00g
Includes: wrap, honey turkey, fat free borden cheese. 

Turkey Sloppy Joe

cals: 184kcal | fat: 5.14g | carbs: 22.00g | prot: 13.61g
Includes: sloppy joe seasoning, ground turkey, Light Hot Dog Rolls. 

Wawa Gobbler

cals: 540kcal | fat: 17.80g | carbs: 72.43g | prot: 29.79g
Includes: stuffing, cranberry sauce, Turkey & Cheese Shorti. 
"Seasonal sandwich from wawa"

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