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Cheesy Tortilla

cals: 160kcal | fat: 8.75g | carbs: 14.00g | prot: 5.50g
Includes: Soft Tortillas (Medium), kraft mild cheddar, jalapeno cheddar dip. 

Chicken in White Wine

cals: 240kcal | fat: 12.00g | carbs: 3.00g | prot: 26.00g
Includes: Spreadable Butter, White Cooking Wine, Nature's Basket All Natural Chicken Breast. 
"Thin-sliced chicken breast, Tbsp butter, white wine, rosemary, garlic, pepper"

Spicy Alfredo with Chicken Breast

cals: 500kcal | fat: 20.00g | carbs: 40.00g | prot: 35.00g
Includes: Spreadable Butter, White Cooking Wine, Nature's Basket All Natural Chicken Breast, Steamfresh Lightly Sauced Pasta Penne & Vegetables with Alfredo Sauce. 
"Serving of steamfresh pasta alfredo and chicken cooked in lemon and white wine"

Strawberry Mint Sorbet

cals: 130kcal | fat: 3.53g | carbs: 23.63g | prot: 3.97g
Includes: Skim or Nonfat Milk (Calcium Fortified), Unsweetened Frozen Strawberries, Splenda with Fiber, Slow Churned Rich & Creamy Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. 
"Half strawberry sorbet and half Edy's Mint ice cream"

Wendy's Baked Potato

cals: 334kcal | fat: 8.28g | carbs: 58.73g | prot: 5.85g
Includes: Potatoes (Flesh Without Skin, Without Salt, Boiled), wendy's spread, Reduced Fat Sour Cream. 
"Rachel Style - no skin"

Wendy's Baked Potato with Butter and Sour Cream (no skin)

cals: 234kcal | fat: 8.17g | carbs: 35.42g | prot: 3.86g
Includes: baked potato no skin, wendy's buttery spread, wendy's sour cream. 

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