Lunch Salad

cals: 647kcal | fat: 36.71g | carbs: 21.49g | prot: 65.46g
Includes: lettuce, Regular Mayonnaise, Mozzarella Cheese, White chicken in water, Primal Chocolate. 

Marlene's Salad

cals: 442kcal | fat: 18.95g | carbs: 27.55g | prot: 41.89g
Includes: Egg, Lettuce Salad with Assorted Vegetables, turkey, brocolli, cauliflower, Honey Ginger Dressing, bell peppers. 

Metropolitan Market Salad

cals: 735kcal | fat: 41.87g | carbs: 19.00g | prot: 68.40g
Includes: Chicken, Egg, Mixed Salad Greens, Cottage Cheese, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Great Value Balsamic Vinaigrette. 

Original Pancake Ham and Cheese Omelet

cals: 899kcal | fat: 65.46g | carbs: 10.61g | prot: 66.68g
Includes: Fresh Ham, Egg, Cheddar Cheese, Butter, Broccoli, Mushrooms. 

Shakabrah Farmer's Omelet

cals: 861kcal | fat: 62.43g | carbs: 12.81g | prot: 64.50g
Includes: Fresh Ham, Egg, Cooked Spinach (from Fresh), Cheddar Cheese, Olive Oil, Mushrooms, Fully Cooked Turkey Sausage Patties. 

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